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I'm A Lucky Man

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Andrew Q Gordon


As I type this I'm sitting on my patio, watching 'lil q grew up before my eyes. Gone is the infant/baby/toddler who I had to carry around to do everything. She's walking around, playing with her new sandbox, then her mini big wheel [okay so it's a barbie version of it that grandma bought her but still] and then she set out to explore the yard. Not once did she require my help as she marched off, looking to see what was to see. I hover between a smile and tears as I watch her find her way. I know there will be many more - and worse - times like this in the not so distant future, but today it was special. I already miss the baby she was, but love the little girl she's become.


When we started this journey more than three plus years ago, these were things I longed to experience. I don't think I expected the bittersweet taste that comes from watching her leave her total need for me/us behind. Of course i want her to grow up and become a self confident independent woman, but - can't that wait a few dozen more years? Of course, soon she started calling - Papa, I need help - [yes, that is what she says at 2 years and a week] so up I go to kiss a boo-boo, or turn on the spigot so she can wash off the sand she squeezed through her hands. Then I needed to push her through the grass because her legs don't quite reach the pedals. Despite the big grin, I see how fast she's growing, so I make sure to enjoy the moments as they come.


But that was a digression from what I meant to write. As some - maybe most by now - know, Mike and I got married last week. Yes, after 18+ years I finally made an honest man of him. It's been a hectic couple months trying to get the wedding organized, and 'lil q's second b-day party the day after. Just when I think things will slow down - boom, they're don't.


All of that is a long way of getting to saying, sorry for being so scarce. I miss the time I spent here. I miss chatting, reading, commenting, etc. I made some very good friends on GA and I hope to make more in the future. But first I need to get organized and get back to contributing. I'm working on it, it just might take me a bit of time to get there.

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Congratulations for you and Mike!  :D

Aw, for lil' q growing up so fast, but treasure the memories.  See you when we see you and I hope you're basking in newlywed glow.  ;)

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Thanks Dark, and yeah we are, but it just doesn't feel that much different. 'lil q still needs tending to so our lives haven' changed much at all.  lol

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Enjoying life as a married couple and proud parents is the ultimate.  All three are very lucky individuals.  Hugs, and don't blink.  She'll be married and gone.  Congratulations!

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Just wait till she becomes a teenager! :P But don't worry, I'll let you borrow my shotgun to scare off all the boys who'll come a knockin'. Of course you'll have to send it back to me when I have my daughter and need it for the same reason. ;) 


In all seriousness though, congrats on getting married. She's cute as hell too!

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Congratulations on your marriage...such happy news. As for lil 'Q, she is growing so fast, every time you share pictures(and thank you for that) It's easy to see not only how big she's getting but what happy child she is. She may not need you for everything, but she will always need her Papa and her Dad. The needs will change but she'll still need you.

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Is she enrolled in Kaplan yet?




How are her grades?




Remember the proper grading scale


62-asian-grading-scale.jpgShe needs to get a move on



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LoL Yanger, I am gonna make sure you don't become a helicopter mom :P


Congrats Q, you deserve a very happy life. Send my best wishes to Mike. I'd have offered you a Wedding gift, but I don't know where to mail it to.

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