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Writing Prompts #172 & #173



What better way to unwind after a long week, than to glance at a writing prompt and just let your mind and fingers go. Don't think - just type and see what you come up with.


Sound like fun? Well, thanks to these two prompts from Comicfan, it should be. And please, once you've come up with something, share it with the rest of the community in our Writing Prompts forum!


This week's prompts:


Prompt 172 – Creative
Tag – List of Words
Use the following words in a story – pillow, evergreen tree, rabbit, storm cloud, and fishing rod.


Prompt 173 – Creative
Tag – Birthday
The oldest person in the world is about to celebrate their birthday and you were sent to interview them. What lesson or story did they have to tell you?


Prompt responses can come in many ways - and to prompt 170, we were honored to have a beautiful poem as a response. The prompt was:

Write a story from the point of view of an item that has been in your family for years. What story does this item have to tell? Is it great-grandma’s china or grandpa’s watch? Maybe it is the ring your mother bought as a girl?


Mark92 took this and ran with it in a way - I hope you enjoy what he wrote as much as I did.


Deep within the virgin soil
I dug up a golden coil
On is sat a jewel of old
It is amber, I am told
The warming colour held a spark
A light that shines out from the dark
Words are written inside this ring
‘Luck to you this ring will bring’
I cleaned it off, and made it shine
I wished for Stuby forever mine.


Now - *that's* how it is done!


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