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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 1,281 Words

The Covids - 40. Get Out of Your Stubbies

Saturday Afternoon

Christine sent her mother a text late on Saturday afternoon to apologise for missing lunch and to advise that she wouldn’t be home for dinner either.


After lunch and movie Kevin and Steve were walking through the shopping mall when Kevin asked “Wanna have dinner out also, there’s lots of food choices here.”

“That would be nice, but I had something else in mind. I was thinking you should come over to my place and have dinner with my family. Like a sort of, meet the family dinner.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve eaten at your place and with your parents lots of times over the years.”

“Yeah, but that was as my school mate, not as my boyfriend.”

“Oh, I get it. Two days out of the closet and you want to test your parents’ reaction.”

“That’s about it. How about it, are you up for it?”

“Why not?”

Steve called his mother so say he had invited Kevin for dinner. When she hung up she said to her husband “Mike, better shower and dress, we’re having a guest for dinner.”

“Can’t I just enjoy my beer first? After two hours of mowing I’m buggered. Anyway, who’s coming for dinner, that’s so important?”


“Steve’s friend?”

“Why do I have to dress up for Kevin, he’s been here a hundred times or more over the years.”

“Yes, but this is different Mike.”

“How’s it diff....oh I see...the boyfriend thing, is that what you mean?”

“Of course, so better make a good impression.”

“I think you’ve got this situation all arse up, Carol. Oops, didn’t mean it that way. Anyway, isn’t the boyfriend supposed to impress the parents? At least that’s how it was in my day.”

“You can at least get out of your stubbies and clean up a bit.”

“Ok, ok, let me finish my beer first.”


Kevin found the dinner with Steve’s family was pleasant, in fact no different to any other time he had dined with them. Although he knew it was a test of their acceptance of the change in their relationship, Kevin managed to keep himself in check and did nothing provocative, nor did Steve, until...

“Mum, Dad, I’d like Kevin to stay over tonight; alright with you?”

Carol asked “What do you think Mike?”

“Um...not really sure, what do you think.”

“I suppose it would be Ok, it’s just that...”

“Just what Mum, Kevin has slept over here many times.”

“It’s just that...I don’t have the guest room made up...but no problem, I can do that.”

“Mum, Kevin doesn’t need the guest room.”

“So where will he sleep?” asked Mike.

“Dad, do I really have to explain it?”

“Not really, I get it, will just take me a bit of time to adjust Son.”

“Of course it’s ok boys.” Carol assured “I suppose we should say welcome to the family, Kevin.”

“Thank you Mrs. May.”

“Dad?” asked Steve.

“Yes...it’s ok...welcome Kevin...and all that.”

Steve leaned closer to Kevin and said “He’s warming to the idea. If he wasn’t on board he’d be more assertive about it than that.”

Kevin smiled, but remained silent.


Jenny received another text from Christine around 10.00pm ‘not home till late, don’t wait up’.


Steve showered first then went about tidying his room while Kevin was showering. Steve’s idea of a tidy up was simply to hide everything under the bed or in drawers, as quickly as possible. As Kevin entered the room wearing only a towel, he looked at Steve, who was stuffing clothes in a lower drawer, and said “This seems familiar, except our roles are reversed. Should I drop my towel now?”

“That would be nice, but I’ve got a better idea.” Steve stood up, walked towards Kevin and kissed him gently at first, then more fervently. While still in a tight embrace, they tumbled onto the bed and continued to explore each other mouths. The kissing ebbed and flowed between frenzy and tenderness, but always passionate. Both boys were extremely aroused and could feel it, even through Kevin’s towel. When they finally came up for air, Steve asked “Have you heard of a sixty-nine?”


When Jenny checked her phone on Sunday morning she found another text, received around midnight ‘staying over, see u 2morrow’

“Dan, wake up, look at this from Christine.”

“What?” asked a groggy Daniel.

“Look, Chris has been out all night.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Dan! pay attention. Our Chris has been out all night and we don’t know where.”

“How do you know, did you check her bed?”

“No need to, she texted last night.”

By now Daniel was coming to consciousness. “Show me.” He took the phone and read the message through foggy eyes. “Maybe she’s at one of her uni friends. They probably drank too much and she thought it safer to stay over.”

“Maybe, but I have my doubts about that. I didn’t tell you what Kevin saw yesterday.”

“Kevin, what’s he to do with this?”

“He saw Chris riding with the boy from up the road who has that noisy motor bike.”

“You think she might have had an accident?”

“No, but that was the last she was seen, you don’t think she’s gone somewhere with him and stayed overnight.”

“Well call her and check.”

“I don’t want to seem like the nosy mother.”

“When did that ever stop you?”

“Daniel, I’m worried, don’t be so flippant.”

“Sorry, I’m just not fully awake.” said Daniel as he wandered off to the bathroom.

Jenny got out of bed, put on her summer dressing gown and was heading towards the kitchen when the front door opened. “Morning Mum, it’s a great day out there.”

“What...oh Chris I’m so glad you’re safe, you had me so worried, out all night and me not knowing where you were.”

“Of course I’m safe and I wasn’t far away, just up the street a bit with Lucas.”

“Who’s Lucas?”

“This is Lucas” Christine replied as she stepped aside and let her tall lean man enter the hallway.”

“Christine, you could have warned me, I’m not dressed for visitors.”

“It’s ok, Lucas’s mother was wearing much the same when we left.”

“So...um...where...what...oh my god, where are my manners. Pleased to meet you Lucas, welcome.”

“Nice to meet you too Mrs. Covid, I’ve seen you many times, being neighbours, but just not formally met.”

“Formally, ah that’s it... not too formal around here at present; quite the opposite at this time of day.”

“Relax Mum, we thought we’d come for breakfast.”

“Of course...I’ll put the kettle on...I’ll let your father know...I’ll get dressed.”

Christine laughed and said, “Yes Mum, do that but I’ll put the kettle on.”

“Yes, of course, I better get dressed first.”

“Good plan Mum. Come on Lucas I’ll show you around the house.”

When Jenny got back to their bedroom, Daniel was back in bed and asked “Was that Chris you were talking to, when did she get back?”

“Yes, just now and she has a boy with her, presumably the one she spent the night with. So get up and get dressed, we have a guest for breakfast.”


“His name’s Lucas, the bikie boy from up the road.”

“I wondered why I wasn’t woken up by the deafening sound of that machine of his this morning. He’s apparently been pre-occupied with my daughter.”

“Dan, don’t say anything about that, until we get to know him. Ok?”

“Yes, I’ll let him get a cup of coffee inside him before I have a piece of him.”


“Just joking.”

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Kevin has dinner at Steve's with the family. Christine gets her man, stays out all night, comes home for breakfast and to introduce Lucas to the parents.

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Another good chapter. Things seem to be getting sorted. No bad news about Gran must be good.

Hmm Bikie? A step above or below 'tradie', 'sparkie' and other trades?


Edited by Anton_Cloche
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Bikie - I must admit I have a bit of confusion here with regard to our colloquial term. Bikie has traditionally referred to a motor bike gang member, however motor cycle riding is on the increase now by more law-abiding citizens. Although the average age is over 50. Seems popular with those who missed out on their youth by being hard working boomers. 

Some may call them Bikers, but cycling is also on the increase here so Biker may be confusing. Although we do have others terms for cyclists - Cockroaches on wheels or Mamils (middle aged men in lycra.)

So what do we call respectable people who ride motor cycles. Suggestions welcome.

BTW we do have names for some tradies that don't end in ie. ie Ambo, Journo, milko, Coppa, bean counter, garbo, muso,.Oh, I know what you're thinking. If you can't put an ie on the end put an O. 

Over and out!

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