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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 1,285 Words

The Covids - 45. How about it guys?”

Exams were over and both boys felt confident that they had done as well as they could given the difficult circumstances of the past year. Corona restrictions, lockdowns and on-line study for part of the year had been very stressful for all final year students. Added to this for Kevin, was the sudden illness of his grandmother and her eventual death. However, the blossoming of their relationship from school friends to boyfriends had come at a good time so they could support each other. Steve was particularly supportive of Kevin after the death of his grandmother and this further cemented their bond. With all that now behind them they had nothing but free time and lived every day to the maximum. Restrictions were minimal by mid November so they were free to go to the beach, movies and enjoy outdoor activities.

There was one particular outing that they looked forward to. The end of year formal was only a few days away and both boys were excited about going as a couple. They had hired their formal wear, bought new shoes and had haircuts together. At first they considered dressing the same but abandoned that idea when Kevin spotted a burgundy and gold floral patterned jacket he just had to wear, while Steve wanted something a little more conservative. The final compromise was matching dark grey trousers, open neck pink shirts and Steve chose a plain burgundy jacket in a darker shade then Kevin’s.

When they went to collect their suits, the day before the formal, they ran into Efron, who was also collecting his. Apart from casual passings during exams, Kevin and Steve had not seen Efron since the magpie incident and none of them thought it worth mentioning. After collecting their gear the three had lunch together at a nearby cafe.

“So are you two going as a couple to the formal?” asked Efron

”Sure thing, I’m really looking forward to making a statement.” answered Kevin.

“And you Steve, is that how you feel?”

“I wouldn’t say I want to make a statement, but Kevin’s my boyfriend, I’m proud of that and have no problem being seen that way, even at a school social event. What about you, are you taking anyone?”

“No, I’ll just mingle with all the other singles. I don’t think everyone will have partners.”

“Hey, I’ve just had a fabulous idea.” said Kevin, “As a special treat, Steve’s parents are picking up the bill for a limo to drive us to the venue. If you’re going on your own, why don’t you come with us? It will be a blast when we all step out of the limo together.”

“Are you trying to arrange my coming out, Kevin?”

“No, not at all; we’re just school friends sharing a ride. But if some were to see it that way what a ritzy way to do it.”

“Are you sure I wouldn’t be cramping your style, riding with you.”

“Not at all.” replied Steve “Glad to have you along. We all need to stick together.”

“Ok, I’ll do it. Sounds exciting and you guys are really generous. But in all fairness, I should tell you I have been very jealous of what you have together. You know, I followed you to the park one day and was watching you. That is, until I was attacked by a magpie.”

Both Kevin and Steve burst out laughing, much to the surprise of Efron.

“What did I say that’s so amusing? I thought you’d be mad at me.”

The other two looked at each other and each knew what the other was thinking. Simultaneously they said “We know.”

Steve continued “We watched the magpie chase you away.”

Then Kevin added “We had thought of going to your rescue, but we were having so much fun we just let the maggie keep chasing you.”

Then after a chuckle Efron said “You buggers! Did it really look that funny?”

“Sorry Efron, but yes it did.” replied Kevin

“Well, I suppose that makes us even... friends?”

“We all belong to the same brotherhood, so yes. Good friends.”

“Thanks guys.” Efron gave each of the boys a peck on the cheek.

“Don’t push it Efron.” warned Kevin.

“Oh, I was just testing how close we are.”

“What are you suggesting Efron?” asked Steve.

“Nothing, just putting it out there. Hey, since your parents are shouting us the limo, how about I ask my parents if they might stump up for a hotel room in the city tomorrow night? That way we don’t have to go back to the suburbs after the formal. A night in a top hotel and a big breakfast included would make the celebration of the end of our school lives just perfect. How about it guys?”

The formal was to be held in the function room of a city hotel, so Efron ensured his father booked their room in the same hotel. As it was an official school function there was no alcohol served and the supervising teachers either didn’t see or didn’t want to see the small flasks that some smuggled in to add to their orange juice or cola. They also didn’t notice that Efron occasionally went walkabout, up to room 903 to raid the mini-bar. The night was a huge success and no one took any notice of Kevin and Steve trying to be a couple, probably because Efron danced most of the night with them and somehow a threesome went unnoticed. However there were a few raised eyebrows among the teachers, when checking that all students had suitable transport home, Efron proudly announced “That’s ok Miss, we have a room here for the night.”

“Do your parents know about this Efron?”

“Yes, here’s the booking confirmation and my Dad’s receipt.”

“And what about you two?” she asked Kevin and Steve.

Efron answered on their behalf “See Miss, it’s for a triple room.”

“Very well then and behave. Remember you still represent the school until the term officially ends.”

“Of course Miss, always.”

“I’ll take you at your word young men, goodnight.”

As soon as they arrived in the room, Steve went straight to the mini-bar. “Hey guys it’s not very well stocked, there’s only two cans of beer and a small bottle of wine. No spirits.”

“I forgot to tell you this is where I got the minis we drank earlier.”

“How about room service?” asked Kevin.

“We could try, but what if they ask for ID?”

“Then we just say sorry and they won’t serve us.”

“Then they might check the mini bar and we’ll not only be in trouble for drinking that, they’ll take away what little is there.”

“Good thinking, let’s just share what we have.”

After consuming the remains of the mini bar, including all the chips and nuts, the three were not totally intoxicated but were sufficiently relaxed to lose any inhibitions they might have had. It was not surprising then, when Efron suggested “Shall we all sleep in the king size bed.” The joint answer was “Why not.”

“Great!” said Efron “Then we’ll need these.” he said as he threw a packet of condoms on the bed. “Oh and I’ve got this as well.” He added as he rummaged through his bag for a tube of lubrication.

“You seem to have thought of everything Efron.” said Steve. “Except one thing.”

“Rubbers, lube, bed big enough for three, plenty of towels in the bathroom; what else? You guys aren’t into sex toys as well, are you?”

“You didn’t ask us if we were willing to join you in a threesome.”

“Sorry, I just assumed that...um...am I wrong.”

“No” they both answered.

Only one more chapter to go.

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Great chapter. The school dance went well for Steve, Kevin and Efron. From the looks of things that are in for a good night together.

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One more chapter? No, this can't be the end.

What about Kevin goes to Kollege (sorry but pun spelling doesn't work with 'Uni'). Or maybe Kevin moves to Kanberra? Okay, I know that's really reaching, but 'Covids' has been providing a morale boost, especially as WINTER starts to descend on Northern Hemisphere. Not what passes for winter in OZ. In Canada (and northern U.S.) we're talking meters of snow, ice, freezing rain.

Looking forward to next chapter.  


Edited by Anton_Cloche
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