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Fantasizing about a cute hispanic janitor



Alright let me just explain this without political correctness; I was working a little late the other night and the janitors came in. I wanted to say hello and introduce myself, with the new job and all. One of the guys caught my eye though.


He was probably late twenties or early thirties, had black hair, small tight build almost zero muscle mass, and had a very thick spanish accent. He wore an erring on his right ear, which I hoped means he's my kind of guy and not just in it for a fashion statement. My mind began to wander into the erotic fantasies of ripping this guy's blue shirt off and taking him on my desk.


I realized I was fantasizing and quickly thought of the most unsexy thing in my mind, a picture of a pregnant Brittney spears, to control my hormones.


After the greetings, I just gathered my things and left. No more small talk.


Maybe I am too shy and stuff, but I just didn't feel comfortable after fantasizing to stay around.


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