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Some thoughts about this new world



I wrote a poem this morning about the end of an era and I want to explain it.


Today 12/21/2012 marks the end of an age/era in Mayan calendars. However, what type of era, do we live in now?


Gay rights is winning left and right, gay marriage seems on the cusp of success and the majority of people no longer thinks of us as mentally ill. The religious fanatics are dying out along with a generation of hate mongers, racists, and generally "bad" people. Science is reaching greater heights and greater strides in understanding our Universe, increasing the human lifespan, and providing solutions to the world's greatest problems of hunger and energy.


Despite all of that, why did I write such dark and foreboding poem about this Brave New World?


All things in existence are balanced, what we have gained is grand and unimaginable, but what we have lost is small and intangible to the common man. Yet, when taken to its ends, what we have lost is also grand and unimaginable.


We have lost hope in this new world. Think about it for a moment, what does one strive for in the world today? Money, cars, computers, a cute boyfriend or some fuck buddies, or maybe all the above plus the world. That isn't hope though, it's desire. Hope comes from those seeking and striving to rise despite the obstacles in our way. It is through the trials and tribulations of life that hope is gained.


A world, without hope yet has everything else, seems like a dream, maybe even a Utopia. However, why am I getting an Ipad mini? Why do I need a new house? Why do I need all these clothes? There's no longer a reason to hope for something that can be obtained with merely a swipe of a credit card or financing from a bank.


We have become colder in our lives and colder in our hearts as hope is gone. While many of us enjoy the fruits of this new era, we no longer pay heed to others. Who has taken a long walk down an unknown street recently? Who has attempted to speak with total strangers at cafes and spar over the nuances of daily life? Few if any. Why must we need such things if our desires can be fulfilled so speedily, human beings are slow and imprecise unlike the goods and products that we consume.


Finally, there is the lost of faith in this new era. With half of all Americans no longer believing in the same Judeo-Christian God as a generation ago, things are changing.


Maybe people will say good riddance to bad rubbish, but there's a tragedy within this lost of faith.


Probably, if you know me well, you know I have a weird sense of religion and Christian ideology. I don't believe in any Church fully, nor absolve their customs completely.


I think modern Christians have done wrong to God by killing him three times (both metaphorical and spiritual murder). First, the death at the Cross, not merely the beginning of Christianity, but the death of open discourse. Nature and God after the rise of Christianity became objective with little subjective inquiry unlike the ancient. The rigid ideals of early Christians are praised by many as noble beliefs, but look at them more closely and ask whether the rigid order of supremacy and obedience to "lords" and "kings" was really noble. The words of openness and brotherhood among all men were washed away with the rise of an all powerful organization, "Modern Religion".


The Second murder came at the time of the Renaissance, when Popes would collect payments for spaces in heaven like God's management company on Earth. Gold and Silver flooded the old world and grand temples were created. Despite their claims of being more pious, Protestant have no better with their works. In modern times, mega-churches are a billion dollar industry that makes as much money without taxes as Apple computers. When people began manipulating ideals for worldly goods, they killed God by elevating foolish principles to generate ever greater wealth. Does Salvation or being "Saved" really matter with a book that cost $29.99 that is not even the Bible and holds no more words of wisdom?


We are now killing God for the third time, but it is not out of "nobility" or "ignorance". We have moved beyond those ideals into "apathy", mankind has lost faith. We have lost the meaning of truth after centuries of lies and power plays by those that claim to have divine rights through God. It no longer matters, whether there is a God or not, mankind no longer cares to ask such questions that have no meaning. Why carry stubborn faith, when there is no judgment on earth as there once was?


We are in an era with progress and many products, but we have lost hope and faith.


If there is no judgment, no hope, and no need to follow in the rigid noble path, what is left for man except an emptiness that is far more infinite and tragic than any type of Apocalyptic vision of Hell and Brimstone.




Well that explains my poem and my thoughts on the new world.


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