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2016 Special Anthology: Rewind * Now Live *

Renee Stevens


As some know, I've been asked many times if we can redo past anthology themes. Since normally we don't use the same themes more than once, it was decided to do a special anthology using all of the Pre-2016 anthology themes, which we decided to call: Rewind. Authors could choose any past theme they wanted and write a 5,000 - 25,000 word story. Six authors took up the challenge and we now have a twelve story anthology for you, just in time for Christmas. Which seems fitting since there are a couple of Christmas stories in there!


All authors who participated in the anthology were entered into a drawing as part of the author incentives. The winner gets to choose which prize they would like:

  • 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 1 Month Ad Space - This can be used for a GA story, a published story, or your story collection
  • $5 Credit to the GA ebook store

And the winner is


(Pm me with your prize choice)


On top of author incentives, we want to encourage readers to read and review the anthology entries. For each story a reader reviews, they will get one entry into the drawing. Reviews need to be more than just a "great story" or "I liked this". Share your thoughts with the author and you could win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 Month Premium Membership
  • $5 Credit to the GA ebook store

If you'd like to better your chances, write me a blog review (200-500 words) on your favorite story from the anthology and I'll give you an extra 2 entries! Readers will have until January 6th to review stories and/or write a blog review. The winner will be announced in the Weekly Wrap Up on January 8th.


Now, let's see what the authors came up with! (The original theme name has been included in italics)







Blizzard / Christmas


Daddy Issues
Sasha Distan

Friends & Enemies


Fairy Tales


Family Matters
Sasha Distan

I'd Never Do That


Finding Refuge






Living In The Shadows / Fairy Tales




Trade Deals
Sasha Distan

A Night To Remember


Fairy Tales / Ending & Beginnings


Waiter. Waiter

A Night To Remember


2016 Special Anthology Support Team


Anthology Coordinator

Renee Stevens


Tech Support



Proof Team





Parker Owens


Anthology Banner Creation

Mann Ramblings

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I'm so excited!!! I love antho stories, so I'm really looking forward to reading the ones I haven't read yet, and re-reading the ones I have! :)


Thank you, members of the antho team, and Mann for the great banner. :)

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*dances* so many words!!!


I suggest reading Sasha's Daddy Issues before Trade Deals. Both are great fun. On to the next stories. :D

You can read them in any order Tim, there were designed and checked that way. But thank you sweetie.

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