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Stuck like Chuck

stephanie l danielson


Yup, in a rut in the mud or as I like to say a turtle in frozen molasses. LOL. Basically: writer's block.


The prompts here have helped me, but I am still frozen on my other major wip's.


Life has me stuck, I'm 4 weeks unemployed now and nothing in the hopper...which is scary and taking my focus away :(


Plus other family issues, etc...


Any advice from those in the writer's block prison?

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First, I love giving advice... and it's free! Writer's block might be attributed to your other concerns. Job and family. That's the easy explanation, and understandable. So now might not be the time to write? Or, write a bit of something specific to your worries about job and family. As to your works in progress, having more than one project going at the same time, especially if they're in different veins of tone and subject matter (drama vs. light comedy, etc.) makes it easier to keep writing when you hit the wall. Or starting something new, even it's a short piece. I've always thought of writer's block as being akin to insomnia. Best to get off the writing, and do something totally unrelated. My favorite is hiking. Sometimes what the mind needs most is to have its physical shell unleashed. They're connected somehow, and a happy body encourages a fertile mind, clacking away on a keyboard. Good luck!

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Thanks, Eugene! I have a lot of odd stuff going on family-wise for sure and I need to put it into words. I have done short pieces here and they help for sure :) Biking is my fav or skating, to get out of a rut and get some inspiration back.

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Nothing's worse than writer's block.  I get procrastination's block sometimes but once I get started writing, the pages come flying out!

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