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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 2,065 Words

The Covids - 33. Down to Business

Jason lay down beside Colleen, turned towards her, elbow on his pillow, head on his hand and gazed at the woman he loved so much.

“Are you just going to look?” she asked.

“No, I’ll get down to business in a moment but before that, I’ve got some good news to tell you.”

“Great, I could use some good news after such a shitty week at work.”

Jason explained his plan to Colleen and she was thrilled with the idea, except for one matter.

Simon, Jason’s boss at the hotel, was keen to do something for his staff to make up for the lack of shifts he was able to offer them because of Corona restrictions. He owned a holiday house in the Central Coast lakes district that was rarely used and he decided to give each of his staff members use of the house. Colleen was sure she could get some time off but was worried about leaving Beryl on her own.

“Dad can check on her each day. She’ll be fine and you know how independent she likes to be. She’ll think she’s in control; it will do wonders for her.” said Jason.

“Ok, but are you sure she will like your dad checking up on her, given the situation between them at present.”

“It doesn’t really have to be Dad; Mum can do it or even Chris, just so long as there’s a daily check on her.”

“I’m in, just check with Simon what days his place is available and I’ll get some days off. They owe me, after all the extra shifts I’ve worked the last few months.”

“Simon said we can have the place for a whole week, if we want.”

“Jason, we can’t leave you Gran for a whole week, especially given that she may have been exposed to the virus. I’ll go away for two days and only if Beryl shows no symptoms before we go.”

“All right, if you insist, but it hardly seems worth it for two days only.”

“I’m sorry Jason but that’s how it has to be. After all we are living here expressly to look after Beryl and this week will be the dangerous time for her if she has been exposed.”

“OK we’ll talk to Mum and Dad tomorrow.”

“Now, about getting down to business, as you put it.”


The following day Jason rang his father to tell him of their plans to have a few days away and Colleen spoke to Daniel s as well.

“Dan, I want you to make sure she is checked on every day, she is at a very vulnerable stage.”

“What do you mean a vulnerable stage?”

“Oh, I meant a vulnerable age. You know this virus is much more dangerous for the elderly.”

“Of course and we will check on her at least daily, if not more often.”

“Good and call me if you have the slightest worry about her or notice any change in her condition.”

“Is there likely to be Colleen?”

“Just an abundance of caution Dan, I will worry about her while I’m away.”

“I know you will and I want you to know how much the whole family appreciates what you do for Mum.”

“We’re all family Dan, that’s what we do.”

“Now you two have a great time and don’t worry about things here, we’ll manage.”


Friday was sports day at school, and on that day everybody had to wear their track suits in the school colours, regardless of whether or not they were playing sport. Kevin and a few other boys who chose not to play sports were not permitted free time but had to choose between two other activities. They could have unsupervised study time or help with the sports equipment. Those that chose to study were known as ‘swots’, while those that chose to help with the sports equipment were know as ‘slaves’ because they had to carry the sports gear to and from the field, serve drinks at half time and then return, store and account for all the equipment.

Kevin usually opted for study time but occasionally would do the ‘slave thing’, as he called it. It wasn’t all bad though. The sports storage was at one end of the locker room, the showers at the other end. Kevin had found that while appearing to busying himself with sorting the gear he also had a good view of the changing area and the showers.

Today was the last sports day of the year for the senior classes, as exams started the following week. There were no sports for year 12 during exams and then they would be finished at school forever. After he delivered the gear to the sports field he had about 30 minutes before he had to do his drinks run so he went back to the sports store to do a bit of tidying. When he got back he found a year 12 jock named Efron in the locker room. Kevin only knew Efron in passing as they were in different classes, but had regarded him as friendly and had never been hassled by him.

Kevin asked. “How come you’re not playing today, it’s the final game for the year, isn’t that important to you?”

“I’ve got a bunged up knee from last week and the coach won’t let me play.”

“Too bad, so what are you doing here, instead of watching the game?”

“Well, I’m glad you asked that, because I’ve been sent on a mission by my team.”

“And what is your mission?”

“The guys have this theory that you guys who don’t play sport are all gay.”

“Interesting theory, and how would you go about proving this theory?”

“With this.” he answered as he dropped his track pants and displayed the longest penis Kevin had ever seen.”

As Kevin stared, almost in disbelief, Efron said “I see you looking at mine, so that’s one tick for you.”

“Well, it is impressive, I have to admit.”

“Ah, that ticks box number two.”

“So what’s this box ticking?”

“It’s a checklist to determine if you are gay. So far you’re doing well.”

“And how many ticks do I need to prove your theory?”

“It’s a six part test called the SWEATS test.”

“All right, I’m intrigued, what’s the sweats test entail?”

“S is for sight. You looked so you passed that. W is for wonder. You said you were impressed, so you passed that.”

“I see, now what does is E stand for?”

“Drop your trackies and I’ll check.” Kevin did as requested. “Another tick because you’re excited I can see. Now pull ’em up.”

“So, I’m half way there, can’t wait to hear what A stands for.”

“This” Efron replied as he slapped his erection on the edge of the wash basin so loudly the thud startled Kevin. “Now wash it and you will have passed that test, because A is for paying it attention.”

Kevin wasn’t sure if he was intrigued, blindly following orders or really wanted to pass the test, so he did as requested. “Now what’s next?” he asked excitedly.

“Oh you’re just gunna love this one. This is the taste test. But you’ll have to get on your knees for this part.”

Kevin didn’t need any further instructions he knew what to do from here. When the act was completed and Efron withdrew his penis, he said to Kevin. “I know you can’t speak with your mouthfull so we’ll go straight to S for swallow.”

Kevin rose from his kneeling position, looked Efron in the eyes and earned his final tick.

“Well done Kevin, you passed with flying colours.”

“So now what? Do I get a prize, do you broadcast it to your mates or even the whole school? What happens to me? Will you be the big man among your friends? You know Efron, I used to think you were one of the better jocks among that motley bunch. You’ve never before bullied or humiliated me like the others. Have you been saving this up to end the year with a big bang. I’ll bet you haven’t even got a leg injury, that’s just an excuse to be alone with me.”

“Have you finished your rant?”

“No, I haven’t, but I’ve got to go now and hand out the drinks, it’s nearly half time.”

Kevin went out to the field to do his duty and was planning to stay and watch the second half of the game, so he wouldn’t have to go back for further humiliation. He gathered up the drink bottles and sat down just as the whistle blew for the second half of the game. He convinced himself that he should stay and watch Steve play his last ever school game. But five minutes into play his blood started to boil again and he couldn’t concentrate on the game, so he returned to the locker room ready to face his tormentor and give him a further blast.

As Kevin threw the empty bottles in the corner of the sports store he looked around for Efron. When he couldn’t find Efron, he assumed he had gone to watch the game. Then he heard a noise from behind the shelves and as he went around he saw Efron on his knees. “What are you doing down there, hiding; ashamed of what you’ve done. But I doubt that anyway, I’ll bet you thoroughly enjoyed it all and can’t wait to tell your mates. I really misjudged you Efron, when I thought you were better than the rest. You’re the worst of those homophobic jocks.”

“Now have you finished?”

“Yes, I can’t think of any more ways to curse you. I just hate you so much. If it had been any of the others, I might not be so disappointed, but you I trusted.”

“Now can I answer your question?”

“What was that?”

“You asked, what am I doing here.”


“I want to reciprocate.”


“I want to do for you, what you did for me.”

“Is this some kind of sick fucked up joke Efron; part of the test?”

Efron rose to his feet, ushered Kevin to the benches, sat down and patted the bench beside him. Kevin sat down beside Efron and waited for an explanation.

“Kevin, I need to tell you something I....”

Kevin interrupted. “There’s no need, I know you’re going to show off to your mates that you got the gay boy to suck you off. I know how it works around here.”

“Please listen to me Kevin. I’m not going to tell anyone at all. Nobody knows I’m here or what we did. Sure the sweat test is something the others made up, but I don’t think anybody has ever done it before.”

“So why did you do it to me?”

“I wanted to find out if you are gay.”

“You could have just asked.”

“And would you have told me the truth, one of your, so called, homophobic jocks. Would you have trusted me?”

“No, but I don’t get it, what are you up to?”

“Kevin, I am like you, and I like you.”

“Well fuck me both ways, who would have thought.”

“Maybe sometime in the future, but not right now thanks.”

“What! oh, a comedian as well. You are full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“So do you believe me, Kevin?”

“Efron, I think I do, oddly enough.”

“So can we do it, now? I want you in my mouth.”

“Not now Efron, the games nearly over and they’ll be back soon. You don’t want to out yourself today, do you?”

“I suppose you’re right; so when?”

“Efron, it doesn’t work like that. I don’t just do it on demand.”

“You did it for me earlier?”

“Yeah, when I thought I was a pawn in some sadistic homophobic game. I just wanted to get it over and done with. If you like someone you take it easy and let it happen naturally.”

“So you don’t like me, is that it.”

“It’s not that and besides I can hear your mates coming now. I’ve got to collect the sports gear from the field.”

“Can I help you?”

“Do you think that’s wise; what will your mates think?”

“That I’m on the side-line because of injury and doing my bit to help.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Interesting chapter. I love that Jason and Colleen are going away for a few days, but Colleen nearly let Grans secret out. It looks like Kevin might have a new friend with benefits in Efron.

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I’m happy for Jason & Colleen though I am a little worried about the Beryl situation. I mean she might have the virus and she won’t be happy having anyone, especially Daniel, check up on her. The whole scene with Efron or rather Kevin’s reaction is a little odd. I’m glad it turned out ok in the end yet was he mad at Efron or himself? Didn’t seem like he was forced to do anything yet his rage at Efron seemed to indicate he felt like he was somehow forced to go along with that “test”. I wonder if Steve thinks of them as just friends with benefits as he might not be too happy if he learns about what happened between Kevin & Efron but emotions can be complicated so who knows what the future holds.

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