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Featured Story: Reach / Traveling Home



This week, we have first a great review by Houdinii of Reach, by Promising Author CassieQ. Then following in a bit of serendipity, we have a review BY CassieQ of Author podga's Traveling Home. Each is a bit of a different story - and that's one thing that makes each of them special. We hope you enjoy these reviews and try out the stories themselves!





Reviewed by Houdinii
Status: In Progress
Word Count: 41,349


I began reading a story today by CassieQ, one of our promising authors, called 'Reach'. It's always refreshing to read a new story that I never discovered here at GA. As this was the first time I've read her work, I was skeptical, but intrigued. Noting the well over 5,000 views, this review might just be pointless, but none the less, it will be written anyway.


The setting for the story takes place in a place just like ours, and apart from having a female 'Goddess', and cruel secondary characters, is similar. (They even have cigarettes, which from what I can see, all guys smoke.) Homosexuality is also outlawed. The main characters are a 15 year old named Tibial, a 19 year old named Chad, and a female named Mia, age unknown (Can't say I read GA stories for the females in them biggrin.png .) Both are extremely cute in my minds eye. I'd like to mention more of the plot, but due to the nature of the story, I'd be giving away plot points, although I can say the plot thickens rather quickly into this world she created and leaves you asking for more.


Picking a story to review is difficult, so I try for the more obscure works. I figured this was one, but was surprised when I seen the view count, although I think it is well deserving. Aside from the point, CassieQ is a sweet and caring lady, and her work truly is promising. What she has created here is a great concept, and well written, and I can't wait to read more biggrin.png





Reviewed by CassieQ
Status: Complete
26,461 words


Travelling Home by podga is a love story about Jordan and David, childhood archenemies that have a chance meeting later in life at a company convention. Sparks fly ( the very very good kind) and the two start a relationship that is by turns rocky and sweet and shows a slow gradual relaxed build-up between the two of them. Neither are perfect and both are struggling with issues from their past and it their ability to overcome that fact that draws them, and keeps them together.


The things that set this apart is that it focuses on love story between two grown men. Jordan and David are both in their mid forties, with families and pasts to clutter up their mindset and encounters. It's not the standard in most stories I've read and I love the fact that these characters found a second chance for love later on in life.


Travelling Home is a shorter story, but is very well written, with an easy casual style that invites the reader in. podga uses flashbacks to flesh out the backstory in a way that doesn't distract from the main love story, but rather compliments it. It also throws a splash of nostalgic longing to the main story as Jordan recalls past events and lovers as he sinks deeper into his relationship with David.


All in all a very enjoyable read and highly recommended.

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This is awesome, I've read both these stories and I'm glad to see them on your author showcase. I loved Traveling Home, and, as CassieQ knows, I hound her every week for updates on Reach, I love, love her story.. Perfect reviews.:)

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Reach is awesome!! I love it and have been dreading to get a review for it out of me. But I can't find the right words to describe that great story. Brian did a super job here :D


Travelling home is what I am gonna check out. :) Sounds nice

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I keep meaning to start Reach, tomorrow I promise . . . maybe . . . possibly . . . er don't quote me on that :lol:


No seriously, tomorrow I will set aside an hour and at least read some of it.

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I read podga's story today. It was great, and can't wait to get bogged down in Cassie's story. i have heart great comments on it. Thanks for this. This is my fav place to find good reads:)

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Your welcome Cassie! Didn't realize it until it was published today that I omitted an entire paragraph of praise for you in the review. I must go back and re-learn how to cut and paste, hehe.

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You can always post it here in the comments Houdinii. And Joann - THANK you - that's exactly what we're hoping for with these reviews, getting good stories out to you that you might not otherwise notice!

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I just saw this and what a pleasant surprise it is! :*)


Thank you, Cassie for a great review (and as you know I'm reading Reach) and Trebs for including it/me in the Author Showcase.


And Joann, thank you, as well, for the extra endorsement.


-- happy podga

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