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New Year, New Look, New Things

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Andrew Q Gordon


Time is a precious commodity, you never seem to have enough. Vacations seem too short, work takes up too much time. We all long for that mythical 'someday' - you know that day when we won't have anything but free time to do all the things we want but can't squeeze into our schedule. I know I've been waiting for many years and I'm not totally sure it will ever come.


The last couple years I realized my dream to become published. It's both thrilling and exciting as well as something of a let down. I've written before about how the time requirements are almost as great after you write your book as when you're writing it. The need to network, market, promote, etc takes up a lot of time - a lot! I wish it weren't so. I miss all the time lost to 'branding', 'marketing', 'socializing'. But it's part of the deal. Take it or leave it. Even free stories like on GA require some of those things. How many readers will engage an author who isn't responsive or engaging?


The last couple weeks I've had a couple things that came up that are GA related that reminded me that not only did GA give me my start, but the people here are what gave me the courage to go after my dream. In return for those gifts, I disappeared. I could justify it however I wanted, new baby, new books, need to market, whatever, but the bottom line is I didn't make the time to really engage readers on GA like I could.


So with that I realized I needed to do better.


First thing is I changed my icon. The new one is my avatar for all social media, not just GA. It will appear with all my posts. I've had it for a bit, but I had brought it to GA. That's been fixed.


Next - I've got a few short chapters of Second Shot the Senior Year left to post and I'll do that in the new week or two. After that I'll be posting the short follow on story to Purpose. Both of these appear on my website. Once those are posted, I plan to create the Purpose story into a small ebook and post it in the GA store. Finally, I started a new story on my website - My Guardian Angel is a Cockblocker, that will be posting here as well. Again, once that is complete, I'll post it as a free eBook.


I don't know that I can get back into chat much anymore, but I'll see about swinging by when I've need a break from 'work.' Also, I like to leave an open invite to anyone who has questions about publishing, marketing, or writing. Feel free to message me here or email me. I promise to always reply.



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My Guardian Angel is a Cockblocker?!?  I **GOTTA** read this one  :-)


As to presence, we all go through it, dropping off at times just due to one thing or the other.  But you've always kept the connection to GA and we love seeing you here.


The one thing that has to be majorly corrected though, that you are formally guilty of...


More pics of Lil Q pls  :-)

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Treb, Dave -


I went to do as Trebs told me  and realized it's been four months since I did the last one. She's gotten 'older' (obviously - but I mean she's growing out of her baby/toddler and into her little girl years)


So I posted a new one cause you told me to Trebs.  I've also uploaded two new chapters that will post on the next two tuesdays and then I'll start with the Purpose stuff - again I'll upload and scheduled them for in advance until they're done. :)

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