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The Old World is gone. In its place is the hellscape, where demons prey upon the living. The Chantry and the Scarlet Church are at war and the number of possessions are rising. The Scarlet Church has something nasty planned to turn the tides of war and it's up to the Stray Dogs, an unlikely band made of convicts, a healer, and a young practitioner who has secrets of his own to stop them.

Copyright © 2018 ValentineDavis21; All Rights Reserved.

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For those of you who have been following this story I have changed the story from Demonscape to Hellscape. Apparently someone is in the process of making an RPG called Demonscape (a title I thought was original and had been thought of only by myself) so I changed it. I have also edited te first three chapters and prologue so it is referred to as to hellscape instead of demonscape.

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Update: I have Chapter 21 done and have just started on Chapter 22. I would like to get another chapter or two done before I post Chapter 21 so please be patient and thanks for following Hellscape. What does everyone think of the story so far? Thoughts anyone?

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