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Change of Heart - 24. Chapter twenty-four

Good news readers! Christmas is history. Bad news there's a cliffhanger. Please post your comments and hit that like button.


It didn't take much for Raymond to convince Daniel to stay the night at his ranch. He promised to get him on his way in time to go to his house and get into his office before the morning shift change. On the ride back to Raymond's ranch, Daniel, searching for another topic of conversation opined, “You know, the Tesla model X would make a great patrol car. It's very safe and super fast. It handles very well and there is plenty of room and no way a perp would hit his head while being maneuvered into the backseat through those falcon wing doors. Now, if only I could convince the county commissioners”. They both chuckled at the absurdity of such a proposition.

“I’m glad your family agreed to come into town tomorrow and give their statements regarding Bumpkis. I didn't want to spoil everyone’s Christmas, but if I hadn't asked they were going to send out the Rangers, most likely with subpoenas. That would have just pissed me off because this is strictly my investigation. It was a forced courtesy I felt I had to extend. The Attorney General’s folks are convinced they will likely get some more useful information from Bumpkis. They're looking to wrap up their Johnson investigation as soon as possible. They got people stashed in every available space from the basement to the attic, double checking every piece of legal paper Johnson ever touched. So far, they’ve been pretty tight-lipped about what they've found. They figure they can bargain with the Mayor for more information about his illegal dealings with Johnson. With Bumpkis is squealing like a stuck hog, the Mayor doesn't have much to lose by cooperating.

“The DA is talking like Bumpkis is facing thirty years in prison. As much crap as I have seen, both here and in the Middle East, his stealing from poor kids is one of the most despicable acts I have ever witnessed. He didn't steal that money from your family or anyone else who contributed, myself included. He stole it directly from the kids who needed it the most. He may as well have snatched it out of their hands or taken food from their mouths. Too bad ‘tar and feathers’ or ‘skinning alive’ are now cruel and unusual punishments. I think they fit the crime.”

Raymond glanced over at his companion and smiled. “You’re nervous aren't you?”

Daniel glared at Raymond. His voice croaked when he replied, “What do you mean, nervous”?

Daniel kept his eyes on the road. “Have you been listening to yourself? First, it was the fancy presents, then Tesla patrol cars and now Bumpkis. You haven't quit talking since we left Uncle Joe’s. I’m guessing you usually try to maintain a professional attitude when discussing an ongoing investigation, even with your family. But, I’m pretty sure you're being a lot more candid than usual.

“You know if you're nervous about us having penetrative sex. I’m happy just being in your company. We don't have to go beyond what we've done so far. Lot’s of gay couples never have anal intercourse. If you're not ready, I’m more than happy to wait. So far, what we have done, has been spectacular. None of the sex in any position or description, that I have experienced, even comes close.”

Daniel muttered almost inaudibly, “That's easy for you to say.”

Raymond glanced over at Daniel, “What did you say”?

Daniel let his frustration show, “I said, it's easy for you to say you're willing to wait. You're not the one about to get a log shoved up his ass. I’ll admit, I want this to happen with you. I want you to be my first. I’ve never wanted anyone inside me, but you. You're right I’m nervous, and I’m not sure what to expect for a first time fuck. The hookups I’ve had, have all been fucked many times before. But, I still had to be careful anytime I got to fuck a guy, no matter how much experience he had. I know it's supposed to hurt the first time. I can't imagine how it might have hurt if I had been their first. You have a cock that's bigger than mine, so yeah, I’m a little bit nervous.”

Without taking his eyes off the road, Raymond reached over and held Daniel's hand. “I think you should know you won't be my first. More like the third. And yes you will have to be careful and take it slow. I haven't bottomed in years. But, I look forward to having you in me tonight and every night until you're ready to take me inside you. I want to look in your eyes while you cum inside me. I need to know that I can make you feel like that. Even if you are willing, I want to bottom for you first.”

Daniel didn't respond verbally, he just squeezed Raymond's hand.

When they arrived, the porch light was on. Daniel figured Larry did it each night while the owners were away or maybe it was on a timer. He hoped they could get in without another surprise greeting. He couldn't help scanning the area until they were safely locked inside. He was certain he saw Molly slinking through the shadows. Maybe someday she would feel comfortable welcoming them home without Larry by her side. ‘Home? Where did that shit come from?’ Daniel blushed at the faux pas. Even though Raymond hadn't heard the slip.

Raymond made the usual offers of a dutiful host. Daniel simply asked to use the guest bathroom. Fortunately, the Slidesdales were downsizing and left enough of the basics so bathroom and bedroom linens were not in short supply. Raymond made a mental note to have someone come out and get everything sorted so that the smaller house would be comfortably livable until the big house was remodeled. He would also make sure the master bedroom remained untouched.

Time passed slowly for Raymond as he waited for Daniel to finish in the guest bathroom. Before long it was all Raymond could do to keep himself from tracking Daniel down to know for sure that his lover hadn't bolted. He had quickly showered and laid in the bed. He thought he might just casually throw back the covers, inviting his lover to join him as if it had been their nightly routine for years, in truth, it should have been. As he lay there he began to focus on Daniel's nervousness. If he decided to forego anal sex tonight that would be ok. Hell, it would be ok if he wanted to pass on sex altogether, at least for tonight. By this time Raymond found himself pacing the floor. No sex tonight would be alright as long as he could hold him close as they slept. What if he decided to spend the night in a different bedroom. What if he left? This was his breaking point, he headed into the hall only to collide with Daniel.

‘God, the man is gorgeous!’ was Raymond's first thought. Then chastised himself for using such a feminine descriptor. Daniel was only wearing white boxers. The rest of his clothes he carried, neatly folded, along with his boots. His still damp brown hair was darker and more curly than it was when it was dry. He noticed the soft, swirly patterns the dark chest hair made against his lightly tanned skin. Maybe they should have a pool built so he could watch his lover’s tan darken in the summer sun. Maybe they made flavored suntan lotion, he could rub into Daniel's skin then take his time licking it off.

Daniel could clearly see in Raymond's eyes, a slightly dazed look. He couldn't help but smile as he realized the man really liked what he saw. “Were you going somewhere”?

Raymond swallowed hard and blinked to refocus. “I, uh, I was afraid you might try to, uh, want to, uh, leave. I wanted you to stay. I don't mind if we don't have sex tonight. Really”!

Daniel chuckled at the pleading in Raymond's voice. “How far were you willing to chase me? I mean you're naked, with a monster hard on that's leaking precum by the cup full. Looks like you're close to cumming whether we have sex or not. I think what you meant to say was that you were so eager to fuck my brains out, that you couldn't wait and came looking for me.” Still clutching his clothes, Daniel displayed two packets of lube and a condom. “If you’ll take these. I already lubed up and loosened myself some. Just two fingers worth. Judging by the size of you, better get it three fingers' lose if you expect to get that monster inside of me without a fight.”

Raymond, ever the lucid professional, simply groaned in response as his cock swelled to painful proportions and pumped another glob of precum toward the floor.

Daniel couldn't help but chuckle thinking how he was now the one that was calm, cool and collected, while Raymond seemed suddenly not so confident. He led the way into the bedroom. Placing his clothes on a slipper chair and his boots next to it, he took Raymond's cock in hand.

Raymond desperately cried, “No. don't. I’ll cum.”

Daniel pulled him close and grasped both their cocks in one hand. He could barely wrap his large hand around either cock alone. So, the best he could do was to stroke them and spread Raymond's generous supply of precum around the heads. It was enough. Once he began mapping Raymond's mouth with his tongue, all Raymond could do was hump into Daniel's grip and moan.

Daniel broke the kiss and whispered in his lover's ear. “That's it Baby. Cum for Daddy”.

Raymond was not so out of it he couldn't force himself to respond, “Daddy's cumming for you, Baby! Arggg! Oh God!” As he splashed cum on both their chests.

Raymond began kissing, sucking and biting on Daniel's neck. That took his lover over the edge. He let go with a keening whine that morphed into a teeth-clenching growl. Raymond held his lover tight. As he melted into his afterglow, he continued to nibble at Daniel's neck.

Daniel lifted Raymond’s head by a fistful of hair until their eyes met. “Baby, you better not have left a hickey on my neck. I refuse to discuss my sex life at work, but I won't lie about us. But, a hickey just invites attention. So passion marks have to be kept to where a tee shirt and trousers can hide them. Understand, Baby”? With that, he slapped Raymond's butt cheek so hard it stung his hand and echoed around the room.

Raymond jumped in response to the slap. “Yes, I knew better. I just got carried away. I wanted to mark you, to show others that you had someone in your life already. Someone… close enough to do that to you”.

“You mean, you want everybody to know I’m off the market?”

Raymond nodded. Then added, “Yes. And by the way, you may be a half inch taller and twenty pounds heavier, but you don't have enough of an advantage to get away with smacking my ass. You know that, right Baby”? This time it was Daniel who jumped as Raymond’s hand smacked his ass. Even though he had expected it and had flexed his butt in advance, the sharp flash of pain was more than he expected. His sharp intake of breath preceded a heartfelt apology for unintentionally hurting his lover.

Together they made their way to the ensuite’s shower. By the time they finished washing away the cum, all the while touching and stroking each other, they were both hard again. Daniel smiled broadly when back in the bedroom Raymond stopped to pull a small bottle of lube and three condoms from his jacket pocket.

Raymond grinned, “I been carrying this since I saw the first report on you. I kept them with me hoping one of us would eventually fuck the other. I am not ashamed to admit I jerked off to both scenarios.”

“Well, I tried NOT to think of you while jerking off. It’d work except the closer I got to cummin the more images of how you look now and memories of that first kiss kept popping into my mind and pushing me closer to the edge. Until it was just you I was focused on when I got my nut. I gotta say those jerk-off sessions never came close to actually being with you. That kiss will always be fresh in my mind, but I would like to build new memories with you starting with tonight.”

“Sounds like we are both suffering from the same ailment. Lucky for us, we are each other's medicine. Our condition could require a lifetime of treatment from each other to effect a real cure.”

Daniel leaned back and screwed up his face. “Jesus Christ Raymond! go find some mouthwash or a dab of toothpaste. I don't think I can kiss you after you had all that bullshit in your mouth.”

“Hey, that was a heartfelt analogy. I might work it into our wedding vows”.

If it had been summertime the sound of screeching cicadas would have filled the pregnant void. As it was, not even the sound of their shallow breaths could breach the chasm of silence that opened between them.

Raymond began mindlessly running his hands up and down Daniel's massive upper arms. He hoped it conveyed a soothing, apologetic attitude. It seemed he was constantly sabotaging his own best efforts at building a strong relationship with Daniel. This was their second time alone and he was talking marriage. ‘What a fucking idiot, I am’!

Daniel couldn't help but grin at the same look, now on Raymond's face, that he had seen on Jeff’s face that time he, Jeff, had farted in Sunday School. No one else had heard it except the two of them. Jeff looked absolutely mortified. It was a term he had read somewhere and it fit both the boy, then and the man, now. He idly wondered if being ‘mortified’ made everyone look alike?

Daniel's hands pulled the naked Raymond closer. “I can't say I have thought about wedding vows, but I have dreamt of a life with you. But, I’m a big boy now who knows that dreams don't always come true. So, before we commit to something long term let's investigate our compatibility in and out of the bed before we start writing those vows and shopping for matching rings.” As his lips met Raymond's, he could hear the audible sigh of relief escaping those most soft, pliable and responsive lips. A single thought flashed through his brain, ‘just like the first time’.

It wasn't clear whose idea it was to get into bed, but Daniel found himself on the bed with his ass in the air. He had seen rimming in Internet porn. But, he had never let anyone touch his asshole with tongue, finger or cock. Only his own finger occasionally touched his prostate and only when he explored his favorite ‘Raymond Cargill’ fantasies. Coincidentally, those had resulted in his most powerful ejaculations.

It suddenly occurred to Daniel that he was again trusting this man, like no one else. The first time it had resulted in a broken heart. He silently prayed that getting his cherry busted wouldn't be as devastating. When Raymond's warm breath and wet caressing tongue suddenly touched his tightly sealed sphincter, devastation became the least of his worries. From the moment those first electric sensations ran up his spine to his brain, he was desperately rubbing and rooting his ass around trying to get… trying to get what? He didn't know what! He just wanted more… just... MORE! When Raymond’s tongue managed to breach his entrance, Daniel reached back and tried to force Raymond's head up his ass, face first. He felt as if he had cum twice already. Yet, he was desperately trying to get more of this.. this feeling. He tried to prolong it, tried to make it better, tried to intensify this already incredibly intense feeling. When Raymond began to tongue fuck his ass, Daniel lost it! He grabbed a handful of Raymond's hair and pulled him into his ass as he began to speak in tongues. He was mindlessly babbling and slobbering as cum exploded from deep behind his balls and tore its way through his cock. As he collapsed into a puddle of his own making, he intuitively knew it would never feel this good again. If it did, it just might kill him.

Raymond gently pried Daniel's fingers from his hair. Fortunately, it didn't hurt as much as it would have if they both hadn't been hormone saturated. Only the hope that he would soon be deeper into that delicious ass, kept him from blowing his nut right along with his lover. That thought and by painfully crushing his own cock head, he managed to hold back his orgasm. Even then, it was too close to call. As good as cumming along with his lover might have been, Raymond knew that cumming inside Daniel would bring him a whole new level of pleasure. He pulled himself up alongside his collapsed lover.

Daniel, sensing Raymond’s movement, turned his head to his lover. “Wow! I thought my heart was gonna explode, but my dick did instead. I’m afraid to look. It's probably lying in shreds above the sack that used to hold my balls. When I shot off, they emptied themselves so forcefully they got sucked so far up into my body cavity, I’ll have to go through puberty again before they can descend. I can't believe I never let anyone do that for me before. Is it, is it always that…that incredible?"

Raymond began caressing his lover's back from shoulders to hips and back again. “I agree with what Uncle Joe told me, sex is always better with someone you care about.”

“Well, I guess I have to agree with you two. I have never had sex with anyone I cared for as much as you. And I am convinced it could not be any better than this.” Daniel pulled Raymond in close and kissed him deeply. Tasting for the first time his own, not unpleasant, musky flavor. Breaking the kiss, he licked his lips and asked, “Is this what they mean by b.a.i.t.e.d. breath, as opposed to b.a.t.e.d. breath”?

Raymond snorted, “As a card-carrying, gay man I shouldn't admit it, but I ‘ate tuna’ in my youth. But, once in college, I left that unique smell and taste behind forever. I became a connoisseur of beef-e men. See, your not the only one who can make seriously bad puns. Now, if you’ll turn over on your back I”ll get a towel and clean up that lake of cum”.

Daniel chose that moment to roll over and the gasp that escaped Raymond's lips shocked him. For an instant, he thought he might have indeed damaged his cock and balls. He immediately scanned his crotch. He was definitely relieved to see no blood or signs of damage. His flaccid cock was resting against his right thigh as usual. A quick touch and tug revealed the twin organs were indeed still descended. Glancing down at the duvet, he saw what made Raymond gasp. There were three large puddles of cum. Anyone of which would constitute a sizeable load. Daniel realized he must have really emptied his balls all at once. Looking at the cum still clinging to and dripping down his hairy chest, Daniel wasn't sure he hadn't done at least some damage to himself by cumming so hard and so much at one time.

By the time Daniel decided he had just had an epic cum, with no real damage, Raymond had already retrieved the still damp bath towel from the bathroom. He first caressingly cleaned Daniel's chest. Then he tried to scoop up and mop up the duvet. Finally, he gave up and instructed Daniel to get off the bed. He then stripped away the soiled cover and tossed it toward the corner.

Before Raymond could climb back into bed Daniel slid across the bed and knelt at his feet. He proceeded to lick the drooling precum from Raymond’s still turgid member. From the corner of his eye, he could see Raymond clench his fists and then extend his fingers. Only to repeat… clench and extend. He realized Raymond was fighting the impulse to grab Daniel's head and fuck his throat. Daniel was ok with that particular impulse even if he had already cum. Taking Raymond's cock into the back of his mouth Daniel then guided Raymond's hands to the back of his own head. Holding them in place, he began sliding his lover's cock into and out of his throat. Not until he felt the hands exerting a forceful pressure upon his head did he move his hands. He began to stroke Raymond's taint. When his lover granted more access by spreading his legs, Daniel pulled his thumb against the taint while his index finger caressed Raymond's rosebud. Daniel sensed that Raymond wanted more. He quickly mopped up some of the excessive drool/precum mix to slick up his index finger and smeared it around the, now twitching sphincter. He repeated this lubing process three times before he felt there was enough to fully penetrate his lover.

Raymond's response to the invasion was to launch one of his own. At the same instant that Daniel's finger bottomed out, Raymond buried his cock balls deep in Daniel's throat. After a moment, Raymond regained enough clarity to let Daniel catch a breath. As soon as he was no longer gasping for air, Daniel determinedly impaled himself again on Raymond's cock. At the same time, his wiggling digit discovered Raymond's love nut. It began a litany of stroking, tapping and smashing against the well muscled little organ. The movements weren't synchronized, but the total impact was maddeningly effective. Raymond wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck Daniel's throat deeper or fuck Daniel's finger deeper into his own ass. Somehow his muddled brain let him know that finger was going to keep assaulting his prostate so he could focus on the pleasure of fucking Daniel's throat. Repositioning and renewing his hold on Daniel's hair, Raymond's pounding rhythm shifted into overdrive. As his love nut hardened, Daniel’s pressure increased.

As the throes of orgasm took hold, Raymond’s ass tried it's utmost to bite off Daniel's finger. At the same time, Raymond's cock swelled and began spewing it's massive load as far down into the man’s guts as possible. If a casual observer could ignore Daniel knelt at Raymond's feet, in the throes of his second, but much smaller, ejaculation. That observer might think Raymond was in extreme pain. He appeared to be bent over double, gripping his midriff as though he were having a horrendous bellyache. If said observer then factored Daniel back into the equation, then he would realize that Raymond was holding Daniel's head still impaled upon his massive manroot.

Daniel was becoming desperate for oxygen. Seconds before he was sure he was going to black out, he grabbed Raymond's balls and squeezed and jerked on them for dear life. At the same time, he forced his ring finger in alongside the still buried index finger. Raymond reacted like a Jedi warrior. He was everywhere at once. Releasing Daniel's head he immediately grabbed the fist assaulting his already abused balls. While the other hand focused on the delicate task of slowly extracting the now offensively intrusive digits from his almost dry bunghole. Daniel was too busy breathing to be bothered by Raymond's antics. When Raymond finally extracted Daniel's fingers he eyed them suspiciously for traces of blood. Satisfied that none of his innards came out with Daniel's fingers he turned his attention to his lover still on the floor gasping for air. A quick review of the last several minutes had him reliving his most monumental orgasm to date. He also remembered his own callous disregard for his mate. One look at Daniel's face and Raymond was running for the bathroom. He fought down the urge to puke and quickly dampened a washcloth and grabbed a clean towel. Hurrying back to his lover's side he began to wash away snot, cum and what appeared to be bits of whatever Daniel had last eaten.

He was relieved that Daniel's breathing had become slow and even. It came as a shock to realize his lover had fallen asleep. At least he hoped it was sleep and not suffering some kind of symptom of oxygen deprivation. He gently slapped his lover's cheeks. “Wake up Daniel! Wake up Baby. I need to know that you're alright”.

Daniel resented being so rudely awakened from a very pleasant slumber. “Wha? What? What's the matter? Is it time to get up? I feel like I just drifted off. What time is it”?

Raymond checked the clock on the nightstand. “It's just past eleven pm. You fell asleep after some pretty rough sex. I need to know that you're alright”.

Daniel became suddenly alert. Must to Raymond's chagrin. “Yes, I think I’m ok. I almost passed out with you holding my head while you came. I hope to hell your balls are sore. I tried to push you away, but you weren't gonna let that happen. I had to get your attention. Guess that validates that old adage that says, ‘when you got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow’. All in all, it was pretty hot. I came again just as you nutted in my gut. I didn't even taste your cum until my gag reflex finally kicked in and I regurgitated it. I can definitely do without that ever happening again. I guess that was a pretty awesome cum for you too, to lose it like that, huh”?

Raymond helped Daniel to his feet and guided him like a mother hen into the bathroom. There he watched as Daniel rinsed his mouth and brushed his teeth. After Raymond adjusted the shower temperature, he lovingly bathed his man. Daniel didn't need the help, but he enjoyed the attention just the same.

Back in the bedroom, Daniel watched as Raymond slipped the ‘supplies’ into the nightstand drawer. A small thrill ran up his spine as he remembered his first time being rimmed and the explosive cum that followed. Daniel was only too eager to return the favor. The fact that they hadn't even got around to fucking was an issue, only because he wasn't sure when they could get together again. He had no objection to having an occasional quickie. But, he refused to consider anal intercourse except as part of an overnighter, better yet a weekender.

While Daniel was having his internal dialogue, Raymond was busy rounding up some none cum-soaked cover. He came back with a blanket. He spread it across the bed and pulled back the covers. With a sweeping gesture, he invited Daniel to get in bed first. Once his lover was in repose, Raymond walked around the foot of the bed and got in on the other side. Since each man was on the same side as the day before, Daniel made a mental note that the side farthest from the door, yet closest to the bathroom door was ‘his side’. He smiled at the thought.

As Raymond settled in on his side, he opined, “You know we have to talk. The only thing that would make this moment any better would be if we were closer. How about we meet in the middle?” The two turned toward and slid into each other's arms.

Daniel chuckled, “You know when I envisioned us in bed together, it was my head lying on your chest. Now, I feel it would be awkward since I am bigger than you.”

“I would like to try that anyway. If it is too strange you can move to a more comfortable position.” They settled in with Daniel's head resting on Raymond's chest.

Daniel's finger gently plowed their way through Raymond's treasure trail upward to the bushy expanse across his pectorals. “Your chest hair is almost like my pubic hair, really curly. Whereas my chest hair is practically straight. I like yours better.”

Raymond sighed and began tracing the swirling patterns of Daniel's soft chest hair. “I’ve always been hairy. I was the first kid in gym class with chest hair. Before I graduated high school it already looked like a Brillo pad. Funny, but that was a big deal back then. Now, it seems like every man wants to get rid of any sign of his masculinity. I read that mosquitoes are less likely to bite hairy men and that hairy men have higher levels of testosterone and are, therefore, more horney.” While continuing to caress the silken hair Raymond offered, “I really like your hair patterns. They remind me of crop circles.”

Daniel chuckled, “Is that what you thought we needed to talk about, crop circles on my chest? They're made by those sneaky villagers living in my pubic hair. They come out at night to trample my chest hair. The other villagers think it's a sign from god. I like to think of it as simply an act of nature.”

“Anyone ever tell you you have a weird sense of humor?”

“Hey! You're the one comparing my chest to an English wheat field. Talk about weird. Now, seriously, what was it we needed to talk about? I’m about to fall asleep with you tracing your fingers through my crop circles. You’ve got a surprisingly gentle touch, by the way.”

“Well, I was thinking we need to spend some time together. I was hoping you would be willing to come to my place in Dallas and spend this next weekend with me. There are a few things I want to bring back with me. I’ll keep my place there for the time being. I just thought we could relax and be ourselves. If people think you are seeing a woman in Dallas, it might make it easier for us. At least for now.”

“I was worried that we would just be catching quickies. This weekend sounds great. But, Raymond how would you feel about meeting my folks some time. I don't mean next week or even next month, necessarily.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than Daniel wanted to kick his own ass for sounding like some romantic wuss.

Raymond pulled his lover closer. “Well, since you already met my family. And, by the way, they like you very much and heartily approve of our relationship. I think it only right that I get to run the gauntlet to see if they feel the same about your choice of a mate, er, uh, I mean our relationship. Just let me know, so I can bring something to get on their good side. So far all I know is quilting, cooking, eggnog, and fishing.”

“They aren't complicated people. Some fresh cut flowers and a bottle of good whiskey will set you in good stead. If you're sure you don't mind, I’ll talk to Mom and set up a dinner at their place.”

“We could take them out to dinner. That way your Mom doesn't have to cook.”

“If we take them out to dinner they will expect to see a ring on my finger. As it is Dad will probably want to make sure your intentions are honorable and you aren't just using me as a fuckbuddy.”

Raymond full on laughed. “Fuckbuddy! I don't think most parents, even with gay kids know that term. Your Dad must be pretty progressive-minded. I guess he won't be cleaning his shotgun while we discuss my intentions toward his only son.”

“That reminds me, you have to give me a ride back to your Uncle Joe's place so I can get my truck. I should have just followed you out here. Sorry, I just didn't think about it.”

“I did think about it and decided I would rather have your company and make the trip both ways with you than just one way without you. If you agree, I would like to meet you at the diner for breakfast before you go into the office. Unless you want me to see what else Mrs. Slidesdales’ left behind. Or have breakfast at Uncle Joe's.

“The diner sounds great. Why don't we shower here and after you drop me off I’ll go home and change and meet you at the diner, hopefully before you get to your second cup of coffee.”

Reaching over to turn off the bedside lamp Raymond must have given Daniel the idea he should move to his side of the bed. “Hey, lawman, I’d feel less alone if you would come back and lay with your head on my shoulder like you were. At least we can start out in that position. If either of us gets too uncomfortable we'll move in our sleep to a better position. I, at least want to start out holding you close.”

“I was afraid you wouldn't want to. I was going to wait until you were asleep and then curl up next to you. I think you're going to have to push me away if it gets uncomfortable for you. I already know this will be my favorite sleeping position.” That last he punctuated with a gaping yawn.

In the darkness, each man snuggled with his lover and silently offered a prayer of thanks for the most joyous and memorable Christmas ever.

Time-lapse photography would have shown the two shifted through several positions, mostly one spooning the other. Several times they returned to Daniel nestled against Raymond with his head laying on his lover's chest.

The morning found them refreshed and horney. Soulful kisses led to a mutually satisfying romp of sixty-nine. A quick shower together and a hurried goodbye at their Uncle Joe's left them eager to meet at the diner for breakfast.

Raymond, again in his business finery stopped by the kitchen to greet Uncle Joe, Aunt Mellie, Ilya, and Tink. He declined even coffee explaining he was to meet Daniel for breakfast. Ilya insisted he allow two soldaty to accompany him. Raymond knew to trust his head of security and agreed immediately to the added security, then asked why the sudden need. Ilya simply nodded to Tink who turned his ever-present iPad to Raymond. “There are almost one of your dozen local, network and cable news vans parked around the city square. Somehow news was leaked about, “the real Grinch who stole Christmas”.

Raymond immediately texted Daniel to suggest they cancel their breakfast date. Daniel replied with, “I’m hungry. Let's eat.” Raymond chuckled and replied, “C U there.”

The diner was a hotbed of gossip. Raymond was impressed that a table opened up almost as if it was being held for his arrival. He was just finishing his first cup of coffee and scanning his favorite three news apps when Daniel took his seat.

Upon seeing the other’s brilliantly welcoming smile, each man was sure the diner’s overhead lights had just been brightened. After ordering the same 'ranch hand special' and addressing their coffee Raymond began the discussion, “It looks like our Fire Chief, our esteemed Mayor and one of our local clergy have made the morning news.”

“The news media has already labeled Bumpkis as the “real grinch”. Some have even displayed photos of him tinted green with a Santa hat. I have scheduled a news conference for 10:00 am this morning. I guess I need to put together a statement to read. I don't trust myself to remain unbiased if I ad lib this one. I only hope the questions don't get me fired up.”

“Look, Sheriff, why don't you come back to my offices at the motel and let my staff help draft a statement. Trust me some of these folks are professional public relations experts. They will be working on your and Uncle Joe's election campaigns. It will give you a chance to meet them as well as see what they might be able to do for you during the upcoming campaign. I give you my word Daniel, you won't regret it.”

Daniel studied Raymond's face for a second before nodding his agreement. Raymond smiled broadly, and said, “Excuse me, I’ll be right back”. He stood and began making a call as he headed to the men’s room. By the time he returned their meals were being delivered. Miss Julie came by, just long enough to greet the two. Before leaving them to enjoy their meal and each other's company, she patted Daniel on the shoulder. “Remember Sheriff, just read the prepared statement and say you won't be answering questions because it's an ongoing investigation. You’ll come off as being very professional and you’ll be a shoo-in come election time.” With a final pat, she moved off to greet other customers.

Raymond grinned as Daniel gawped. “I missed coming here almost as much as I missed anything about this town. Maybe it's the comfort food or maybe because Miss Julie always gave the most sound advice. I can honestly say, I’ve never gone wrong by following her advice. Too bad she refuses to pick a stock.”

“But, how did she know? I, mean are the tables bugged?”

“No. I’m surprised you haven't learned by now. You don't ask why or how. You just listen carefully and follow her advice. Now, eat up Lawman, you got a busy day ahead. Which reminds me, did you want to reschedule taking everybody's statements for another day”?

“I called Uncle Joe and Jeff before I left the office. They agreed to come in after the news conference. I knew I would be meeting you here and thought you might like to attend the news brief as my counsel. You won't be on camera, but you won't have to fight the crowd of media people and protesters.”

“Maybe I can follow you over after you have your statement prepared and give my statement to one of your Deputies. I can get that done then watch as my boyfriend makes his worldwide television debut.”

Daniel sputtered into his coffee cup. “Did you say, boyfriend”?

“Actually it sounds a bit sophomoric. But, at the same time, it feels right. What do you think”?

“Actually… I like it a lot. It's the first stage of a monogamous relationship. Are you ready for that”?

“Wasn't I the one who said he wouldn't share you. And in case you're wondering, that door swings both ways. The only question is are YOU ready for that”? Daniel just grinned broadly and said nothing.

Daniel grabbed the check the moment it hit the table. Looking around he noticed that their table was an island surrounded by a sea of empty tables. It meant that their casual conversation could not have been overheard by any eavesdropping gossipy patrons. He wondered if Miss Julie had given them their privacy on purpose. He chuckled and dismissed the thought with, ‘how could she know’?

At the motel offices, Daniel was introduced to Alicia Baker, a svelte, mid-thirties, black woman. Who, after introductions, handed him two sheets of a double-spaced, well thought out, professional description of events and actions resulting in the arrest of named individuals and applicable charges. It was just the facts. Daniel read it through four times before Alicia smiled and congratulated him. Just as he folded the statement and slid it into his black leather blazer’s inside pocket. As if on cue three men and two women stepped up to him from almost out of nowhere. They immediately began a cacophony of, “Sheriff Lovan, Sheriff Lovan, (Insert names here.)All shouted at once. Would you, could you comment on (insert any number of inane questions asked on top of each other.) Daniel looked to Raymond and then to Alicia for rescue. Neither intervened. Both gave him a look that said, ‘It’s your show now’. Daniel tried to isolate a single question, then suddenly he remembered and raised his hands to quiet the small, but intense crowd. Only after he had their undivided attention did he speak. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you understand that all are considered innocent in the eyes of the law until judged by a jury of their peers. As much I would like to share my personal knowledge and opinions concerning this case, my professional commitment forbids my doing so. It is my job to protect the constitutional rights of all citizens of this county, even those already under arrest. To that end, I will not be taking questions at this time.” The crowd began to applaud. Alicia turned to Raymond, and with a polished British accent said, “By George! I think he's got it.”

The Sheriff gave Raymond a ride in his patrol car from the motel to the Sheriff's office. They entered through a patrolled gate into a parking lot behind the building. Raymond was turned over to a Deputy, a Texas Ranger, named Farnsworth and a rather nondescript man, a Mr. Blackwell, in a coat and tie. Immediately Raymond felt a blatantly negative air coming from Deputy Jones. He quickly sized him up as a little man with a small man's complex. In his experience, this type had an ax to grind with any man over 5’ 9”. Though Raymond had a feeling there was much more going on here. ‘Shields Up’!

A couple of times Deputy Jones tried to call into question Raymond's character and motivations. Both times the Texas Ranger insisted Raymond be allowed to get on with his statement. The third time was when Deputy Jones asked if Raymond was related to the two faggots that were involved in the recent unresolved shooting. At this point, the nondescript man became very animated. He slapped the flat of his hand onto the tabletop. “Deputy Jones, that will be enough of your bigoted, Neanderthal-like approach to professional law enforcement. I don't know who you're trying to impress here, but Ranger Farnsworth and I have had enough of your blatant disregard for ethical police procedure. Mr. Cargill has shown tremendous restraint by not knocking you on your ass, like I think you deserve. I assure you, I intend to submit a written report to the acting Sheriff and I will insist he personally review the recording of this interview for likely disciplinary action. Now, if you cannot behave in a professional manner I suggest you leave this interview to myself and Ranger Farnsworth.” Turning to the other Lawman, “Dick, I didn't mean to speak for you. Do you want to say anything”?

“Jim, I think you stated my views regarding this situation perfectly. Up to and including the ass kicking. I would like to add that while I don't condone physical violence, were I to happen upon a serious discussion between these two men, it would be an honor to hold Mr. Cargill’s finely tailored suit coat so it doesn't get stained by someone else's blood. I will have my written statement, for the Sheriff, on your desk before the close of business today.”

Mr. Blackwell glared at the now cowering Deputy Jones. The Deputy sensing his complete isolation, almost whimpered, “But, he ain't supposed to be Sheriff, I am. He don't even wear a uniform. How can he be Sheriff”?

Raymond made a note to warn Daniel and to have Ilya check this guy out and to keep him under surveillance. To revert to the vernacular of his youth, this guy was, “some kind of fucked up”. Without further interruptions and only pertinent questions, the rest of the interview went smoothly.

Daniel's statement was apparently well received and his 15 minutes of fame was in a positive spotlight. Raymond was walking out the front door beside Daniel as he saw the rest of the family coming across the street with an unobtrusive cadre of casually dressed security guards. To the casual observer, they looked like part of the approaching crowd.

At the steps of the building was a crowd of protesters that had tried to out-shout the Sheriff earlier as he read his statement. Fortunately, his voice was amplified and theirs were not. They had been shouting and wielding placards that said, “death to fags” and “Reverand Fishback is a holy marter”, that sign made Raymond feel embarrassed to be a Texan. Another sign read, “this is a gay agenda conspiracy”. They had spent the morning singing hymns and offering prayers extolling their preacher’s virtues and insisting the preacher's arrest was religious persecution.

Raymond suddenly saw his worst nightmare come to life. A gray-haired woman in her late fifties moved to intercept Jeff. When it was clear she intended to address Jeff personally he waved his security aside. With trembling lips and an expression of complete disgust, she tried to spit in Jeff's face. Unfortunately for her, her spittle just dribbled down her chin. Dave snickered. In a voice trembling with rage, the woman addressed the object of her ire. “You filthy degenerate, my husband told me you were behind this. You're all heatherns, sodomites, and gomorans. He told me you framed him by giving him some tainted money. The lord told him not to take it, but there was much good work to be done and in a moment of weakness, he accepted your filthy lucre. The truth will come out and you faggots will be struck down”. With that, she went to slap Jeff's face. Jeff grabbed her hand as easily as he might catch a high fly ball, custom made for his mitt.

Suddenly! With a voice like thunder, there came from the steps, “YOU MISERABLE FUCKING BITCH! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY BROTHER”!

I know, write faster, post sooner, that's my job. Yours, is to post those devastating/encouraging comments. Let's both get to work, shall we?


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Chapter Comments

Wow that ending was really intense, I am so glad that they got together they both deserve so much happiness. Good for them. Can't wait for more

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I can relate to the circumstance of Jeff's mortification in church. The carnal sex scene was amazing! I have to agree with @Daddydavek with the mother bit. Can't wait for more😁

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I enjoyed the romance at Raymond's and the drama at the sheriff's office. I thought the conversation in the diner was interesting. I still wonder about Miss Julie. Her magical intuition keeps me wondering can a real person be that perceptive? Thanks for more. Jeff

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Damn, are we about to find out a few family secrets???  Great chapter all around but the night between Daniel and Raymond was just so well written and paced...

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4 hours ago, Terry P said:

OHHHHH!   Now, who do we have here that is referring to Jeff as his brother.  Interesting!  Or am I reading more into it than I should?


Right now, I am grinning big time. That is what cliffhangers are all about. Makes say, "Hmmm".

Thanks for posting your comments.


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3 hours ago, Daddydavek said:

Somehow I think the bitch is Raymond' s mother...

I like the guessing, lot's will not speculate out of fear of being wrong. Good for you. Daddydavek. Good for you.

Thanks for posting your comments. There are always insightful.


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3 hours ago, mikedup said:

Wow that ending was really intense, I am so glad that they got together they both deserve so much happiness. Good for them. Can't wait for more

Thank you for your kind words. I strive to hear people make those kind of comments.

Thanks again for taking the time to post your comments.


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2 hours ago, Timothy M. said:

Is this where I repeat my suspicion of Raymond being Jeff's brother?

Anyway, I loved having a whole chapter of Daniel and Raymond, and kudos to you for remembering the necessary preps for anal intercourse. (Raymond did his own as well, right?) I like how Raymond does his best to support Daniel in a professional manner, while still being the eager and besotted boyfriend in private. Great chapter :hug: 

This will all be cleared up in the next chapter. PLEASE, hang in there. Thank you for posting your comments. They mean a lot to me.


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2 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

I can relate to the circumstance of Jeff's mortification in church. The carnal sex scene was amazing! I have to agree with @Daddydavek with the mother bit. Can't wait for more😁

I almost never get comments on my sex scenes. Thank you for mentioning that. BTW, there was a clue hidden in that memory.

Shhh. Don't tell anybody.

Thanks for posting your encouraging comments.


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1 hour ago, JeffreyL said:

I enjoyed the romance at Raymond's and the drama at the sheriff's office. I thought the conversation in the diner was interesting. I still wonder about Miss Julie. Her magical intuition keeps me wondering can a real person be that perceptive? Thanks for more. Jeff

I get a lot of questions about Miss Julie's "perceptions". Obviously, if the redneck, right wing, born again, do gooders knew about her uncanny advice/guidance they would be at the door with pitchforks and torches. She really keeps a low profile and remembers to "cast not your pearls before swine".

Thanks for posting your comments. They get me to thinking about the characters more deeply. I think that makes for a better story.


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24 minutes ago, centexhairysub said:

Damn, are we about to find out a few family secrets???  Great chapter all around but the night between Daniel and Raymond was just so well written and paced...

Thank you! I was worried they were moving too slow, but neither wanted to rush things. The two of them seem to get very intense, very quickly. As for the Sheriff's office scene, I was worried how that would be received. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for posting your comments.

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Very impressive cliffhanger!!! Found myself looking like one of those old cartoon characters burning the soles of my shoes, trying to put the brakes on to keep from falling off said "cliff" in search of the indentity of the mysterious "relative" of Jeff!!! I'm not sure it's a woman though, because a woman would have rearranged those hateful lips, the minute she would have tried to spit on her brother!!! :rolleyes:...just saying!! Awesome chapter including the beautiful description of the long awaited heat between Ray and Daniel...:worship:  Ok, going to await the next  nail-biting chapter :*)

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52 minutes ago, Onim said:

Very impressive cliffhanger!!! Found myself looking like one of those old cartoon characters burning the soles of my shoes, trying to put the brakes on to keep from falling off said "cliff" in search of the indentity of the mysterious "relative" of Jeff!!! I'm not sure it's a woman though, because a woman would have rearranged those hateful lips, the minute she would have tried to spit on her brother!!! :rolleyes:...just saying!! Awesome chapter including the beautiful description of the long awaited heat between Ray and Daniel...:worship:  Ok, going to await the next  nail-biting chapter :*)

Hey, maybe I have finally created a hot sex scene. Almost no one mentions the sex in my stories except as an aside. Thanks for that.


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4 hours ago, phoenix_0826 said:

Hi Jim -- another great chapter, with an excellent cliff-hanger that I can't wait to see resolved! Also an incredibly steamy scene between Ray and Daniel - as I've mentioned before my favorite pair since the flashback to "the kiss". One reason people may not specifically call out the sex scenes in your story is because you really do make them very organic to the tale and a real part of the characters. In many stories the sex can feel "tacked on" as if the writer realizes that they need to shoe horn in a hot scene to keep the fans happy. You have been able to keep an intensity and feeling of desire between your characters regardless of a casual conversation or an intimate love scene.looking forward to the next chapter!

WOW! I think that was a compliment Of the highest order. I can only hope I am deserving.

Thank you,


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Kick ass ending, bring it on. lolol

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1 hour ago, Dunbess said:



Kick ass ending, bring it on. lolol

 "kick ass ending" indeed. YOU ARE SHAMELESS! I believe those capitalized words were verbatim offered by you when I told you there was a secret with clues presented in earlier chapters. Then we discussed the big reveal. Maybe not your words verbatim, but close. And, sadly the cliffhanger was all a device of my own design.

Thank you, I think, for posting your comments.


Edited by sojourn
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Absolutely nothing to do with me, you had already planned it, great story by the way :read:


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