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This Dom's Pledge

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We talk often together about our lives, about D/s and what it means to all of us here who have chosen this lifestyle. I say choose, but is it a choice?  I could never choose to be submissive, just as tim could not be a Dominant.  But as we are, we are two halves, and only together are we whole. 


as always, for my sweet boy, I leave you this;



This Dom’s Pledge


As days tumble into years

you are still with me.

A gift, as precious to me as any treasure

More, since you come to me on your knees

Into my hands you place your heart and mind

And body.

Trusting I will keep you safe, protecting you always

As is my wont and my duty

I promise you now, as I promised you then

To be all for you, to care and protect you

Until I am no more



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5 hours ago, BlindAmbition said:

To love, honor, protect. Basis for any healthy relationship. Mutual respect and growth. Absolutely beautiful Sir.

Thank you, jp

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5 hours ago, Puppilull said:

Do we ever choose who we are or become? Perhaps in minor details, but mostly we are the product of life. For those of us lucky to find a matching jagged edge, we should indeed cherish it. No matter how we express that unity. 


I'm happy for you both. 

Thank you, Puppilull. Much appreciated

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1 hour ago, Reader1810 said:

Mike, your pledge is a declaration of love in my mind.  tim’s response to your pledge tells me your love for him is strong and very much cherished. 


it is exactly that, Reader.  Thank you. 

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