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Wow. I'm a real real bi Gay Authors author now! ;-)

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Adam Phillips


If you've read any of this blog, you'll maybe remember my sarcastic whine that I wasn't good enough to be a Hosted Author at Gay Authors.


Well, whether that's the case or not, I now officially Are One.


So head on over to http://www.gayauthor...g/adamphillips/ and check out my new place!


Thanks a jillion, Steph, for designing my site for me and putting up with my pickiness.


Thanks, CJ, for getting the gang to consider my stuff.


Thanks, Myr, for fielding some questions and for letting me submit a book review!


Thanks, Sharon, for all your Sharon-ness, your behind-the-scenes support, and even for the dark-musical welcome. You were supposed to let everybody figure out on their own that I'm a bad guy, but maybe forewarned is forearmed...:devil:


And thanks to everybody who's read and supported the writing of Crosscurrents over the years. Including that story, I have a total of seven stories I'll be working on this year, and a number of them--the shorter ones--will find their way to my site fairly quickly while I post Crosscurrents.


Speaking of which, you'll get a new chapter every Friday until the story is finished. It'll be either 33 or 34 chapters long.


Anyway, just thought I'd blog about it.



Also...Mark Arbour: I'm in love with you. We should meet in the parking lot and make out.

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I just found my way to your blog! Then I realized that the last entry was April 2 of 2010.... life does get in the way of intentions.

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So happy to know you've survived this ordeal, your story is continuing to delight and provoke us, and you like the paint!





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