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  1. GFD 06: Revelations (Co-Author) 6. Gone From Daylight Gone From Daylight

    By Comicality, in Fiction. 12/20/2010 (Updated: 12/20/2010)

    It's been said that suffering builds character. And there are few that know suffering better than young Justin. Only 14 years old, he has found an easy way out. A suicidal tendency that he is hoping will bring an end to his misery. But when he meets a mysterious boy at the end of Navy Pier one dark evening...he is given an alternative. One that will give him purpose, and set in motion the events that will lead to his ultimate destiny....in a world not like our own.

  2. Jake's Side (Co-Author) 2. Jake's Hand

    By rec, in Fiction. 01/15/2011 (Updated: 01/15/2011)

    Jake’s Side is a continuation of Jake's Hand, which looks at the same story from Jake’s point of view.

  3. T'Lan's Story (Co-Author)

    By Mikelaing74, in Fiction. 01/09/2012 (Updated: 07/08/2012)

    On a world where both science and magic exist, one is prophesised to come who can balance both. But in order to achieve that balance they will need to overcome their own limitations. Will they succeed, or pay the ultimate price for failure ?

  4. Coupled in Synchronicity (Co-Author)

    By Cia, in Summer - Roll the Dice. 06/14/2013 (Updated: 06/14/2013)

    Synchronicity acted in mysterious ways in my life, it always had. Scientists had been trying to decipher the magic of the planet since we landed; there seemed to be no guided intention to the events that happened, no sentient design, but still … things happened, important things, that could not be accidents.

  5. Jasmine & Vanilla (Co-Author)

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/27/2013 (Updated: 10/27/2013)

    Memories of a past lover motivate a trip home to say goodbye.

  6. MetaOrigins (Co-Author) 2. MetaWolf Premium

    By JohnAR, in Fiction. 08/25/2014 (Updated: 01/10/2015)

    This different take on the traditional M/M werewolf genre continues where book 1 (Meta) left off: Unromantic sex (nobody being called “baby”), non-traditional wolves (semi-submissive alpha), a Meta (a bossy nerd), disturbing twists (Afghan vampires) and a continued stream of conniving wolves, vampires and humans – only outdone by a manipulative Shaman. -- It is advisable to read book 1 (Meta) before enjoying this novel. All 8 MetaWolf books, MetaPrompts and MetaViews are already online.

  7. A Collection of Poems (Co-Author)

    By Fantasyboy69, in Poetry. 01/22/2015 (Updated: 01/22/2015)

    Just a collection of poetry I have written.

  8. What is Christmas really about? (Co-Author)

    By Sammy Blue, in Fiction. 12/20/2015 (Updated: 12/20/2015)

    Everyone knows what Christmas is about. Jesus, of course, some say. Excessive consumerism, others reply. But is that really all there is to it? Two young teens learn that it might be more than that.
    A short story for reflection.

  9. GFD: Fanboys (Co-Author) Gone From Daylight

    By Comicality, in Fiction. 08/01/2016 (Updated: 04/16/2020)

    As a 'Day-Hard' fan of his absolute favorite vampire story and now Summer blockbuster movie, "Gone From Daylight"...skater teen, Kevin, is going to his local comic book store to grab a hold of some rare "GFD" merchandise while it's still available! However, he might just find himself grabbing hold of the biggest young crush of his life as a pleasant bonus! An abstract spinoff of the vampire series, but one I think you'll enjoy! Have fun!

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