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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 1,905 Words

The Covids - 4. Bikes and Brothers

Christine is into bikes.

Meet Kevin's older brother - Jason

See the first of Christine's cartoons.

He threw one leg over the Harley, put his foot lightly to the ground and stood over the machine. Christine’s view from the rear was of his leather clad butt just inches above the saddle. As he lowered himself to sit, Christine noticed the leather fit him so tightly that it seemed like a second skin.

He raised his gloved hand above his head and waved it forward indicating that it was Christine’s turn to mount. Christine put her left foot on the passenger stirrup and lifted her right leg over the beast. She settled gently onto the saddle and put her hands on his hips. The leather was so soft to the touch that Christine for a moment felt that she was caressing his bare skin.

He raised his right leg, placed it on the cranking peddle and with one quick move had the engine roar into a throbbing beat. After the initial roar, the engine settled into a soft but throaty purr. Christine could feel the vibrations pulsing through her body. As he said to Christine “Hold on tight.” She moved her hands forward from his narrow hips, put both hands around his waist and pulled herself forward till there was nothing more than two layers a leather between them. She buried her face into his neck and took in the full aroma of her man.

He then hit the throttle and they sped off down the road. Christine was enjoying the contrast of the fresh wind blowing through her hair and the warmth from her biker man’s body.

After about an hour on the freeway the Harley took the exit ramp and headed down a narrow country road sliced through a pine forest. The trees were tall, thick and flared at the top. They rode on through the pine forest and the warm humid day meant the smell of pine hung heavily in the air.

Twenty minutes later they pulled off the road and dismounted. They walked hand in hand through the thick dark forest. The ground was so thickly covered in pine needles that not a single blade of grass had been able to force its way through the plush brown carpet. They stopped and turned to face each other, and as Christine noticed his leather jacket had a diagonal zip he reached to the tag near his right shoulder and slowly pulled the zipper till he reached his left hip and the jacket fell open. He took Christine’s hand and put it inside his jacket. Christine’s hand touched his almost bare chest and she felt a tingle as she ran her fingers through his chest hair. Christine liked a real man with hair on his chest, not the pre-pubescent looking, shaved or buffed men that filled the pages of women’s magazines.

After they rested for a while, then it was back onto the Harley and a short ride down the road. Just before sundown they arrived at their lakeside cabin. They showered together, washing off the grime of the road and the smell of the pine needles on which they had been lying earlier. As the warm water cascaded down their bodies they looked into each other’s eyes and Christine realised how lucky she was to have found her man. She could resist no longer and said “I love you.”

“I love you too, now let me show you how much.” he replied as he went down on his knees and Christine leaned back against steamed glass.

A knock on the door startled Christine and she struggled with the force that tried to drag her back to consciousness and her desire to stay asleep.

“Are you awake, Mum’s got breakfast ready?”

“Yes Kevin, I’m awake. Thanks for nothing, now I’ll never find out who he was.”

“You’re welcome Sis…. Hey what did you say?”

There was no reply.


Just after breakfast Jenny received a call from her elder son Jason. “Hi Mum, how’s everyone at number 46, are you all coping with the restrictions on movement?”

“Yes, we’re doing OK, everybody except me is working from home and I’m just, ‘at home’. It’s actually a bit lonely during the day; there is only so much cleaning I can do in one day”.

“That’s sort of why I’m calling. I want to come over today, maybe at lunch time?”

“Oh that would be lovely son, I miss you and I’ll look forward to it, but can we make it a late lunch about 1.30, I have some shopping and other chores to do this morning.

“That’s fine Mum.”

“Jason, are you sure you’re allowed to travel with all these restrictions?”

“I think I have a legitimate reason. Remember you are allowed to go shopping for essential items and you are allowed out for exercise. So, now that I’m not working since the bars and clubs closed and I can’t go to the gym either, then I need my old gym gear from the garage. I think that’s a good reason.”

“You’re right, you need to stay in shape with your job and be fit for when you can return to work. See you later, son.”

“Bye Mum.”

Jason worked as a topless waiter in a city bar and also as a stripper in clubs and sometimes at private parties. In his school days he had taken up gymnastics as a sport and when he gave up competitions after leaving school he maintained his body building training.

Jenny and Christine set off on their morning out with their trainee chauffer at the wheel. Firstly they dropped Christine at the surgery and then when on to the market. As well as restocking with fresh produce, Jenny also wanted to get something special for lunch with Jason. His partner Colleen, a nurse at St. Vincent’s hospital, was working long hours due to the pressure on all medical facilities caused by the current epidemic. Jenny assumed that Jason might not be eating properly when left to prepare his own meals so she wanted to feed him up when she had the chance.

On the drive home, Kevin asked “What’s musclehead coming over for?”

“That’s an unkind way to talk about your brother.” Said Jenny

“Oh, sometimes I just get sick of him showing off his body and walking around in over-tight T shirts.”

“You’re just jealous,” replied Christine, “You could do with a bit more body work yourself. That’s why he left his gym gear in the garage for you, but I’ll bet you haven’t even touched it, have you?”

“Ballet keeps me fit, I don’t need bulging muscles.”

“Oh I’ve seen your bulge when you’re in tights.”

“Stop distracting your brother Christine; and Kevin, you concentrate on the road and the traffic around you.”

“Sure Mum, just keep her quiet, will you.”

“Anyway the gym equipment, used or not, will no longer be an issue. Jason’s coming over today to collect it, now that the gyms are closed.”

“Good!” grumped Kevin.

“Can you get the door please Kevin?” asked Jenny “It’s probably your brother.”

“He’s got his own key, why can’t he let himself in?”

“He doesn’t live here anymore, he’s just being polite, you could learn a lesson from that.”

“OK, I’ll let the big tease in.”

Kevin opened the door and greeted his brother, “Oh, it is you.”

“Nice to see you too.”

As they walked down the hall Kevin needled Jason. “Nothing to do; no call for your services these days?”

“You know the pubs and clubs are closed, so I can’t work.”

“You call that work, naked to the waist by day and naked from the waist by night.”

“Kev, I know you don’t like what I do, but it pays good money and is honest work. Mum and Dad accept what I do so why do you have such a problem with it?”

“Wiggling your arse in public for drunken women or those gay boys in Oxford St. are you sure you’re not one of them?”

“And I suppose prancing around in tights and protectoris any better.”

“That’s different, it’s art, a classic form of dance and expression.”

“Whatever! besides I didn’t come here to see you. I came to see Mum, where is she?”

“In the kitchen preparing lunch for the favourite son.”

“Oh leave it, will ya Kevin.”

As they entered the kitchen Jason kissed his mother and gave her a big hug. “Lovely to see you son, have you been eating well, you look like you’re losing weight?”

“Yes Mum, I’m eating well. Are Dad and Chris home?”

“Yes they’re both here and we’ll all have lunch together.”

“Including Mr. Grumpy over there.”

“Oh don’t you two start sniping at each other, I’ve had enough of Chris and Kevin going at it all morning.”

“What’s wrong with him Mum?.... I mean apart from his usual bad attitude.”

“He’s been bullied at school.”


“Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

Then looking at Kevin, Jason asked “Well?”

Kevin replied “Oh not you too; are you so thick you can’t see it, you have the same name.”

“What, you’re all shirty because our name is Covid. Get over it Kev.”

“It’s all right for you; you probably don’t even use your real name in your job. What do you call yourself, something like Horse or Thunder Buns? No, I’ve got the perfect name Tragic Mike.

Over dinner that evening Daniel did his usual round of the table, asking each family member how their day was. Jenny gushed about having Jason over for lunch and Kevin bitched about having Jason over for lunch. Daniel let that slide by as he knew well about the conflict between the two brothers and did not want to inflame the situation any longer. He let Kevin have his say and moved on without comment.

“Chris, what are you up to? Are you going to write a story about us?”

“Not yet Dad, but I do need you opinion on something else I’ve been working on today, and you too Mum. Kevin, you can keep your opinion to yourself.”

“Well, I get the message. If I’m not wanted here, I’ll be off to my room where I’ll be better appreciated.”

“Self-praise is really no praise at all Kevin. You do know that don’t you?”

“Thank you for your sage advice but I do have friends you know. Good night Mum and Dad.”

As Kevin left, Jenny started to rise from her chair. “No love, leave him alone to work it out himself, and you young woman, there was no need to stir him up, you know how difficult he’s been lately.”

“Sorry Dad, but this project of mine is important to me and I didn’t want to listen to any of his criticisms when I show you.”

“I might be critical of it.”

“That’s fine if you are, at least I know yours will be genuine.”

“So what is it you’re working on?”

“As part of our journalism course we have to study political satire. As well as analysing examples from the papers and TV, we also have to create something of our own. I’m not a good artist so I have done something a little different and I want your honest opinion before I hand it for assessment.”

“Love to, how about you get it while we clear the table, because it doesn’t look like Kevin’s going to help tonight.”

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Another great chapter. So we meet the older son, who doesn't get on well with his brother. We get to see Christine's project.

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