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For tim



For tim


You are this beautiful creature that has graced my life

A zephyr that blows softly lifting nary a hair

I cannot cage you or keep you from those who love you

Water that runs unfettered through my fingers

You love is like the grains of sand on a long white beach

Quicksilver that flows, cannot be molded or shaped

Your radiance cannot be closeted or hidden

Clouds that skim playfully through the blue above

How can I lock up the wind?



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1 hour ago, BHopper2 said:

tim is not the only poet in the family, I see. That was beautiful Mike. tim is lucky to have you, in his life.

Hardly a poet, but I have moments of luck.. thank you. I am the lucky one. 

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57 minutes ago, mollyhousemouse said:

your love for, and admiration of tim shines in this Sir


i thank you for sharing that with us


please keep writing, you do it well


Thank you molly.  I will write when the mood takes me.  I'm not like tim who sees the world in poetry.  Thank you for your comments and belief. 

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57 minutes ago, Defiance19 said:

Such a beautifully expressed poem Mike. 

Very well done..

Thank you very much, Def! 

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24 minutes ago, mogwhy said:

the love shines. you can't cage the wind but, you can grab a sail and ride the wind. enjoy the ride. together you'll soar

Thank you very much moggy. 

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33 minutes ago, Caz Pedroso said:

Beautiful...You are both so lucky to have each other and to have someone who can write such beautiful things too....

Thank you, Caz.  I am very lucky. Thank you for reading.

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35 minutes ago, dughlas said:

Lovely Michael. We love what makes him free.

Thank you dugh. 

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