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Change of Heart - 1. Chapter 1

This chapter was written as a completed one chapter story. Obviously, it has been expanded. This story entails love between two consenting adult males. They are quite often engaging in man on man sex. If this offends you... why the hell are you here?
This story is set in the same small Texas town as 'Gordy Comes Home' and 'TR's Tale'. It is sequential but should not be considered a sequel to either story.
Change of Heart
Chapter one
By Jim Ford
Jeff stared intensely at his reflection as though he could change what he saw if he concentrated hard enough. The problem was he didn't really know what to change. Maybe he was feeling antsy cause he was only a couple of years from the “big three-oh”. Although age hadn't really been a concern since he had been old enough to legally purchase alcohol. Still, there was this feeling he had noticed recently. Not on the level of an anxiety attack where his breathing became rapid and shallow or sent his pulse racing. No, he had a couple of those shortly after his parents died. Counseling helped with those. This was a persistent gnawing sensation in his gut, without being physical. Unless he was focused on something it was always in the back of his mind. Like he was on edge about something but didn't know what it was. Somehow he knew if he made the right change this... this feeling would go away.
Maybe contact lenses? His mother often said his eyes were his “most striking feature”. They were a bright green. They were the first thing people noticed about him. That really bothered him in his early teens. Back then he wore shades a lot. Now he rarely thought about them unless he met someone new and they brought it up. More than a few asked if they were contacts. He snorted at the idea of his Dad or his Uncle Joe wearing contacts, neither was that vain. They had the same eyes. They were an Adams family trait. The color seemed to be enhanced by his dark hair. Maybe contacts and a dye job? In his younger days, he had considered going blonde thinking people would stop talking so much about his eyes. As soon as he hit puberty his almost constant five o’clock shadow would have made him look just too weird. He'd keep contacts and the dye job in mind if he ever needed a bad disguise.
Focussing on the mirror again he saw a nose that was mostly straight and not too big. His smile was a little crooked but friendly enough without being too toothy. He had a strong jaw and a pronounced Adam's apple. He was confident his at-rest face would not terrify children or small animals. All in all, not too bad.
Glancing down he was pleased with what his gym membership helped him maintain. He had broad shoulders, enviable biceps, and a hairy, well-defined chest. He flexed his pecs, then grinned into the mirror. His flat stomach had a hint of a six-pack but only if he flexed. That suited him fine. His most recent workout goal was 'just don't get fat and lazy'.
His treasure trail led to a neatly trimmed bush that framed a five-inch flaccid cock of noteworthy girth. He knew his favorite appendage would grow to more than eight inches when properly stimulated. A smirk stole across his face as he thought about some of the reactions men had when first viewing his cock. A few were put off by the fact that he was uncut. More than a few were enthralled. He had received more negative comments on his chest hair than his uncircumcised cock. He casually ran his hand through his curly chest hair. Its emergence in high school had been a welcomed sign of his masculinity.
Completing the survey he viewed his legs with a critical eye. Flexing first his thighs and then calves he twisted to get a better view of his ass. He made the muscles stand out proud and strong. Overall he was more than just satisfied with his appearance, he was downright pleased. He wasn't even sure why he felt a need to change anything. It was just that he didn't feel… at ease.
Jeffrey Grant Adams, attorney at law, had never really spent much time thinking about his looks. He figured his appearance was like his intellect, above average. He received positive attention from most people and that was good enough. Still, he felt a small gnawing in his gut that told him 'he needed to make a change'.
He had a career most people would envy. Hell, most other lawyers his age would envy him. More than that he was very good at his job. He had taken a small case of discrimination and harassment and turned it into a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit. That had put him on the fast track to becoming a partner in one of Chicago’s most prestigious law firms. Not to mention what it did for his investment portfolio. After only four years, a partnership may be years down the road but he was miles ahead of his contemporaries.
Satisfied with his appearance he looked outward, maybe he needed a new apartment. His was just off Lakeshore Drive. It was not the largest two bedroom nor did it have a particularly nice view. However, it was; well-furnished, comfortable, and close to work. It was definitely a step up from dorm life. It was not a bad place to live, not bad at all.
Maybe going back to Texas for the holidays was what had him a little on edge. After all, it had been more than three years since he had been home. He still found that hard to believe. The pain of his parents passing had diminished over time but he knew it would never really leave him. At the time he had considered dropping out of law school and just living on the ranch. Fortunately, his Uncle Joe had convinced him to finish what he'd started. Jeff had wound up accepting an offer from the firm he had interned with during his last two years of school. Trying to prove himself as a new attorney he focused almost exclusively on work. As time passed, those infrequent trips back home began to be more of an imposition than something to look forward to. Now, he had avoided it for more than three years.
It wasn't that he didn't love his Aunt and Uncle. He never forgot birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas'. When in mid-November he casually mentioned that he might "come down for Christmas" the impending silence made him think his call had dropped. They had him on speaker, "Are y'all there?" he asked.
His Uncle answered, "Son you just caught us off guard here. Your Aunt Mellie's in tears at just the thought of you coming home. Are you alright? I mean you didn't lose your job or get sick or nothin' like that, did ya?"
Jeff had to think about how long it had been since his last visit; three years. He was almost embarrassed to face the fact. Three years! Good Grief! That conversation left Jeff determined to get to Texas for the holidays, come hell or high water.
He worked his schedule around everything except for the firm's New Year's Eve party. He was told in no uncertain terms his presence was expected. His boss (a junior partner) told him to consider it "mandatory fun". His absence would be "tantamount to a resignation". Jeff assured him he understood and promptly booked a flight out on Saturday the seventeenth. He hesitated for more than a moment before booking a return flight early on the 31st.
Jeff knew his Uncle had done well managing the ranch for him but now he was talking about selling his part of the place and moving to the gulf. Merging the two spreads had been the best short-term solution after his parents were killed by a drunk driver. There had been one larger ranch for generations until Jeff's father, David, and his brother Joe had decided to amicably split the ranch that had been in the Adams family since the 1870s. Now Jeff would have to think about selling the ranch that had been in his family for more generations than he could name. The ranch was always a strong part of who he was. Even though he had not been there for years it still was a defining part of Jeffrey G. Adams. The prospect of having to sell was more than a little unsettling and something he refused to think about.
He smeared shaving gel down his cheek and reminded himself to make sure his cleaning lady would remember to water the plants.
If he couldn't change the color of his hair, maybe he could change his hairstyle, and go for something not so… traditionally conservative. It was something to think about. He kept it short, otherwise, the curls made it impossible, in his mind, to appear well groomed.
A taxi would be here soon to take him to the airport. This time he would travel in jeans and boots. Boots would not be the most comfortable footwear on a plane but anytime he wore them it made him feel closer to home.
His Uncle Joe was waiting for him at DFW. Abilene was closer to the ranch but it offered no direct flights. After receiving a crushing bear hug, they hit the road. Almost immediately upon entering the interstate, Jeff began to relax in a way that surprised him. He could literally feel the tension leaving his neck and shoulders. It felt so good to be back in Texas.
After catching up a bit, talk focused mostly on ranch business. Joe had insisted on keeping Jeff up to date with weekly phone calls and more recently, emails. Emails which included charts and graphs covering diverse topics from breedings to crop rotation and man-hours expended for various endeavors. He could not plead ignorance, Uncle Joe had kept him well informed. Jeff had looked forward to his Uncle's phone calls and was glad they did not cease when the emails began. He always paid close attention to the details and relished having some input toward the goings on at the ranch.
His Aunt always got on the line to talk about people he barely remembered and of course to ask when he was coming for a visit, or if he had met a nice young man. Sometimes, those phone calls made him feel as though he'd never left. They certainly had made his time in Chicago less lonely.
Passing through his hometown, Jeff noticed a number of storefronts had changed although many more were familiar from his early childhood. He snickered when he realized the down-home crowd had welcomed one of those “new-fangled” coffee houses. Idly he wondered if his barber, Mr. Lenny, was still cutting hair. He smiled considering the disparity between what he used to pay for a haircut and what he was charged for “styling” in Chicago. He wasn't convinced there was a significant difference in the end result.
Uncle Joe interrupted his reverie, “Your Aunt Mellie had the old... uh... your place aired out and cleaned up for you. She sent Rosarita, that's Rosa’s niece, over to cook and clean while you're here. Mellie's hoping you decide to stay, at least for a while." After a short hesitation, he added, "So am I.”
“Well, if Rosarita cooks as well as I remember Rosa did, I'm sure we’ll get along just fine. As for how long I'll be here, I got to fly back on the 31st. There's a party the partners are throwing and I'm expected to show up. I got my return flight booked so I don't miss it."
Joe didn't comment on the flight or the party saying only, "Rosarita is a fine cook. She's helped out her Aunt at the house, a time or two."
After a short pause, Joe continued, "Oh, remember we talked about the new vet, Paul Wilson. Just to remind you, he and his little girl, Maria, have been living in the foreman’s cottage for the last couple of years now. He keeps his eye on the place. It's good to have someone living over there. Mellie watches his little girl some. We have them to dinner occasionally but he keeps pretty much to himself. His practice has been steadily picking up. Guess he'll have his student loans paid off soon. Reckon he'll be looking for a place of his own before too long. He’s using the small barn for his clinic. Gary Hines’ boy Seth helps him out after school and on weekends. Paul has offset our normal vet bills considerably. Of course, I haven't charged him any for using the barn. He's made a few changes. Not so’s you’d notice. He does scheduled surgeries and whatnot at the vet clinic in town. He keeps his horses and some of his recovering patients at the barn. I expect he won't get in your way while you're here. He's a good man." Jeff knew his Uncle didn't use the term 'good man' loosely.
“You can keep this Tahoe for your use. I'm sure you'll want to get out and visit a bit. Mellie wants you for supper tonight and of course for Christmas dinner. She’ll probably have you over enough that Rosarita will complain about having nothing to do. Still, we don't want to interfere with any plans you might have or come up with. Any work you want to do on the ranch is up to you. You know son." Joe paused a moment then continued, "We only want you to be happy here.”
Jeff was touched by his Uncle's sincerity, "Thanks, Uncle Joe, but I'm here to spend time with my family. There aren't a lot of people around here that'll remember me after all these years."
"I think you'll be surprised at the people you know that'll come to the Christmas get together. A lot of your old friends and neighbors will be there. Right now, we’ll stop by the house so you can drop me off and say hello to your Aunt Mellie. Maybe eat some lunch. She's already baking for the Christmas get together, above what she'll have catered. That’ll be this coming Friday just like every year. The last Friday before Christmas Eve."
"You know if you got friends that you want to come down, they're more than welcome. Hell, you got plenty of room. Push-comes-to-shove, we got room enough for more than a few at our place. You know they'd be welcomed."
Jeff thought about his friends for a moment. Acquaintances more than real friends. People he knew from work were too competitive to build close friendships. Occasionally he would get a drink with some of the guys he met at the gym. He certainly wasn't interested in inviting any of them home for the holidays. His last 'relationship' had ended months ago after work got in the way once too often. His work always got in the way eventually.
“No, I'm afraid it's just me this time. I figured I needed time alone to think about what to do about the ranch. I don't see many options other than selling when you do."
Uncle Joe glanced at Jeff then back at the road. “You know son, if we don't sell it, we’re going to leave it to you. You could move back here and we would keep our homeplace so’s we could keep in touch with you and all the friends we got here. Hell…” Joe paused a moment, reached over and gripped Jeff’s shoulder. “All we got worth a damn is here.”
Lunch had been a lot more enjoyable than he had expected. His Aunt was obviously thrilled to see him. Seeing her again warmed his insides and he found himself smiling even when no one was watching. There were a few heavy moments but those had been more than offset by all the happy memories they had shared.
It felt good to talk about his parents without choking up. There was lots of gossip Aunt Mellie just knew he was dying to hear. She spent a fair amount of time in singing the praises of Paul Wilson and what a tremendous job he was doing as a single parent. His wife having died in childbirth. Especially considering what a busy professional he was “and so handsome too". That last she must have said a half dozen times. She made it sound like DVM/M.S. Paul, “so handsome” Wilson was Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Superman all rolled into one single father of the year. Subtlety was not Aunt Mellie’s strong suit. She went on and on about Paul’s “little angel” Maria. “So smart… so pretty… so mannerly… just about perfect.” Jeff wasn't sure if all that talk was intended to get him interested in marriage or fatherhood or both. In any case; he had no desire for either.
When she finally got through all the local gossip, had given him one of her heartwarming hugs, and extracted his solemn oath that he would be on time for supper, Aunt Mellie let him leave for the old homeplace.
Once he made the ten-minute drive he hesitated before getting out of the truck. It might have been years but the place looked just like it did every day of his life growing up. The sprawling natural stone ranch house was surrounded by live oaks. Further back you could see the large barn, corrals, and paddocks. In the distance, he heard squeals of delight as he watched a small child play with a puppy in the yard of the foreman’s cottage. Eventually, he’d have to introduce himself but that could wait. Right now he had old memories to confront.
As he stepped up onto the front porch the front door was opened by a young Hispanic woman smiling warmly. “Welcome home Jeffrey, I’m Rosarita.” Caught by surprise, Jeff made a misstep and stumbled before he caught himself even as he lost hold of his luggage. “Are you ok? I know I impress some guys but my beauty has yet to knock a man on his ass.”
Jeff grinned. Taking her offered hand, he said in a pronounced drawl, “Well then, I suspect your beauty has a far greater impact than you realize.”
“Your Aunt Mellie told me you were a handsome charmer and she didn't lie. Come on in, I figured you would have lunch with them but if you’re hungry, I can whip up some soup and a sandwich.”
He silently followed her into the foyer. There he halted as Memories assaulted him, flashing through his mind in rapid progression; he was five and just got his first pony, then he was leaving for his first scout camp, next was prom night. And thousands of half-remembered memories in between.
The staccato images halted with the prom memory. It was the day after his senior prom that he came out to his parents. His mother was quick to hug him and assure him of her love. It had taken his father a little time to adjust. Uncle Joe had assured him his father would be fine in time and he had been right. Uncle Joe had confronted him months before, telling him he and his Aunt Mellie had suspected for some time that he was gay. Jeff had stood arrow straight and looked Joe in the eye and even as his voice trembled told him, "Yes Uncle Joe, I am gay."
Joe simply wrapped him in a giant bear hug and held him for a moment. "You know son, who you love ain't nobody's business but yours. It sure as hell don't define how good a man you are." In the end, his family stood by him through thick and thin. Even finding a church with more "progressive" views.
His heart lurched as he realized once more how much he had lost at his parents passing. He inhaled deeply trying to take in all that it meant to be home at last.
Rosarita had stopped and turned toward him and waited with a questioning look. Suddenly remembering, he set his bags down again and addressed Rosarita, “Sorry, it's been a while since I've been home. To answer your question; Yes, I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Aunt Mellie. I'm invited over there for dinner as well.”
“I understand." She paused for a moment then said, "I don't know if they told you but I'll be here until school starts up again the first week of January. I go to Chamberlain Nursing College I'm in my last year for a BSN.”
Jeff was thankful that she didn't question his reverie, “You look awful young to be that far along. What are you seventeen?”
"You are a charmer. I'm twenty-one. How about you? You don't look too old yourself. I’ll guess twenty-five.”
He was glad to see the conversation take a lighter turn, “Actually, I am closer to thirty than twenty-five.”
“That's ok. I like older men.”
Meeting her teasing gaze, Jeff stated, “Rosarita, I think you should know that I am definitely not interested in any kind of relationship, no matter how casual. After Christmas, I will return to Chicago and likely never be back. I’d be surprised if Aunt Mellie misled you, but I’m gay.”
Rosarita couldn't know that the look of distaste on Jeff's face was due more to the thought of never coming back home than about a relationship with her. Her smile never faltered, “Well you never know, Christmas is a magical time of year. A lot can happen in a week or two.”
“Really. Rosarita, maybe we should find you another job for the holidays. I don't feel comfortable about your, uh… aspirations concerning us.”
“Relax Jeffrey, I think we can get along just fine. You have made your honorable intentions perfectly clear. Besides, Aunt Rosa left no doubt that you would not be interested in me. I thought it might have been the employer/employee thing. I guess I got that wrong, huh.” Extending her hand with a broadening smile, she said, “Friends?”
Jeff, with trepidation showing on his face, took her hand saying, “Sure, as long as we understand each other.”
Without losing her smile, she continued, “The house has been cleaned from top to bottom. The refrigerator is loaded with possibilities as well as the pantry. The wifi password is adams123ranch. Simple, I know, right? You can change it if you like, just let me know cause I use it a lot when I'm here." Without taking a breath she continued, "I will have breakfast ready each morning at seven, lunch at noon and supper at seven. I will have snacks available throughout the day. Do you have any allergies, preferences or dislikes that I need to know about? Do those times suit you"?
“No, no known allergies.” He said with a smile. “The times we may have to adjust. But for now, they are fine. I have simple tastes. I usually order takeout during the week and cook for myself on the weekends. So most anything you prepare will be an improvement and most assuredly appreciated. I will try to text you if I am going to be unavailable for any meal. If you prepare a meal, I expect you to join me.” Jeff surprised himself with that last remark. Even as he was about to recant he saw that warm smile spread even further across Rosarita’s face and decided to leave well enough alone.
Once they exchanged numbers she said, “You won't be disappointed Jeffrey, your Aunt gave me a list of your favorite dishes and desserts. She wants you to enjoy your time here.”
Jeff considered, not for the first time, that his father’s brother and his wife were the only family he had left. He wasn't sure why it never occurred to him before that his Aunt was an only child. He was, in fact, the only family they had. No wonder they had almost forced him to maintain contact through the years. He was embarrassed to admit that most all the effort to keep in touch had been theirs. That was something he knew he could and would change.
"Well, since you don't need dinner I think I will head on out. I’ll see you in the morning.” Without Jeff realizing it their conversation had carried them through the house and into the kitchen. Rosarita moved into the laundry/mudroom and put on the coat she had left hanging there.
"Do I need to drive you somewhere? I mean you could stay here… uh. I mean maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea. But I could drive you home.”
Rosarita’s grin let him relax a little. “My car is parked out back since I had to bring some things over here. I’m staying at your Uncle’s house. My Aunt Rosa and your Aunt Mellie would have a cow if I even thought of staying here. They insist on protecting my innocence. They don't know it but they are several years and a few boyfriends too late. But don't tell either of them that, it would break their hearts.” Rosarita laughed and Jeff couldn't help but join in.
“Since we have reached an understanding, how about you call me Jeff. I never really liked Jeffrey.”
“No problem. Jeff, it is. And with that, Jeff, I'll see you in the morning.”
After the door closed behind her, Jeff found himself wishing she hadn't left. Firstly because he was pretty sure they could become good friends and secondly he was alone with a houseful of memories.
Stepping back into the kitchen he looked around at the space his mother had forever been threatening to update. Sure she sporadically replaced an appliance here and there. He ran his fingers along the Formica countertop that was still that kind of a jade green. A swirly pattern that supposedly she'd hated from the moment it was first installed. That installation being long before Jeff could even remember. Looking around he noted most of the furnishings here were like those in the rest of the house, pieces that were either built or bought out of necessity. As long as they were useable they were kept. He viewed the sliding glass doors which led to the massive patio, sporting an outdoor kitchen. Chuckling at the memory that that kitchen got almost as much use as the inside version and each time it did his mother would complain, “your father’s kitchen is nicer than mine.” Thinking back he wondered why his mother never updated the kitchen. It certainly wasn't for lack of money. There had never been a lack of money in the Adams family. Oil and livestock along with commercial real estate investments saw to that. He suspected his mother just felt comfortable with familiar things.
Leaving the kitchen, he walked past the formal dining room. On his left were pocket doors which he opened revealing the library/den. Closer to the main entrance, on his right, again behind pocket doors, was the living room. This room was where friends and family congregated on special and not so special occasions. It was the largest room in the house. Jeff could vaguely remember being scolded for riding his tricycle in here. Hell, you could ride a bicycle in this room without hitting anything. The furnishings here were leather sofas, settees, and chairs arranged in groups that allowed for different conversations without overlapping. When needed, the pieces had been restored but seldom replaced. This room, with its earth tone colors and comfortable seating, was, as it was meant to be, warm and welcoming.
Jeff smiled when he thought about the good times his family had shared here. The last time this room had been used was the day of his parents' burial. Jeff stepped back out and closed the doors.
He'd left his bags in the foyer. He'd get them later. Turning to his left, he headed down the hallway leading to the five bedrooms. The first had been his for as long as he could remember. Opening that door was like stepping back into his past. For a moment he was taken aback to realize that this room was actually larger than the master bedroom in his Chicago apartment. He wandered if Rosarita had learned anything about the boy he had been by cleaning this room. Or if indeed this room said anything about the man he had become. The football, baseball and track trophies belied the scholarly endeavors he had pursued. The dated rock bands and rodeo posters still adorned his walls. He stepped to a dresser and fingered a junior rodeo belt buckle. Once a prized possession, now just a piece of nostalgia. Still, he took a moment to polish it lightly against his shirt.
He noted that the ensuite, though dated, literally gleamed. He smiled thinking of the number of times he had jerked off while in that shower. Come to think of it, he doubted there was a single room or outbuilding in which he had not pleasured himself at one time or another. He had been a horny teenager. Now, there was always online porn or even Grinder, when times got desperate. Sometimes he just wanted to touch another man. Most often his right hand was the simplest solution. Through the years there had been a couple of men who had been interested in something more than casual sex and Jeff had certainly considered a long-term relationship. In the end, one or the other had reconsidered and Jeff went on alone. Currently, he did not think a partner, husband or long-term lover was a significant priority. He would like to have a family sure but right now he was more or less content. Well, content except for the fact he needed to piss.
When he came back into the bedroom, his old bed looked very inviting. Setting his alarm then pulling off his boots he sprawled on top of the covers and quickly fell asleep. Awaking to the alarm, he was at first disoriented. Darkness had filled the room and he fumbled somewhat as he reached for the bedside lamp. Once light flooded the room, his surroundings again became familiar. After retrieving his bags he thought about shaving but opted for just a shower. Hell, if he decided to let his beard grow while he was here, no one would care. After a long, hot shower Jeff dressed in boots, jeans and a button-down shirt and headed out to his Uncle’s.
At the door, he decided to knock. After all, it had been years since he had last visited and years before that he felt comfortable enough to just walk on in. The door was opened by a stranger. Jeff's mouth fell open as he stared at the man before him. He wasn't expecting to meet a stranger tonight. Besides that, he certainly wasn't prepared to meet the most attractive man he’d ever seen. There were those dreamy brown eyes that seemed to be lit up from within. Jeff had never been so drawn to someone else's eyes. Yeah, he always made eye contact. As a lawyer, it was a crucial skill to read your adversary by looking them in the eye. Even as a youngster he had been taught that it was respectful to look a man in the eye. All that eye contact was to take the measure of a man and to help him take yours. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to stare into those soft brown eyes until he couldn’t see anymore.
Noting Jeff's stunned expression, the man greeted him with, "I'm pretty sure you are at the right place." Jeff's attention was now focused on luscious, full lips that begged to be kissed. Those lips were speaking to him. "You probably weren't expecting me... I mean... uh, expecting me to answer the door. I mean it's not my door… I mean I have a door. Just not this one..." The man's fumbling speech made the situation slightly more awkward than did Jeff's gaping maw. "I...I am..." After a noticeable hesitation but now with conviction, the lips continued, "Paul Wilson, the local veterinarian... I am... I mean I'm not the only one... there are others... in the area. And you must be Jeffrey. I... It's such a pleasure to meet you." All the time he was saying this Paul was pumping Jeff's hand like he was priming a pump. Jeff had noticed but had recovered only enough to close his own mouth and check for drool with his left hand. All clear.
Paul, in the meantime, discovered he had been pumping Jeff's hand with exaggerated enthusiasm. He dropped it like it was red hot and actually checked his own hand to see if it had burn marks.
Jeff was shaken by the loss of contact. His focus came away from the lips enough so he could see the rest of the man’s face. His hair was a medium brown cut close in a military style. His clean-shaven face showed just a hint of stubble. Those lips were being teased by teeth that were toothpaste white with the incisors being just a bit longer than the rest. It occurred to Jeff that this guy might have a problem shaving that dimple set in the center of his firm chin. Maybe he would let Jeff give it a try sometime.
At the loss of contact, silence fell like a ton of bricks. Neither man knew what to say to dispel the electrical energy in the air. Both seemed content to simply gaze upon one another.
Joe, who had followed Paul to the door to make the introduction, had witnessed the exchange and realized the men were taken with each other. Gay or straight, anyone can tell when two people are attracted to each other. Joe was more than pleased with this particular turn of events. Trying to hide his grin he stepped up to the two men. The fact that they seemed oblivious to his presence only pleased him more. Loudly clearing his throat he said, "Come on in Jeff, I can see you have met your new neighbor. Paul, stop blushing and let the man come in. I swear you two are a pair."
Joe turned to lead the way down the hall. The movement brought the two out their dazed state enough for them to follow. Jeff, walking behind Paul, decided watching the man from behind was only slightly less pleasurable than the front view. Paul was about four to six inches shorter than Jeff's own six foot two. Close-cropped hair left a small patch of tanned skin before the collar of his blue buttoned down shirt. Jeff wanted to lick that spot while he... Jeff bit his bottom lip to keep from voicing his desire. He shifted his focus to the man's broad shoulders that tapered to a slim waist and his wranglers wrapped ass. That was a definite prize winner! That made Jeff think of bronc riding and how he would like to bounce around on that ass. Those thoughts got his cheeks to blushing and his cock to thumping. It was going to be a long night. Once in the kitchen, Jeff saw two more strangers; one, a man in his mid to late thirties! the other, a young girl, Jeff guessed to be between four and seven years old. His uncle introduced the man as Miguel Sanchez. He knew by the name that this was the ranch foreman his Uncle hired just after Jeff's last visit. He was also the man who brought modern technology to the ranch. Jeff assured Miguel he appreciated the effort behind bringing the ranch into the modern era. Miguel was clearly pleased by Jeff's remarks. Before a more lengthy conversation could develop Joe interrupted, “And this little princess is her highness, Maria Wilson. Princess, I have the honor of introducing to you Mr. Jeffrey Grant Adams, attorney at law."
Jeffrey squatted down, bowed slightly, smiled warmly at the pretty little girl. He took Maria’s hand, bringing it to his lips he said, “Your highness I am your most humble servant.”
Maria at first looked on in awe. Then screwing up her face in confusion, she looked up at her father and said, “But Daddy, he’s a cowboy.”
The room grew silent as each person tried to quell their laughter. “Well honey, you know, we can all be different things at different times. Look at me, I’m a cowboy and an animal doctor and a daddy.”
That seemed to satisfy Maria for the moment. Suddenly her brown eyes lit up just as her father's had on the front porch, “Are you going to be here for Christmas?” Without waiting for an answer she placed her hands on Jeff's shoulders and said in a somber voice, “I’ve been good. Santa brings toys to all the good boys and girls. Have you been good? He only comes once a year so you only get one chance. Have you been good?”
Jeff sat down on the floor because his knees were getting uncomfortable. Taking Maria’s hands in his, in his most serious voice he said, “I am certain that Santa knows you have been a good little princess. I try to be good all year long. But you know, sometimes it's hard. I think Santa finds the good in all of us because he looks for it. As long as we try to be good to each other Santa will see that as being good enough for Christmas.” Maria thought for a moment then solemnly nodded her head in agreement.
Soon everyone gathered around the kitchen table. Maria insisted she sit between her daddy and her servant. Dinner showcased some of Jeff's favorites; fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy, corn on the cobb and lightly sweetened ice tea. Pecan pie a la mode (made with pecans grown on the ranch) served with coffee rounded out the feast. A good portion of the dinner conversation focused on what a five-year-old princess wanted for Christmas. Most of the toys she spoke about so glowingly Jeff had never heard of. Maria recognized his lack of knowledge and very carefully explained that some of what she wanted were dolls, some were video games and some were “just for fun”.
She also enlightened him concerning kindergarten, more to the point that she was already reading and doing math at an advanced level but her daddy said she needed to go in order to “cerialize”. Paul was quick to gently correct her saying “socialize”.
Jeff had never really spent any time with children but he found Maria to be lots of fun, despite the fact he spent a lot of time stealing glances at her father. She surprised him with her mature conversation and delightful charm. It was clear she held very strong opinions regarding classroom etiquette. She did not, with very few exceptions, hold boys in very high regard. They both agreed that macaroni and cheese along with chicken tenders made a truly royal feast for a five (soon to be six) year old princess. Further, they agreed that all suppers should end with dessert. He noted that when she smiled her whole face lit up. Her laughter made Jeff think of fresh, clear water running in a babbling brook. It really was musical and he wanted to hear more of it. Without a doubt, Maria, with her sandy blonde hair and her father's dreamy brown eyes would someday be a real heartbreaker.
After dessert, everyone retired to the den except Miguel who made his excuses and left. He wanted to get with Jeff and his Uncle in the next couple of days and go over some new ideas concerning next year's budget.
As soon as Jeff sat down, Maria decided she would sit in his lap. Jeff wasn't sure how to even hold a five-year child. Despite her father's protests the princess made herself comfortable in Jeff's lap and soon fell asleep. When Paul tried to relieve him, Jeff refused to be relieved.
The adults engaged in muted conversation which revealed to Jeff that not only would Paul and the princess be attending the Christmas get together but that they would be spending all of Christmas Day at his Uncle's house. A prospect Jeff found to be very pleasing. Already he was mentally shopping on Amazon.
All too soon Paul began to take his leave. “I don't know why we didn't leave sooner. We never stay out this late, even when it's not a school night. The puppy has surely already had an accident.” Looking directly into Jeff's eyes he said, “I really don't why I stayed so long.” Paul and Jeff struggled together to get the still sleeping Maria into her coat.
Jeff had his own struggle with the tightness in his pants caused by the enticing aroma that was most definitely Paul. It was a lemony, woodsy scent that went straight to his cock. Jeff wondered if it actually came in a bottle or was some part of that Paul himself.
Saying their goodbyes Jeff and Paul headed out together. Jeff insisted on carrying Maria to the car. After she was belted into her booster seat Paul started the SUV then stepped out again to say goodnight to Jeff. This moment was just as awkward as their initial meeting. Jeff was standing with his hands in his jean's pockets while Paul shifted from one foot to the other. Finally, Jeff broke the silence, “I’d like to…” Before Jeff could utter another sound Paul reached up and locked both hands behind Jeff's neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Jeff's first instinct was to pull away but once the electric charge of Paul’s lips hit him all he wanted was more. His hands found their own way to Paul’s firm ass while his tongue asked permission to plunder his mouth. Breathing through his nose Jeff once more inhaled that intoxicating aroma of lemons and forest. The fragrance went right to his cock which insisted on rubbing itself against Paul’s own erection. This embrace could carry him through an eternity. All too soon Paul broke the kiss and stepped back.
With both men gasping for air, Paul only managed to stutter, “I, I, I don't know why I did that! I haven't done that in years! Y, Y, you shouldn't. Uh… you couldn't… I mean we can't… you know do that… I mean this…” His hands fluttered back and forth between them in an attempt to clarify his meaning.
Jeff, still not in control of his breathing, stepped closer to Paul and wrapped his arms around him, then quieted him with another scorching kiss. Paul moaned out his acquiescence and knotted his fists into Jeff's jacket. With Paul in his arms again things once more felt right. Just right! Once his cock found that delicious friction against Paul's; everything was perfect!
All too soon the same fists that were pulling him closer began pushing him away. "N, N, No! We. Can't. Do. This. It's not just me I have to think about. I can't be with anyone right now; probably never. Go back to Chicago or heaven or wherever you came from and leave us alone.” Before Jeff's brain could respond Paul was in his SUV and backing away. Paul had left him standing in the dark rubbing his fingers across swollen lips and trying to figure out what the hell went wrong. Jeff could only watch as his whole world drove off into the night.
Only when he couldn't stop shivering did he realize some time had passed since Paul left. The next thing he knew he was staring out the windshield at the light from Paul's house. Still not having parked the Tahoe he considered driving up there to confront Paul. What would he say? The fact was that he had never been so... so overwhelmed by a man. He didn't want to confront him. He wanted to pull him into his arms and just hold him. Kiss him. Make love to him until they were both sweaty, satisfied and breathless. But what did Paul want?
Jeff shut off the engine and got out of the Tahoe. Stepping up onto the porch, he took a long last look at the house in the distance then opened the door to loneliness.
As he crawled into bed, Jeff's mind tried to sort out his feelings. He was hung up on a guy he just met. None of the men in his life ever made him feel like this. These were totally new and powerful feelings. If he wasn't careful he could lose his head and a lot more. On the surface, Paul seemed like an honest straightforward kind of guy. A guy who was clearly more than a little interested in him. Yet he made it clear that he didn't want to get involved with Jeff. Paul's life was clearly focused on his daughter and his practice. Jeff could understand that a lawyer living in Chicago had no place in the lives of Paul and Maria Wilson. Maybe he could change that. He had to change that!
Jeff was a little embarrassed that Rosarita had to awaken him the next morning. He wasn't sure what time he fell asleep but it didn't seem like very long ago. Still, a couple of cups of good coffee set him right. He was looking forward to his first day home in three years. First, he would do some online shopping for his princess, Paul, and Rosarita. He smiled at the thought of 'his princess'. Christmas was now a week away and he had things to do.
Arriving at his Uncle's, in time to leave for church, Jeff was surprised to be greeted by the younger Wilson. Seems Aunt Mellie was actually the go-to babysitter and not the "occasional sitter" Uncle Joe had implied. Today, her father had been called on to oversee the birth of a foal which left Maria to attend church with Jeff's family. Again, Maria insisted on sitting on Jeff's lap refusing to attend her normal Sunday School class.
Jeff shared a Sunday dinner with the princess and sneakily verified the gifts he had ordered would be well received. She and Jeff spent the afternoon playing board games. She displayed incredible patience in teaching him the finer points of Candy Land and checkers and Jeff enjoyed himself thoroughly.
When Paul arrived to pick up his daughter he seemed less than pleased to see Jeff again. It was obvious he did not like the idea they had spent the afternoon together. Even if it was under the watchful eye of Aunt Mellie. For Jeff's part, he was really glad to see Paul again.
Jeff walked them out to Paul's SUV. Once Maria was buckled in and her door closed Jeff reached out, took him by the arm, saying, "Paul, I think we need to talk. I'd like to drop by after supper tonight and maybe we could sit down and discuss things over a cup of coffee or something."
Paul took a deep breath, glanced at Jeff's hand on his arm then looked down at his own boots, "I don't think there's much to discuss. In a week or two, you'll be back in Chicago and I'll still be that small town vet you met over Christmas. I don't do flings or casual... anything. I won't have Maria get to know you only to have to explain why you're suddenly not around. Quite frankly I don't think I could deal with the disappointment myself. So why don't we save ourselves the pain and just don't start something that is destined to end badly."
Jeff, still holding Paul's arm said, "You may be right. But what started last night is something I've never felt before. I don't want to let that get away without a fight. We deserve the chance to see if it could be something more than an overwhelming attraction. Let me come over tonight and at least discuss this like two grown men. What time does Maria normally go to bed?" After a slight pause, he quietly added, "Please."
Paul looked up into Jeff's eyes as if searching for some clue. Finally, maintaining eye contact he said, "I want some time to clear my head. Come over tomorrow night. She'll have had her bath and be in bed and hopefully asleep by 8:30. We can talk but we have to keep our voices low. You probably won't like what I have to say, but you have to promise not to raise your voice."
Jeff solemnly replied, "I promise to keep my voice down no matter how much I dislike what you say to me."
With that Paul removed Jeff's hand from his arm and as he turned said, " I guess I'll see you then." This time, as Jeff watched them drive away, he didn't feel like he had just lost his world, but he still didn't like it.
Jeff spent the rest of Sunday with his family. Aunt Mellie quizzed him concerning Paul and Maria until Uncle Joe told her to "drop it". Thankfully there were other matters to discuss. He and Uncle Joe drove down to the stables. His Uncle had long enjoyed an excellent reputation for breeding Quarter horses. Jeff couldn't believe how excited he got when he saw Trigger. The palomino stallion had been a gift for his 18th birthday. Pulling a small apple and a baggie of treats from his coat pocket Uncle Joe said, "Here, you two need to get reacquainted." Jeff approached the paddock fence and whistled sharply. Trigger's head snapped up and focused on the two men. A second whistle and the horse began running toward Jeff. Stopping just short of the fence, Trigger snorted and took in a deep breath. Tears came to Jeff's eyes as he fought the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. Three years, three years since he had last seen this magnificent beast that had been his best friend and only confidante. Jeff climbed the fence and fed him the apple. All the time talking softly about how long it had been and how much he had missed his old friend. Jeff spent the next hour grooming and talking to his friend.
On Monday, Jeff didn't know quite what to do with himself. He had taken Trigger for a ride, had lunch at his Uncle's house, and spent time with Maria. He left for home before Paul was due to pick up his daughter. Now, watching the clock seemed to just slow it down. He was afraid to drink for fear that Paul might notice and count that as another strike against him. He had been too nervous to eat much. Rosarita had worried that it was her cooking so Jeff tried to eat more. That was not working so he just flat out told her he was crazy about Paul but Paul didn't want to risk a relationship even though he was pretty sure Paul was equally crazy about him. And that he was convinced Paul was seeing him tonight cause Jeff had literally begged to see him and that Paul was going to give him the brush off. Like he had done some guys in the past; choose a public place where they were less likely to cause a scene. Only Paul was doing it in his home with a sleeping daughter as the deterrent to making a scene.
Rosarita tried to convince him he was overreacting. "Jeff, come sit down and let me put this in terms you might better relate to. You are serving time before your lawyer has even offered a defense. Answer me this; if Paul said ok to a relationship could you see yourself eventually moving back to the ranch for him and that sweet little Maria? Could you see yourself as a father to his daughter? What changes are you willing to make for this man you just met?"
Jeff was surprised to find he had been pacing the kitchen floor while spilling his heart out to Rosarita. He sat and listened to what she had to say. He should have been stymied by her questions instead he felt he was ready to do all that and more. "I don't have a problem with coming back to live on the ranch. In fact, I'm ready to give up my life in Chicago and move back here to be closer to my family. As far as being a father to my little princess, any man would be proud to have a daughter like her. I'm just afraid he is comfortable with his life and will be resistant to any changes, including me."
"Look, it's almost zero hour. Why don't you go brush your teeth and head on over there? He's probably as anxious as you are. In the meantime, I'll make a pitcher of my famous margaritas. If you strike out, we'll get drunk and make fun of all the ugly guys we can find on Grinder. If you get lucky, which I am betting on, you get your guy and I get all the margaritas. In either case, it's a win/win situation. At any rate, I will be staying the night to binge on Netflix. So, if not tonight I'll see you tomorrow." Then she stood and began clearing the table.
Jeff did go brush his teeth. He checked his look in the mirror. He was in clean jeans and a button down and the boots were the newest he owned. Just for luck, he switched his buckle out for his trophy buckle. He shrugged at the mirror and mumbled, "Eh, it couldn't hurt."
When he stepped up onto Paul's porch he was as nervous as a pup passin' peach pits. He rubbed his sweaty palms against his jeans and knocked lightly on the door.
Paul answered quickly like he had been waiting at the door. He was barefoot, dressed in Jeans and a tee shirt.The door opened directly into the living room. The furnishings were mismatched and obviously well worn. Paul motioned for Jeff to take a seat. Jeff chose one end of the lumpy sofa.
The sofa faced the flat screen tv, the only thing in the room that was obviously new. Paul took a seat in the armchair that had dollies covering the worn and frayed spots. For all it's shabbiness, the room was obviously clean.
Paul made a face that let Jeff know he didn't appreciate whatever judgment he had made concerning Paul's home. Jeff was embarrassed at being thought a snob.
"Look, I didn't come here tonight to judge your home. I am aware that you are building a new practice. I was fortunate enough to join an established firm just out of law school. I have friends who were not as lucky and I know what a struggle starting out on your on can be. Couple that with being a single parent and, to me, the obstacles seem insurmountable. So, if you think that I see your shabby but clean furnishings as a measure of the man you are, you couldn't be more wrong. I am awed by what you have accomplished and by the man you obviously are. When I consider what a great job you have done raising such a remarkable child. I am certain it would be too great a challenge for me on my own."
Paul stared in shock for a moment. Then his face melted into a small smile. "Well hell, that wasn't what I expected to hear. For a moment I looked forward to showing you the door after a few choice words regarding your superficial judgment and activities in which you could engage certain, normally not connected, parts of your anatomy. I apologize. I jumped to the wrong conclusion."
Recognizing his cue, Jeff began to present his case. "Paul, I want to understand your concerns about building a relationship with me. Believe me, I want a future for us; you, me and the princess. But before I can even hope for that, you have to tell me that you have those same feelings for me. Let me tell you that I have never felt for anyone what I feel for you. Saturday night, when you drove away I felt like my soul had been ripped to shreds. If I hadn't developed a serious chill I don't know how long I would have stood there staring into emptiness. Yesterday and today, spending time with Maria was the only thing that made these last couple of days bearable.
"Seeing you yesterday, I could tell that running into me was the last thing you wanted to do. I can't tell you how much that hurt. That's why I left today before you came to get Maria. I know that you're concerned about her getting too close to me and getting her heart broken once I go back to Chicago. But know this, Maria has become almost as important to me as her father. I would lose my life before I could bring any harm to such innocence. As far as Chicago goes, I intend to give notice as soon as possible. I will be coming home to the ranch to assist my Uncle until he retires then I'll take over. I may consider practicing law locally." After a slight pause, he continued, "That one I will have to think about. What I don't have to think about is how I feel about you and the princess. There is no question, I want you two in my life. If I have to, I will settle for friendship. But I intend to devote all my energy toward convincing you that we belong together. No matter how long it takes."
Paul moved over to the sofa and took Jeff's hands in his, "There are something's you need to know before I tell you how I feel. I knew I was gay since I was twelve. I told my parents and they threw me out. Lucky for me, my maternal grandfather took me in. He died when I was a senior in high school. He left me his house and enough money to make vet school a reality. My parents sued but failed to take what grandpa left me. I have neither seen nor heard from them since the trial. When I was in college I had one good friend, Maria's mother Sandy. Sandy knew I was gay but it didn't matter. One night, in our sophomore year we got really drunk and had sex. That was the night Maria was conceived. We talked about it and decided that we would marry. Sandy dropped out after our sophomore year with the understanding that she would go back to school after the baby was old enough for a sitter.
"Sandy had been raised by foster parents who encouraged her to go to college and helped her as much as they could. After she became pregnant they more or less withdrew from her life. Sandy was hurt but she was strong and determined. The baby meant a lot to both of us. We were devoted to bringing up our child in a loving environment. If that meant together that would be good but if one or both of us found someone we loved that would be ok too. The pregnancy went by in a blur. We found a three-bedroom house near campus that fit our budget. We spent all our spare time fixing it up."
"Everything looked good for the delivery. I was beside Sandy holding her hand. Just as Maria took her first breath Sandy suffered a ruptured artery and bled out. She died without even getting to hold her baby. The medical bills and funeral costs took a big chunk out of my inheritance. I dropped out of school for a year and concentrated on taking care of Maria. I knew I had to go back to school if we were to have any kind of future. I incurred massive debts through student loans and am just now beginning to see light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. I, that is we, have been on our own for a very long time. I don't know how to have a relationship. Let alone a relationship with a man. As for my feelings for you, well... overwhelming is a good start. I have never been so attracted to anyone I just met. If not for Maria, I am not sure I would have been able to resist you Saturday night. Even now, it is hard to keep myself from kissing you."
Paul's eyes searched his own for a reaction. Jeff didn't say anything. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Paul in an ever-tightening embrace. Soon his lips met Paul's and they seemed to melt into the kiss. Hunger surged through Jeff like never before. It threatened to consume him with desperation in his need for this man. Jeff broke the kiss and began nibbling along Paul's jawline murmuring "I need you. I need you. I can't leave you. I can't imagine my life without you in it. Please... say you need me too." Jeff was too desperate to feel embarrassed at his naked confession.
Paul took Jeff's face in his hands and moved him so he could look into his eyes. "I need you! But if you break our hearts we will hunt you down and hurt you. Do you understand?"
"I swear I will do everything I can to keep you both from harm. I don't ever want you to wander from my side so if I ever hurt you-you won't have to hunt me down I'll already be right beside you."
Paul again searched his eyes. Finally satisfied he nodded once and kissed Jeff quickly. "My bedroom has a lock but you still have to be quiet." Standing, he then offered his hand to Jeff in a clear invitation.
Instead, Jeff took the offered hand and pulled the smaller man onto his lap. Looking into his eyes he asked the question he wasn't sure he wanted to be answered, "Are you sure?"
When Paul finally nodded, Jeff let go the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Pulling Paul into a sweet kiss that melded into something hot and demanding. Without knowing quite how they managed it Jeff found himself watching Paul lock the bedroom door. Paul turned to Jeff without pretense and said, "Let me get you naked." Jeff was only too eager to assist, but Paul slapped his hands away. "You can do me if you want but this is something I've thought about since seeing you the first time. Seems like a lifetime ago."
Jeff let his hands drop for a moment as Paul unbuttoned his shirt. When Paul's fingers brushed against the hair on his naked chest he couldn't hold still any longer. In a flash, he was tossing Paul's tee shirt across the room. Thankful there was no belt to slow him down he unbuttoned the jeans and tugged the zipper down.
Paul was wrestling to get Jeff's shirt off. At last, realizing neither was making way fast enough they cooperated on Jeff's shirt. Once the shirt was at his feet, Jeff returned to the zipper. When he saw that Paul was going commando he dropped to his knees. Ignoring Paul's whine of frustration he used both hands to pull the jeans down below the knees. What greeted him was a cock no less impressive than his own. It was easily seven inches of uncut beauty. Jeff swallowed his anticipation, looked up at Paul and softly said, "It's beautiful." In the soft light of the single lamp, he watched as Paul's face glowed with embarrassment. Jeff turned his attention to the man's cock. Having almost no gag reflex, Jeff took Paul deep into his throat on the first lunge. Paul's moan was stifled by biting his own hand. Jeff increased his sucking rhythm while playing with the man's balls. He slid his hand behind the balls to press and stroke his perineum. When his finger moved across his rosebud Paul grabbed Jeff's hair with both hands and pulled him away. Gasping for air, he almost shouted, "Stop!" Then remembering to speak softly, he firmly stated, "I don't want to cum until you are inside me." Realizing what he had just confessed, crimson again spread across his cheeks.
Jeff chuckled softly, "Sounds good to me." Rising to his feet he pulled Paul into his arms and resumed what was becoming his favorite thing; kissing Paul. Even as they kissed, Paul was stomping out of his jeans. "Eager much?" Jeff mumbled into Paul's lips.
Once Paul was naked Jeff removed the rest of his clothes while Paul retrieved a small locked tackle box from the closet shelf. Taking a keyring from his discarded jeans Paul unlocked the box and pulled out a string of condoms along with a half-full bottle of lube. Jeff wondered what else he kept in that box but didn't want to appear too nosey. Paul returned the box to the shelf. When he finally turned toward Jeff his jaw dropped in surprise. Jeff was all too familiar with the hesitation that seemed to engulf Paul. "I know it might be a little bit intimidating but I'll be gentle. We won't do anything you don't like. If you say no or stop, I will, I swear."
Paul didn't respond right away. When he did it was simply by nodding never moving his eyes from Jeff's massive appendage. Eventually, Paul moved to the nightstand and staged the condoms and lube. Jeff was unsure where they stood. He didn't want to spook Paul by being too aggressive, so he waited. Paul seemed to sense his hesitation. He came to Jeff and began stroking his formidable tool. "That's some cock you've got there Mister. It's going to take some work to get me ready for that. Are you up for some hard work?" This he emphasized by firmly gripping Jeff's balls.
Jeff responded by guiding Paul to the bed then picking him up in a bridal carry gently laid him on the bed. Rolling him onto his belly Jeff directed, "On your knees." Paul turned his head to look into Jeff's eyes. "Trust me I will never hurt you. I will stop if you ask me to." Paul nodded once and turned his face into the pillow. Slowly he raised his ass into the air offering himself to Jeff. Jeff wanted to remember this moment forever, his lover offering himself completely without reservation. Jeff felt truly humbled for the first time in a long time.
Slowly he began to stroke Paul's back like he was calming a young colt. Soon he moved onto the bed between Paul's legs. Now he stroked him with both hands moving from his shoulders to his muscular ass. Framing that tight little hole he leaned in and blew out a warm breath and watched it clinch. Paul moaned softly. When Jeff moved in and licked that rosebud, Paul's whole body shuddered at the new sensation. Jeff smirked at Paul's response. He was familiar with those feelings and the shock that something so 'nasty' could feel so good. "Did you like it?" He knew Paul was almost too embarrassed to admit he liked it. Jeff just licked again the used tip of his tongue to probe for entry. Paul moaned the whole time he was being tortured by Jeff's tongue. "Did you like it? Answer me if you want more, otherwise, I stop."
Paul raised his head from the pillow and mumbled,"Yes, damn it! You almost made me cum... I've never... I mean I saw some porn but... wow! It felt fantastic!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean. It feels so damn good and lucky you I like doing it... for you." Jeff then resumed his spit-slicked assault on Paul's beautiful ass. Before long Jeff's tongue was working its way in and out while Paul moaned and writhed, held in place only by Jeff's firm grip.
When Jeff worked a spit-slicked finger in to touch Paul's prostate, Paul came up on his hands and knees and ground his ass on Jeff's hand begging for more. Jeff squirted a generous amount of lube on his fingers and Paul's asshole. Stroking Paul's cock with his free hand to distract him while two fingers now began to move in and out to stretch his sphincter muscle.
Paul began to moan louder and work his ass rhythmically against the intruders. When a third finger joined the others, his only complaint was a low hiss as he sucked air between his gritted teeth. Jeff kept applying lube while working to stretch the eager hole. He was just as eager, desperate, in fact, to become one with his lover. More than his desire was the very real need to protect "his" Paul from any harm. When his fourth finger gained entry he knew they could couple without serious harm to his lover. When he withdrew his fingers to dawn the condom he found a disgruntled Paul looking over his shoulder at him. "Roll over on your back. I want to watch your face and look into your dreamy eyes while I make love to you." Paul smiled then came into Jeff's arms and kissed him deeply. Lying back he stroked his cock as he watched Jeff lube his own condom cover cock. Jeff still took his time, using his fingers again to loosen and lube Paul's ass.
Paul said,"I can't wait much longer fuck me now or I'm gonna cum without you. I have never been so ready." Between gritted he begged, "Fuck me now please!"
Jeff was ready to comply. He pushed a pillow underneath him in order to elevate Paul's ass. He watched as Paul gripped his legs behind the knees and pulled them to his chest. Pressing forward he felt the head overcome the resistance and pop into that hot tight little hole. In that instance, both men took a sharp intake of breath. Carefully watching Paul's face for any sign of pain Jeff eased forward. He reached for Paul's cock to distract him as he continued to penetrate his lover. He was pleased that Paul's cock was still rock hard. He started to stroke as he pushed further inside but Paul grabbed his hand and said, "Stop!"
Afraid he had hurt him, Jeff froze. "Did I hurt you?" Paul, still gasping for breath said, "God no! If you touch my dick again, I'm gonna cum."
Jeff breathed a sigh of relief moved his cock in a little deeper, then began to withdraw a little only to push in a little more each time.
He had to stop from time to time and grip the base of his cock hard in order to keep himself from cumming. He had chewed on his lower lip until he was sure he tasted blood. All this time Paul stared into his eyes. It was like they shared emotions he would be too embarrassed to speak about out loud. Eventually, he felt it! He was balls deep inside Paul! "You've got all of me, babe, are you ok?" Jeff wasn't sure where 'babe' came from, he was not one for terms of endearment.
Rocking a little just to keep up the motion, Jeff waited for Paul to say something. Paul reached up and pulled Jeff down for a tongue-wrestling kiss. Even as the kiss continued Paul's ass began an undulating rhythm. Jeff began humping and before long raised himself up in order to slam again and again into his lover. Paul ran his fingers through Jeff's chest hair. As his fingertips caressed Jeff's nipples the moan he elicited made him pinch them. As the moan increased he pinched them that much harder. Jeff was frantically pounding into Paul's ass, barely conscious enough to begin lightly pinching Paul's nipples. Paul's reaction was to ejaculate, hands-free, covering his own neck and chest. Cuming made his asshole spasm around Jeff's cock and that was enough to set Jeff off. Once they had cum they were both wheezing like locomotives, neither could talk. Carefully Jeff withdrew and disposed of the condom in a bedside trash can. He pulled the pillow from under Paul's ass, grinning at the pouty look he got. Jeff lay down beside his lover and took his hand. They lay silent for several minutes before Paul got up to wipe away his cum with the discarded tee shirt. Jeff watched him for a minute then finally spoke, "Should I leave? I don't want to cause any problems for you with Maria."
"Do you want to leave?" The question hung in the air for a long moment. Finally, Jeff answered, "No." After a short pause, he added, "Never."
Paul looked at him strangely for a moment, then nodded. Jeff was beginning to realize that nodding was a strong affirmation coming from Paul. He liked that about the man; his man. Still standing, Paul motioned for Jeff to get up.
Once on his feet, Paul turned back the covers and said, "I don't even know if you snore or if you hog the covers but I guess I'll find out. Do you have a preferred side of the bed?"
As he shook his head, Jeff's grin was so big it threatened to split his face. This meant that he would sleep with his man, wake up with him, and most likely have breakfast with his man and his princess. After Paul turned the lamp off, Jeff pulled him into his arms in a spoon and kissed that spot on the back of his neck that was just below the hairline. Paul snuggled in closer and released a sigh of contentment.
Jeff realized that maybe Rosarita was right, 'Christmas was a magical time of year'. All Jeff knew for sure was that he was 'almost' deliriously happy. What's more, he looked forward to some serious changes.
Jeff's reverie was suddenly interrupted by Paul grabbing his rock hard cock and shyly stating, "I'm ready for round two. I think you are too.?"
Jeff had been wrong he wasn't 'almost deliriously happy'. He WAS deliriously happy!


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Wow! A lot of ground covered in one chapter! I like these characters, but things are going pretty smoothly for a gay romance. I imagine drama and trauma to follow. I am on to chapter two to see what's next. Thanks for a good start. Jeff

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On 02/24/2017 11:09 AM, JeffreyL said:

Wow! A lot of ground covered in one chapter! I like these characters, but things are going pretty smoothly for a gay romance. I imagine drama and trauma to follow. I am on to chapter two to see what's next. Thanks for a good start. Jeff

Thank you Jeff for taking the time to review my story. Of course the path of true love never runs straight. (Really bad pun, sorry) There will be challenges ahead.


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I loved both of the earlier stories and this one certainly started out with all the heart and appeal that they both possessed... Can't wait to see where you go next...

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On 02/25/2017 03:08 PM, centexhairysub said:

I loved both of the earlier stories and this one certainly started out with all the heart and appeal that they both possessed... Can't wait to see where you go next...

Thanks so much for reviewing my story. I hope you are as pleased with it as it unfolds.


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On 02/26/2017 04:10 AM, Parker Owens said:

One single chapter, and a long, lovely hot ride. You write live at first sight really well.

This chapter started out to be "the" story. You can see how that went.

Thanks for taking your time to review.


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Wow, that was like a whole ten-chapter romance story in one go. At least Paul and Jeff are on the same page with how they feel and what they want.

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 Really great well done there's a problem towards the beginning when he first meets Paul I don't know if the text is been corrupted in someway my want to check on that might want to check on that 

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On 12/30/2017 at 10:00 AM, Danger18 said:

 Really great well done there's a problem towards the beginning when he first meets Paul I don't know if the text is been corrupted in someway my want to check on that might want to check on that 

Thanks, I just discovered "Grammarly" and went back to re-edit and I guess I messed it up. I think it is fixed now.

Thanks again,


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Fantastic, loved it. Have to sleep, on shift in a few hours , but want to read on, no fair 😁😁 thanks again for,sharing the story with us 

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You have said that this story started out as a 'one chapter', well that chapter is one of the most interesting 'oners' I have ever read. The description of the sexual liaison is somewhat pornographic, yes. But it fits in so well with the responses, the attitudes of the two men, that it is a requirement that it be so. It is beautifully handled. I do see the results of Grammarly in that there are still homophones in the writing, however. I know that by the time an author gets to the publishing stage he is so tired of the work that his eye skips over errors that are apparent to another reader -- that is the reason for an author to use at least an editor and perhaps even a beta reader along the way. In this chapter, however, I can forgive the errors because the imagery, the pictures you form in the mind's eye, are so beautiful.

     When Paul and Jeff first meet you mention that Paul is barefoot; In the first section when Jeff is admiring himself in the mirror, you mention that he is 'uncut'. I am of the opinion that the tip of an acorn peeking out of a turtle neck is the way God meant man to look. And as they are stripping one another before hopping into bed together, you tell us that Paul was going 'commando', all these details and images are the spice of your story. They fill out the corners beautifully.

     You also describe Paul's 'lemony, woodsy scent'. Here, I have a very personal problem. As a victim of childhood sinus infections, I have a very limited sense of smell. It is similar to the inability of a color-blind person to appreciate the different shades of red in a sunset. Oh, sure, I can smell a skunk, but to tell the difference between one lover and another by the odor of his hair remaining on the pillow is beyond my capabilities. I am deeply envious of someone who can do so. All my adult life this problem has taken the last layer of pleasure, the frosting, off my relationships. I wish I knew the brand name of the aftershave that Paul uses, I would buy a case of it just to be sure that I always smelled that way.

     All in all, this is a beautiful beginning to a relationship between two men and I am anticipating with pleasure my further reading.


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23 minutes ago, DAB said:

I am put off by you politicizing this story. It is nothing more than dividing.  You could have written a love story without your political beliefs. Religion and politics are the best way to offend anyone, including me. I decided that it is still a free country even though the Democrats are trying their best to end that!  I will never read anything you ever write again. I am as viable, human, loving, caring as anyone. You must agree with the radical due to all your negative references to being Christian, Republican or in favor of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STTES OF AMERICA. Open boarders and abortions til birth are just wrong. You have no empathy. You are definitely a member of the FAKE CNN lovers club.  Everything they say I’d a lie.  It is a proven fact. You are so aligned to the left, you can’t see the truth. I pray that justice will be done and EVERYBODY involved in the coup is sentenced to long terms in jail if not just executed for TREASON. CROOKED HILLARY needs to be locked up and the keys thrown away. Your stories need to be listed under undivided hate. That’s exactly what you bring out. Their is no room in your would for anyone who does not believe in how you believe. God have mercy on you!  

I read the whole thing thinking there was some room for debate. I was wrong. I don’t know whether to laugh at your absurdities or cry at your ignorance. I swallowed the same propaganda concerning religion, politics, and sexual orientation. I regurgitated that years ago. 
As for abortion, I was raised in extreme poverty in a loving family. The people who oppose abortion scream about support for welfare and education.  I adopted and two special needs children and raised them to adulthood along with my three “natural” sons. I received no assistance from anyone. I am not patting myself on the back, I am stating facts. It was not easy. I believe anyone opposing should adopt.

It does not make sense to me that people rally in opposition to abortion and in the same breath oppose any taxation that might ease the financial burden of rearing a child. 

Religion... made a friend while under suicide watch who said, “They put me on medication because I heard voices and talked to imaginary friends. Now, they say that I can talk to their imaginary friend and no will think I need medication. It’s kinda hard to be normal. I feel safer in here”

I believe that trump is on a path that will destroy the representative form of government our founding fathers set up.

(They weren’t too fond of religion either.) They had less faith in the wisdom of the unwashed masses.)

if you found an inaccuracy, don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. If you simply disagree with my observations perhaps you should ask yourself, “Could I/we be wrong?” That would require analytical thinking and it is obvious that your beliefs don’t allow logic to get a foothold. 
WOW! Is there any right wing propaganda you have not espoused.

i am old an won’t likely see the oppression that is already evolving under trump. Do me a favor remember this exchange 20 years from now and remember...”Na, Na, Na, Na, Told you so!”


You not reading my stories affects/effects  me how? You really aren’t very bright, are you? 
As a parting shot “God have mercy on you.” Was a gutsy move. Aren’t you afraid of telling your imaginary friend what to do? I mean he is OMNIPOTENT, isn’t he?



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Wow! I have fell in love with this story, just like I did with most all of the characters. And Maria would charm anyone. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks again for the great story! 

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Thanks for commenting. I am glad you enjoy me work. I hope you continue to enjoy it as it develops. 


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No idea what DAB was talking about it his rant above... I didn't see reference to anything he describes in the chapter? In any case, here we are almost 2 years later, and things are coming full circle. 😄

Good start to the story. I've read it before, but am here again. Personally I think events are a bit rushed, but that's IMO 😉

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Wow! What a chapter! Big changes afoot for Jeff which he had in no way anticipated. Look forward to seeing where you take the story.

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Posted (edited)

This is a great start to a story.  I like that the initial falling in love is not stretched out for several chapters, although I like slow burn stories also.  Looking forward to these two men getting to know each other and face new challenges.


Edited by raven1
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On 3/6/2022 at 12:22 AM, raven1 said:

This is a great start to a story.  I like that the initial falling in love is not stretched out for several chapters, although I like slow burn stories also.  Looking forward to these two men getting to know each other and face new challenges.


I believe in lust at first sight more than I believe in love at first sight. But attractions can be instantaneous. That rule about one has 30 seconds to make a good first impression, in my experience I think we have less than 5 seconds once you approach someone's personal space to be evaluated by our fight, flight, or fuck lizard brain.


Thanks for this and all your future comments.


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