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Writing Prompts #170 & #171



Prom-proma-proma-prompt me... I wanna feel dirty... Thrill me....


Errrm - I mean - welcome to Prompt Me Friday! Here we look at fantastic writing prompts provided by the Prompt-guru himself, Comicfan. This week's prompts are:


Prompt 170 –Challenge
Tag – PoV
Write a story from the point of view of an item that has been in your family for years. What story does this item have to tell? Is it great-grandma’s chine or grandpa’s watch? Maybe it is the ring your mother bought as a girl?


Prompt 171 – Creative
Tag – Helping Hand
Tired of seeing the community in trouble you begin a program called Helping Hand. What is this program does?


Great prompts aren't they? Try one (or both) and share with the community in our Writing Prompts forum!


JamesSavik is no stranger to the Writing Prompts forum - in fact, he took on BOTH of last week's prompts, in very creative ways. His response to Prompt 168, a deceptively simple intro phrase of "Now why on earth would I do that?" led to this new story of his:

"Now why on earth would I do that?", the boy said. It was his fear talking because today he was on the run.


The strange man chuckled and said, "In speaking to me, you will lose nothing and stand to gain much. Your choice."


Gain was something the boy understood well and it was something he could not afford to pass up. He nodded reluctantly.


"Something happened to you today."


The boy said, "I couldn't help it. They cornered me. If I hadn't fought, they would have messed me up."


The man said, "Yes. They would have. You have been avoiding them for months. They maneuvered you into that locker room with deception."


"How do you know that?"


"Because we've been watching you", the man said. "You've got no idea of your true potential."


Intrigued? Well, here is the rest of his prompt response - enjoy. And don't forget to try out one of this week's prompts!


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