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North Meets South, Worlds Collide - 63. Chapter 63

And we began to plan a wedding and suddenly we had help we didn’t ask for. Everyone had ideas. Sherry, Mary, Rhonda and even Michael and Chuck all had ideas and more surprising there was even ideas from David’s mother, Aunt Judy to me. My mother wanted to help as did Aunt Hilda, which I’m sure embarrassed her husband, Uncle Earl. And since the budget wasn’t really worried about, there were some pretty lofty ideas, but I sensed that David and Sasha wanted a more…quiet service. All the flash and glitter was nice, but it wasn’t legal. David didn’t want a big wedding like Tony’s and mine had been. I felt I could offer help, but this was really David’s and Sasha’s wedding, so I left it all to them. When asked, I gave advice. Like I knew all there was needed for a wedding? They opted for a quiet ceremony at our church. Being a gay church they had done many commitment ceremonies.

And Tony was pressing me about the new house. What did I want was his main concern. I gave my usual reply. “I don’t care! As long as you’re there, I don’t care.” I didn’t care what kind of wood the floor had or color, I didn’t care about the color of paint or things like that. I thought it was a bit early as the bridge to our island wasn’t even finished yet. The pipes needed to be run and electricity put out there. Tony wanted the pipes and electricity to run under the bridge and hidden. I hate to admit it, but those last weeks at the hotel were a little bittersweet. That last Friday before our hotel became something else and I’d have all the time in the world, Tony came by the hotel to take me home. This time, he brought the single rose he always sent himself smiling as he walked up. Now no one was surprised at the delivery…or the kiss he gave me unashamed.

We had a little party for the employees and the mood was both ways, sad and tearful, yet a little excitement as a new chapter in the lives of those I’d worked with most of the years. Most were applying for their jobs with this new company and hotel. Sasha opted not to apply at the new restaurant.

I smiled as Alan came over with Kent.

“So, this ends a chapter in our lives.” Alan said to me and Tony. “I’ll miss seeing you nearly every day.” Then he grinned. “I’ll miss those great presents you always bring back for me when you jet around the world.”

I hugged Alan. “I will always bring you something, even if we aren’t working together anymore.” I even hugged Kent. “I regret we didn’t get to know each other more, but we’ll always keep in touch. Who knows, we might see each other more now that Alan and I aren’t always working together.”

Kent chuckled. “I admit I was a little jealous of you where Alan was concerned. You shared a part of him I couldn’t.”

“Now, he’s all yours.” I grinned. “As I said, we’ll be around. Just stay connected and we won’t drift apart. You’ve been a great guy to work with, Alan. I’m glad we’re friends.”


Now that David and Sasha were joining lives, we had our powers of attorney altered. While Tony and I would remain powers of attorney, we would be second to David. The same for Alik. Alik would be first Sasha’s responsibility and then David. If they weren’t available, it would be Tony and me. Once those papers were signed, David and Sasha were married as Tony and I were. We still had a year to go before the ceremony, after David graduated. It was at dinner again when we all met again at the table.

“Well, I’ve signed up and been accepted at the Cordon Bleu in Atlanta.” Sasha said smiling. “I begin in the fall.” He grinned at Alik. “And you will stay here with Daddy David, Uncle Mitch and Uncle Tony.”

Alik nodded a little sad. “You said you’d come home on weekends.” He said in Russian, understanding English better, but still replied in Russian.

Sasha nodded at Alik. “This is for both of us.” Sasha said in Russian, but David’s clearing of his throat caused Sasha to smile. “Sorry, the three of us.” He grinned at me. “So, what are you planning to do with all this time?” David was understanding Russian a lot more now.

I shrugged. “I have no idea. Tony keeps asking about plans for the house which we can’t get to until the bridge is fixed. I don’t want to look for a job if we’re going away a while.”

Tony touched me arm. “You don’t have to get a job.”

I nodded. “I know, but I’ll be crazy without something to do.” Then I grinned at Tony. “And that will make you crazy, trust me.”

David chuckled. “You could be like some of those other rich wives in New York. Do charity work in the morning, have lunch with the other girls and get your hair done! Remember that movie…To Wong Foo? A day with the girls or something?”

“Do I strike you as someone’s rich wife?” I growled at David and swatted him on the arm. “As Tony and I are the owners, you’re just staying here as our guest, I could throw you out.” Making Alik chuckle as he saw us interact.

David just laughed at that. “But I mean it about the charity thing.” He defended. “There are hundreds of charities you can work with. Everything from cancer to AIDS, LGBT causes…”

Tony nodded. “I know you’ll find something to do.” I watched as he did something he never did, he winked at me.


Sasha had moved back upstairs since he got better and Tony and I were back in our room for now. I grinned as Tony came from the bathroom, shirtless wearing just pajama bottoms. This man aroused me just being him. He pulled back the covers sliding in beside me.

“I was thinking…” Tony began with a smile. “I was thinking….since you don’t have to be back any particular time now…we can head up to New York!” He leaned closer kissing me gently. “Take in a show or two, check in on Nick and our nephew David and see what havoc their wreaking on Kathy and Al.”

I pulled him even closer. “That would be nice.” I smiled again at the warmth of my husband, the feel of him against me. “Now, if you can just take off those pajama bottoms.”

Tony grinned raising the cover to see I was already naked. “I’m overdressed, aren’t I?” He chuckled.

I nodded. “Just a tad.” I flipped him on his back. “But I’ll take care of it.” I smiled raising his arms up over his head. “Just relax.”

Tony smiled back. “I always do with you.” He chuckled as I did my progression down his chest, into his armpits and down further as I pulled his pajama bottoms off. The smell again working its magic as I was very, very aroused. “I love you, Tony.” I said taking him in with practiced ease.

“I know you do.” Tony muttered inhaling quickly as the pleasant sensations sent messages to his brain. “I love you.”

I smiled. “I know you do.” I inhaled again letting his musk work again. “This never gets old.”


During the afterglow, Tony’s lips worked my neck as he was spooned up behind me. “You need to brush up on Australia and New Zealand.”

Afterglow or not, I spun around. “What? When?”

Tony grinned like the Cheshire Cat! “Middle of October till the middle of November.”

“The Queen Mary!?”

“The Queen Mary.” He nodded. “We’ll be there in their spring, I don’t know the weather there, but I imagine it’s warm.” He grinned. “I’m sure there’s a nude beach or two.” His eyebrows danced at the idea as he rolled us over so he was looking down at me.

I sat up. “I’ll find out! How long is the cruise?”

“Three weeks.” Tony smiled again wider. “I figured a week before to get used to the time difference…” he shrugged a nod. “…we go down and see Sydney.”

I shook my head. “How are you doing this? You’ll be away from work a month!”

“So? Most of what I do is on the Internet and they have that down there. Any calls needed I can do. I’ll be fine. The Stock Market can be viewed down there.” He chuckled. “I can even say it’s for research. International Business.” He wrapped his arms around me tighter again. “We’ll spend a week in Sydney, go to Coogee Beach or anywhere you want for a week. Then board the Queen Mary, celebrate yours and my birthdays being waited on like kings.” He said kissing me again.

“I’ve lied to you, Tony.” I frowned as I confessed very solemnly.

Tony’s eyebrow rose. “Lied? You? Do you even know how?” He chuckled. “That’s say something true that isn’t, you do know that?”

“I always said things like this didn’t impress me.” I smiled. “I AM IMPRESSED!!!” But I looked at him closely. “But you know it’s you I love.”

He was laughing. “Beyond the shadow of any doubt!” He kissed me and then brightened. “We are rich, you know? You are rich.”

I nodded. “I know, it’s a hard thing for me to accept, but we are. I hate how I got it, but yes, I am.”

“Oh!” Tony brightened. “We can squeeze a trip to Milan again! To get clothes for the trip!” Then he narrowed his eyes. “And none of that shit about the cost, okay? I won’t over spend, but we’ll spend. It’s our money and there’s a good part of it that is in the bank because of you. You could finance the whole thing! This is going to be a great trip!”

I looked as he leaned down kissing me. “Which one?”

“All of them!!” Tony said happily. "I want to show you the world!"

Copyright © 2017 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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All the flash and glitter was nice, but as it wasn’t legal. The second phrase doesn’t make sense unless you take out the ‘as’ or complete the thought.


David and Sasha were essentially married as Tony and I were. Maybe you can move that ‘as’ before ’essentially.’


“Take in a show or two, check in on Nick and our nephew David and see what havoc their reeking on Kathy and Al.” ‘Reek’ is a strong, unpleasant smell. You wreak havoc. Plus, ‘they are.’ Using a pronoun here makes no sense.


You know, I’m thinking someone who knows how to run a hotel would have much better qualifications than most who run homeless shelters. And LGBTQ youth have unique needs that are unaddressed in most shelters. Community Centers for LGBTQ youth are also something greatly needed. Not having to rely on government funding would free the agency to be much more effective.


I can think of all sorts of projects for a wealthy unemployed former-hotel manager/cop/medic.

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There was and is a lot of possibilities.  I find some before the Queen Mary even.  The trip to New York helps me decide a lot.  

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You know, I miss Tony's parents...that section really made me cry.  I love this story, and am eager to see where it all goes...especially Sasha, David and Alik.

Sadly, there is one fly in the ointment for me--not a big one, but there nonetheless: the constant trips to Milan Tony pushes on Mitch to buy clothes every few months or so--it strikes me as overblown, even for a man who must present a good image.  How many dozens of new things does one person need?  It sounds like he doesn't wear anything more than once...and Mitch--what the hell?  He truly loves Tony, and doesn't want new clothes for himself, so why cave at every opportunity?  It seems he's burying his own identity in Tony's...I've never thought that was a healthy relationship dynamic.  Where is Mitch's independence now?  Why doesn't he put some brakes on Tony's over-indulgence and make his own wishes take precedence once in a while?

I was happier with their relationship when it started...now it seems on the surface to be another story of more rich people going crazy just because they can, and losing the values that drew them together in the beginning.

Still, I am enjoying the story--just fearful it's going to lose it's edge in becoming a 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' clone.

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It was a compromise.  Tony liked designer things and presenting a good image.  My husband is Tony, and he was this way.  I would wear the clothes he liked me to wear because it made him happy.  The jeans and t-shirts are still there and I still wear them.  Planning these special trips was pretty much the only time Tony insisted we do this.  And he didn't really insist, but it was important to him.  He rode in a pick up, which he would never do before.  I was always telling him those things weren't important to me, but they were to him, so I gave in a little if it made him happy.  He was proud of me as I was, but I saw that he got more from showing others he was good provider and ideal mate.  That's why he bought me the Bronco.  It would never have occurred to him to buy one, but because he loved me and knew that's what I wanted, he got it.  I made a joke and it's still true.  Tony's side of the closet takes up over three quarters of it.  I have maybe a quarter.  I have five pair of shoes not including my three sneakers.  He has over a hundred.  Say what you will, he looks good in what he wears.  And he does meet with some very wealthy clients and he feels he has to show he knows what he's doing.  When I am with him for a function of us, I will compromise and wear what he prefers me in.  He's never demanded I do it.  I do it willingly.  We have a good relationship.  I respect him and he respects me.  I will tell you like when we first went to Europe, I limited him to two nice outfits for me and him.  To a great deal, he calmed down.  He didn't have to show his parents he was fine.  They knew he was.  Just remember, would you be more likely to buy a car from a man that didn't own one?  To trust him, they had to believe he could do it.  What he wore did that.  Million dollar spit in the ocean.  You have the best to show confidence and make them confident in you.

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Loved this chapter. Extra points for mentioning my favorite movie of all time!!!!!!

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14 hours ago, R. Eric said:

Just remember, would you be more likely to buy a car from a man that didn't own one?

People used to buy jewelry from a guy who never wore any (I kept my watch in my pocket, so it was never visible): me! I always thought that was ironic, but it never seemed to bother anybody.  ;-)

Edited by droughtquake
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Oh the possibilities, I still don't get the need to go shopping, do they only wear the clothes once!!:P

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