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  1. Adam Blake (Co-Author)

    By CLJobe, in Fiction. 05/11/2021 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

    A lesson in education

  2. Let's Do It (Co-Author) 4. Do Over

    By dkstories, in Fiction. 05/23/2021 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

    Davey Jones participated in a mad science experiment that saw him travel back in time. It took another of tries to get things right. But Davey was not the only one time traveling.

  3. Rotten Apples (Co-Author)

    By Black Paper, in Fiction. 05/24/2020 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

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    🍎13 year old William-Decker Irving is a country boy from the South. He was happy, free, innocent, and the son & heir to his family’s successful Apple Orchard business. The country life is all he ever knew. That’s all he ever was. But, when he is forced to move, up North, into a busy suburban town & attend public school for the very first time, being a homeschooled boy with little to no social skills or knowledge of the modern world, he faces new experiences, challenges, & meets people that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

  4. Unrequited (Co-Author)

    By Jesse_H_Reign, in Fiction. 05/18/2021 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

    Andy Montgomery is an artist and a dreamer. It doesn't long before the person he's dreaming about is his straight college roommate.

    If you've ever known the pain and torment of love unrequited, this story is for you.

  5. A Night with no Stars (Co-Author)

    By Mercury Eff, in Fiction. 05/13/2021 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

    One of them is a boring, soon to be married financier. The other is a kid with a certain talent for finding trouble wherever he goes. According to the logic, their encounter should result in disaster, but life is rarely logical and the worst madness can sometimes make the most sense. A crime story with a slight touch of soul searching in the human jungle.

  6. Trophy Cub (Co-Author)

    By Grumpy Bear, in Fiction. 05/30/2021 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

    Mike went to the bar on Bear Night hoping to find Mr. Right. Instead, he was kidnapped and held captive as a sex slave by a pack of horny wolf lycans. If Mike's Mr. Right really is out there somewhere, what kind of man can take on a pack of wolves to rightfully claim his Trophy Cub?

  7. Forever Yours (Co-Author)

    By vanalas, in Fiction. 05/03/2021 (Updated: 06/14/2021)

    Enter a world of Marcos Martinez, a gay playboy who is swept off his feet but the young and beautiful worker in his hotel, Ramon Castillo. Marcos has it all, money, fame, power and influence and Ramon is just a poor servant boy. Marcos' goal is to wool this beautiful boy into his bed, but Ramon isn't going down without a fight. Can Marcos manage to lead this boy to his bed or will feelings get in the way?

  8. Tuct Side (Co-Author)

    By Westley D., in Fiction. 03/28/2021 (Updated: 06/14/2021)

    Tuct Side is a standalone narrative detailing the secrets and happenings surrounding the titular infamous town located in the lower regions of Idaho. The events are told through the perspective of renowned basketball player, filmmaker, and photographer Flori Westford Kuttner, incorporating personal accounts, interviews, and recorded data relating to the appalling affairs.

    Viewer discretion is advised.

    Trigger warnings will be mentioned in the beginning of each chapter.

  9. When Opportunity Knocks (Co-Author)

    By kbois, in Fiction. 05/24/2021 (Updated: 06/14/2021)

    Jett Anderson and Kyle Benton are starting to build a relationship. Life decides to throw in some speed bumps and hazards to make navigating the road not so easy.

    Add in some unexpected family dynamics and soon enough things get challenging.

    Can they work it out?

  10. Cernunnos (Co-Author)

    By astone2292, in Fiction. 01/18/2021 (Updated: 06/14/2021)

    Follow the harrowing story of Cyn, a shapeshifter known as a Cernunnos: a deer. Commonly hunted by humans, as well as other animal predators throughout the world, Cyn has lived his life in constant fear. But when he finally confronts his death, he is given a second chance. But is this chance worth the distress and paranoia that follows?

    Join Cyn as he embarks on a journey. A journey, where this Cernunnos learns to live...among predatory lycan shifters!

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