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Toss-Up Tuesday: Interview With Napervic

Renee Stevens


When Yettie One approached Trebs and I about doing some interviews for the blog, we were ecstatic These interviews will run once a month. So, rather than write a lengthy intro, we'll just let Yettie One tell you about it himself!

Interview with NaperVic


Yettie One


As part of a community of people I got really curious about what brought people to the world of GA, what the enjoy to read, and what kind of people they are.


So when I volunteered to help the GA Blog with a new idea to chat to people and discover what it is about GA that makes the site tick for them, I discovered a whole load of wonderful people that really do make the world go round.


This series is going to introduce you to a few of them. People you may or may not have heard of on the site. People you may have chatted to or whose stories you may have read. Hopefully, these brief glimpses into their mind will give us all insite to who we are and the people that surround us. To everyone that has helped support me to put this series together, thanks for your help, and if you are one of the ones that gets a private message from me in your inbox asking for info in the future, I look forward to getting to know you more, and telling others about who you are.


This series is called the Pulse Behind the GA Crowd, as I kind of think that GA is a body all on its own, and we, the members, readers, writers, and community as a whole are its pulse.


This week we meet NaperVic


NaperVic joined GA when Domluka moved over here back in early 2005. Dom had a 1500+ person Yahoo group at the time, and we were experiencing growing/moderation pains. During that period, Dom was releasing new chapters of The Lo(n)g Way, The Ordinary Us, and Dessert Dropping (good times they were). Sometimes the discussions got pretty heated, it was becoming too much of a headache for Dom to moderate, and the listserv format wasn’t conducive to the types of discussions that were taking place on the group.


dkstories helped convince us to move our discussion over to a dedicated author forum on GA, so many of Dom’s fans joined GA. If I remember my history correctly, Domaholics was the first author forum on GA. The rest you can say is history.


I asked NaperVic to tell me his favourite feature to the GA Site, and he kept me sat there for about an hour as he pondered the pro’s and con’s between the Forum and the Chat room, so eventually I caved in and accepted both as his answer.


Discussion Forums - I loved/love to be able to dissect and discuss some of my favourite, in progress stories with fellow fans. Looking back on some of the threads, it was crazy how deep some people looked at story lines, characters, etc. The thread isn’t there anymore, but I still remember this one in particular from Rigel, titled “The Passive Protagonist” where he laid out how he thought Domluka’s main characters were all passive. It was quite eye opening at the time.


Chat room - I enjoy the community aspect of GA Chat. I like being able to get to know likeminded gay and gay friendly people who I probably wouldn’t ordinarily interact with in real life. There are people I’ve been chatting with for years, some who are no longer active and new people I’ve met in just the last couple of months.


It was interesting to chat to NaperVic about his favourite stories. He is a loyal Domluka fan, listing his top 5 favourite stories as works by Domluka. Top of that list is The Long Way Home which NaperVic found in 2004 and describes himself as being hooked, hook, line and sinker, to coin a fisherman’s phrase.


The other stories he loves include, In the Fish Bowl, Dessert Dropping, Dreams of Humanity and The Ordinary Us all works by DomLuka.


There are so many great authors on GA, NaperVic said, but I’d probably list my top five as Domluka, dkstories, Percxyz, JFinn and Christopher Patrick Lydon.


NaperVic is a flambouant wonderful character here on GA. He is always making people laugh, seems to always be in a good mood, fell in love with Tom Cruise when he stared in films like Risky Business or Top Gun, not the Tom Cruise we see jumping around on Oprah’s sofa he is quick to point out.


He’s a dog man and adores his Mina his pup who cuddles up with him when they nap on the floor or chases him down the street when he goes for a run. He likes brown eyes on a man, and would put Happiness over love as he believes you can have love but still be unhappy. He invited me over for Lou Malnati’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza and a Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dinner, but since the British Government have grounded my concord I sadly had to decline.


I asked NaperVic about the positive effects of GA on his life, and he warmly and fondly spoke about friendship after friendship that he had forged, developed and now cherishes right here on GA. “My eFriends are as important to me as my real time friends,” he discloses with a cheeky smile.


I ended off my time with NaperVic by asking him if there was one thing that he would change about GA what it would be, and he immediately pointed his finger at the Soap Box. Even now, with all the disclaimers and warnings, people still carry grudges out of the Soapbox into regular GA. GA is a story site, so I’m not really sure what benefits having the Soapbox provides for GA’s primary goals. It seems to cause more bad feelings and I’m bothered by the fact that authors or members have left due to something Soapbox related.


I had an amazing time finding about this wonderful and supremely unique man. It is clearly obvious that he loves his time and place here on GA and is a lively and respected member of our community. My genuine thanks go out to him, and if you have never said hello, just pop him a message and say hi, I promise you won’t be disappointed.






Renee here again. I tried to find links for all the members that NaperVic said about but couldn't seem to find them all. If you can locate any of the missing links then please let me know and I will include them. Also, Yettie One's interviews are scheduled to debut on the last Tuesday of each month. I hope you are looking as forward to the next one as I am!

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Vic was one of the first people I "met" here at GA. He was quick to befriend me when I first ventured into the chat room and it appears he is still quick to greet new members. He's a real friend and a great Vic2.giffor GA.


I don't get to chat often enough these days and I miss Vic. Don't it make my brown eyes blue? LOL


Thanks for the interview, Yettie and Renee.

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A great first interview Yettie, well done. And thanks to :Vic2: for giving up the time to take part.


Hopefully everyone who gets a PM will be as open and willing to spend the time to really open up. This promises to be a great new monthly feature.

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I would like to second the comments made by both Podga and MikeL. I just love Vic and he welcomed me to GA chat with open arms. When I don't run into him in chat, I find myself wishing he was there.


:Vic2: Three Cheers for Vic! :Vic2:

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Who doesn't love Vic? Who doesn't love Vic? Who doesn't love Vic must be a prick. Go Vic!


:Vic2: :Vic2: :Vic2:

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  • Site Administrator

Wow, i really like this idea!! Thanks Yettie for taking it on.


As far as Vic goes, I hate him, hate him.....


Okay, I lie :P :Vic2: is one of the first people I met in chat. He took a young me, he is very old (okay, only 2 months older than me :P ) and helped me out when I had questions. Although I'm envious of him due to the fact the man is in excellent physical shape as he goes running and keeps up or passes the early 20 year olds.


I agree with Yettie's comment to give him a shout, you won't regret it :)



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Was going to try and find a smart alack comment to make.... decided against it. Rather wish Vic a grats, and agree with the rest of what peeps are saying. :D

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