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Writing Prompts #734 & #735

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Renee Stevens


Yay! For once I managed to get the prompts up on time! Go me!  As you can see, here's this weeks dose of the writing prompts, provided to us by @comicfan!  Hopefully the two prompts below will prompt a new idea. Just remember, prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection.  Happy Writing!



Prompt 734 – Creative

Tag – The Ring

You’ve inherited an old family ring from a distant cousin. Unfortunately, the ring comes with a lot of responsibilities and powers you didn’t know about before you slid the ring on and became the new owner. What exactly does the ring do?


Prompt 735 – Creative

Tag – Medical Issue

You’ve been working on a cure for the space sickness for the last seven years. You’ve finally come up with a possible cure with the help of your team, but there is one hell of a side affect. The cure works but it may just cause a part of humanity to take a huge evolutionary step forward. What does the cure do?



Did you write a prompt response last week? Share the link in the comments!

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