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    Wombat Bill
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  • 1,565 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

The Covids - 41. The Red Carpet

“Dad, this is Lucas.”

“Pleased to meet you Mr Covid”

“Pleased to meet you also Lucas but it’s Daniel and Jenny.”

“No problem Daniel.”

After introductions Jenny said “Dan why don’t pour coffee for you and Lucas, take it outside and set up the table on the deck. We’ll have breakfast out there.”

“Sure Jen. Lucas, looks like we’re not needed here, so we’ll do as requested and chat outside.”

“No problem, Daniel.”


“Now my girl, I’m not happy about this bike riding caper of yours.”

“But, Mum he’s a very careful rider, I have seen him come and go from this street and seems to be very responsible.”

“Well, I’m not going to interfere; I just want you to be very careful, make sure you wear a helmet and hang on tight.”

“Mum, that’s one of the best parts of being a passenger on a motor cycle.”

“Wearing a helmet?”

“No, hanging on to Lucas for the whole ride.”

“Oh, I see what you mean, I never thought of it that way. Anyway, it’s still a dangerous way to travel around the city so I want you to promise me you and he will be careful all the time.”

“Yes Mum, we will.”

“You know you can borrow my car.”

“Mum, sometimes I will drive, but sometimes you have to let a man think he’s in charge and besides I think it might be exciting.”

“OK, but remember it’s a form of transport not a theme park ride.”

“Yes Mum.”

“Now get me the eggs from the fridge and start making some toast.”


Over breakfast Daniel asked. “Tell me about that machine of yours Lucas.”

“Well, it’s a CB1000, in-line four cylinder, 6 speed, with fuel injection.

“Very impressive, how long have you been riding?”

“Well, I got my licence and first bike when I was seventeen. It was only a 125cc Honda but excellent to learn riding. I had wanted something bigger but that was all I could manage on a student’s budget.”

“So when did you get that noisy over-powered unit, Lucas?” inquired Jenny.

“Mum, please!”

“It’s alright Christine, I can see your Mum’s concerned and I’m happy to explain to her.”

“Yes, please explain Lucas, I need to be assured that you know how to handle that monster and keep my daughter safe.”

“No, problem Jenny. You see I rode the Honda for two years while I was trying to save for a bigger bike. Then when I passed my second year exams with distinction my uncle offered to supplement my savings so that I could buy the CB1000. But before he did, he insisted that I do an advanced riding course, which I did and I’m so pleased, as I learned a lot about how to handle a powerful machine safely.”

“That’s good to hear.” said Daniel, “Does that make you feel better Jen?”

“Mmm, I suppose so.”

“Oh come on Mum, it sounds like Lucas and his uncle have been very responsible about his bike riding.”

“Looks like I’m outnumbered here, so for what it’s worth, I’m ok with it.”

“Thanks, Jenny, I appreciate your confidence and assure you I wouldn’t do anything to endanger Christine’s safety.”

“You mentioned study Lucas, may I ask what course you are doing?” asked Daniel

“I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Arts, Screen production at the Australian Film Television and Radio school.”

“Sorry, what does that mean Lucas?”

“It’s a multi-disciplinary course covering many areas of film and television production. When I finish I want to specialise in film direction, but it’s a very competitive industry so that depends on opportunities and may be some years ahead.”

“Wow, so will we see your name on the screen soon?” asked Jenny.

“Maybe not at the top of the credits for some years, but somewhere down the list is likely soon. I’ve already worked on some productions during my training.”

This line of conversation replaced any further discussion about motor bikes. When Christine and Lucas offered to clear the table and do the dishes, her parents sat back and thought about their daughter’s future. Daniel was thinking of the big bucks Lucas might make in coming years, while Jenny saw herself walking the red carpet when attending premieres as a special guest of her son-in-law, the director.

Jenny was snapped out of her fantasy when Christine said “We’ve stacked the dishes and started the dishwasher Mum. Now we’re going back to Lucas’s to help his mother in the garden.”

“You two have fun and give my regards to your mother Lucas.”

“No problem Jenny.”

“Oh by the way Mum, where’s Kevin today?”

“He stayed over at Steve’s. Can’t separate them lately; young love and such, but of course you know all about that.”

“Yes Mum.”


Steve woke first, rolled towards Kevin, spooned up behind him and reached over to his chest. It was warm and he tweaked Kevin’s perky nipples. Unlike Steve, Kevin had not grown any chest hair and Steve wondered if he would, but hoped against it as he liked the silky smooth feeling of Kevin’s upper body. He then reached down to where he knew there was a growth of hair and discovered that was not all that was growing. He reached under Kevin’s cock and took a firm hold of his balls. These too were smooth and just touching them sent blood rushing to his own penis. As he held the precious jewels, he could feel Kevin waking. The first words Kevin said were “Thanks for last night, I can’t believe how sweet your cream tasted. I held it in my mouth till I just absorbed it.”

“And I can’t believe how much cum you produced. Have you been holding off, not wanking hey?”

“I’m not going to waste it wanking, I saved it all for you.”

“I’m so glad you did. I held it in my mouth for a while, then let it slowly trickle down my throat. That made me feel all warm knowing I had part of you inside me.”

“Hey let’s make a pact, no wanking alone. All my cum is yours and all yours is mine.”

“For life.” Steve then added “Roll over onto your stomach; I want to see that arse of yours.”

“Why, whatever for?”

Steve did not answer. He pushed down the sheet and kneeled over Kevin’s legs. “Hey this is some bubble butt you got here.”

“See, I told you ballet was good for the body. All those exercises strengthen the glutes and thighs.”

“I’m sort of jealous that all those girls get to see you in tights and protector. Is that why you wear a protector, so they can’t grab a handful while you do a lift?”

“It’s so I don’t get injured; wouldn’t want to present you with damaged goods.”

“Now let’s see how firm this butt is.” He said as he placed a palm on each creamy white cheek and squeezed. Kevin instinctively clenched and Steve exclaimed “Wow, they sure are a great set of muscles.” As Steve reached for the lube he said “Now relax them and let me in.”

“Kevin took a deep breath and waited anxiously for Steve. He soon felt the coolness of the lube, followed by the warmth of Steve’s hand reaching between his cheeks, then a little pressure on his sphincter and Steve saying so softly he could barely hear it. ”Relax, let out all your tension, just surrender to the pleasure that your body craves.”

As Steve slowly slipped one finger into the virgin orifice, Kevin felt as if every sensory nerve was connected to this point and radiated out through his body. Steve could feel the muscle alternately tighten and relax around his finger. Then without asking he stretched Kevin a little more with a second penetration. The waves of pleasure were now spreading throughout Kevin’s body and he wondered if it could get any better than this. Then his question was answered when he felt the third finger enter. By now he was starting to sweat lightly. Although he was lying still every nerve and muscle in his body was so active he felt he had run a mile at full speed.

Kevin then felt Steve’s fingers moving in and out, slowly at first, then a little faster. As Steve reached Kevin’s prostate the sensation was growing stronger, to the point that he felt he would explode if it became any more intense. But it did and he was heading towards a crescendo, the likes of which he had never before experienced. The pleasure was so great from behind and his engorged penis pressed hard against the bed he had his most explosive climax ever. He bit his lip and just managed to avoid screaming. Instead he breathlessly said “What the fucking hell did you just do?”

Steve did not answer; instead he smiled broadly, lay down beside his lover and listened to his breathing slowly returning to normal. He would later share his secret with Kevin, but for now he let him luxuriate in the afterglow. Steve now felt closer to Kevin than ever before and realised that the giving of pleasure to another felt as rewarding as receiving. In his mind he knew this was love, to be shared and he resolved to tell Kevin when he had rested.

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Great chapter. Lucas was able to reassure Daniel and Jenny about his bike. They also started dreaming about the red carpet after he told them he's studying film. Our young lovers Kevin and Steve seem closer together and happier now everyone knows they are boyfriend's.

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