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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 1,231 Words

The Covids - 22. - Another Secret Meeting

Jason also took the news calmly. He was of course anxious to ask more questions but refrained in front of Colleen. He would leave it until he had an opportunity to be alone with his mother. While Jenny and Daniel were talking with Jason, Christine coaxed Kevin into helping her prepare drinks and nibbles before dinner.

“Another secret meeting Chris; there have been a lot of those lately.”

“Yeeees Kevin, we all know what they’re about, and I know it mostly concerns you but do you think you can keep the dinner conversation polite.”

“Me, I didn’t cause this problem, why pick on me?”

“I’m not picking on you, I’m just asking you to stay cool over dinner. I know it’s all been upsetting for you and I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if it were me in your situation, but Mum and Dad want us all to pull together and get through this crisis. Can you do that please?”

“Me, I’ll be Mr Congeniality, but do we discuss it at all, or just talk about the weather?”

“I really don’t know, maybe we just take the lead from Mum and Dad, but whatever way the conversation goes, we have to keep calm, not get too emotional and especially not start making accusations.”

“OK, the weather it is.... Here they come, straight face, breathe in the calm, breathe out the angst.” Christine gave Kevin a frowning look. “Come on Sis, get with the plan. If I can be cool, you should be downright freezing.”

“Hi Musclehead, how are they hangin’?”

“Sometimes straight down, other times pulled up tight, depending on the weather.”

“Oh, speaking of weather...”

Jenny interrupted “That’s enough boys.”

Daniel whispered in Jenny’s ear “Leave them be, at least that’s normal talk for them.”

Christine gave Colleen a hug and asked “How are you settling into the new house. I hope Gran is not interfering too much.”

“Oh she’s an absolute pet, spends much of her time in the garden, but I have noticed that she spends more time downing the G&Ts than actually digging in the garden. She only comes into our house when invited, so no problem there.”

After hugs all round, drinks were followed by dinner and the elephant was not mentioned even once.

Later in the evening Kevin asked Jason “Can you come with me to my room, there’s something I want to talk about.”

“Sure brother.”

As the two were leaving the room Jason turned back and winked at the rest of his family, who all gave Jason a gentle smile.

After Kevin ushered Jason into his room and closed the door he got straight to the point. “Jase, I want you to strip for me.”

“What! Why do you want me to strip?”

“It’s your job isn’t it?”

“Of course, but why should I strip for you?”

“Because I’m jealous.”

“You’re jealous of my body? You know I did try to encourage you over the years to take up body building, but you always rubbished me about it.”

“I’m not jealous of you, I’m jealous of those boys that get to see you strip and I don’t”

“I’m not following you Kevin, this is weird.”

“Will you do it for me, just this once?”

“I suppose I could but what if someone comes in?”

“That’s not likely, I set it up so that they won’t interrupt us and you helped.”

“How did I do that?”

“When I asked you to come and talk I saw you turn to them and I saw the expectant looks they gave you.”


“Yes, they’re all expecting me to talk to you about Mum and the current situation. They think I’m not coping, but I don’t talk about it, so when I asked you to come and talk with me they assumed I was going to open up to you. You know, the brother to brother thing. But we’re not like that, are we.”

“We haven’t been lately.”

“So, do you want music to dance to or will you just do a slow reveal. Either suits me.”

“OK, I’ll do it without music, but it seems weird to strip for you.”

“Why, you strip for total strangers, why not you own brother, well half-brother anyway. Look, I’m probably totally unhinged by this thing we don’t talk about, but the upside is I’m somehow liberated by it. I don’t care anymore about my secret. Compared to Mum’s secret it’s nothing.”

“You mean about liking boys?”

“Yes, how did you know; well before now I mean.”

“Kevin, everyone knows; we’ve just been waiting for you to tell us.”

“Fuck me!”

“No I won’t, but thanks for the offer. However, I will be happy to strip for you to celebrate your coming out, if that’s what this is.”

“Thanks Jase, you’re great after all. Here’s my phone, find some suitable music, I want the whole experience.”

“You’re on.”

Jason chose the music and struck a pose to commence his performance but, was taken by surprise when Kevin put his arms over Jason’s shoulders and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Jason was passive but let Kevin have his way without resisting. As Kevin stepped back and waited for Jason to start, he was then taken by surprise when Jason planted a long, and it seemed to Kevin, passionate kiss while holding Kevin’s head with both hands. After Kevin took a deep breath he said “Wow, you really get into this stuff don’t you?”

“Kevin, I just want to see you happy and I’ll do what it takes; up to a point.”

“Thanks Jase, now let me see you strut your stuff.”

As Jason slowly lifted his shirt to reveal his abs, Kevin counted, two, four, six... eight. “Hey man, last time I saw you shirtless you barely had a six pack, now look at you.”

“I work hard at it and this is the payoff.”

Jason pulled his shirt over his head, keeping his arms in the sleeves and left the shirt behind his neck. Kevin gasped when he took in the full view of Jason’s pecs. He could not resist, walked up to Jason and buried his face in Jason’s chest. He became almost high on the aroma of the man, he licked his pecs and the slight salty taste sent tingles through his body. But when he reached out with his tongue and gently touched the nipple, his jocks could barely restrain the growing bulge within.

“Now step back if you want to see more.”

“Sure, I want the Full Monty.”

Jason slipped his belt out of the loops, then walked towards Kevin, put the belt around his neck, belt through the buckle, pulled the loop tight and pulled Kevin towards him.

“You can pull down my zipper if you want to naughty boy.” Jason offered.

“Do you normally let your fans do that?”

“Sometimes, it depends on the size of the audience and the mood of the room”

Kevin reached for the zipper and pulled it down ever so slowly. Then Jason popped his top button and let Kevin pull down his jeans. Jason stepped out of them and stood there in his jocks with hands on hips.

Kevin asked “Is there anything else I can do?”

“No, I’ll take it from here. We’ve reached the look but don’t touch stage.”

Copyright © 2020 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Damn, I wondered if Kevin’s previous comment about wondering if there was any chance that Jason wasn’t his brother at all was possibly due to some secret sexual attraction rather than dislike for him/sibling angst but I kinda just figured that was just a delusion of my warped mind since they’re brothers. Seems like my wacky thought wasn’t so farfetched as Kevin seems to definitely appreciate Jason’s body though that kiss was a shock to my system. I know Jason didn’t mean anything sexual by it but wow that came out of nowhere. Kevin’s going to end up with a heat stroke by the time the show is over 😂 

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Well things have taken an interesting twist between Kevin and Jason. Kevin will be in shock by the time Jason has finished his routine.

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I don't think Kevin will be surprised, just giddy beyond belief as his fantasy at seeing Jason strut his stuff is realized.

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