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Things to do - Isn't there always?



So, I use Wunderlist to keep track of my To Do lists.  I have a lot of them.  Stuff for the site, stuff for the business, stuff for home, stuff for mom's home, stuff for the mancave, stuff for writing, and even entertainment.  There are more too.  As of this moment, I have 69 things on my To Do list flagged for Today.  After 50 hours sucked up by the work week, I'm a bit grouchy that I've got more stuff to do. 


My nerdy nature doesn't help.  I like doing research on stuff.  (like reading books on string theory and Einstein-Rosenburg bridges for my sci-fi stuff.)  But I'm also reading psychology and marketing books. They go in fits in starts as I get a few moments.  I am constantly reading about all the changes to Google that affect our lives.  It seems kind of endless.  Some of this stuff I can't just let slide either.  We have to march to Google's constantly changing beat so we can be found in the search engine so that we can get traffic so that we can get ad revenue so that we can stay open.  I don't do this nearly as often as I should be.  There are tools out there that help with all this, but the good ones cost a fair bit of money.  It's worthwhile to invest in them from time to time to make the improvements, but I need to have more free time when I do that so that I can take maximum advantage of the tool while we have it.  I wish I had more time to devote to the site.  Short of a sudden 10x increase in subscribers, I won't have that time.  Though, if we do get a 10x increase in subscribers, I'd be able to dedicate full time to the site and really do some interesting things. lol.


I should probably do some chores, eat breakfast and then triage my to-do list.

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I understand the pressures of lists. You cross off 10 and add 20 things to it. Just remember to breathe! We’re only human, and only so many hours. Hope you find some peace. Your time and site is greatly appreciated.

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