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Stories System Updated 4/15

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We have patched the site with the latest update.  There are a handful of requested changes in this update.

Story System Reputation

First up, on the Authors listing, we can now sort by "Highest Story Reputation"


Under an author's icon, you'll now see 2 numbers.  The Green number is the Site Reputation Total.  (The likes across the entire site).  The number in the gray box is the Story Reputation. (This is the likes from just the stories/chapters/comments in the story system).  You can now view the most popular author based on positive feedback on their story content.

Story Types

The next feature we've added is a new filter in the stories system to allow you to select stories of a specific size.


Some special notes about "Story Type":

  • This filter is only showing live data in the story system
  • The titled story type is only a range of story word count as it exists at the moment you use the filter.
  • We used the Wikipedia definition of story types while adding the last 3.
  • Since this is live data, when an author posts new content with sufficient word count, then the story type will change.
  • And to repeat... Story Type is number of words in the story at the moment you use the filter.


Stories List for Fan Clubs

There is now a way to list an authors stories in a Fan Club.  This makes getting to the author's stories that much easier when you are hanging out in their Fan Club.


The listing is the same as you'd see visiting the author in the Stories section.

(I've gone through and added the stories list to all of the open fan clubs)


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looks good and some things I will employ going forward :)


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    • By Myr
      With the last update to the software, we've added the ability to add new meta data fields to Worlds, Series, and Author pages.  I've just added a new field to the Edit World interface.

      If you have set up a website that has more information, details or images, you can link it here.  This might be a Club for our promoted authors.  Or it might be a World Building website like World Anvil.  Or maybe Dungeon Fog, if you're sharing a map link.
      Anyone writing in Sci-Fi, Fantasy or other speculative fiction does world building.  Not all of it ends up in the story itself.  Do you want to share it?  You can now link it easily.
    • By Myr
      It has been quite a while, hasn't it? I wanted to write to update everyone on where we are.

      We have been in a holding pattern for over a year now regarding upgrading our forum software to the newest version (4.1.x). In many ways this has benefited us, as they have discovered many issues that have been resolved. However it has been a real pain in other regards. This is especially true for mobile browser support as well as our text editor. The good news is that once we switch to the new forum software, we will be set. They have made the new software far less reliant on custom code for the text editor, so it gets updated frequently with bug fixes and features. The new software is also responsive, meaning that it utilizes the same interface no matter what device you use and will automatically resize to fit your device.

      The good news is programming has finally started on our Stories 2.0 software that will work with the new forum software mentioned above. This will effectively be a conversion, though it is actually rewritten from the ground up. What this means is that we’ll have the same functionally as we have currently, just on the new forum software. This means a better text editor, better support for mobile devices, as well as other cool, new features.

      We'll be in development and testing for the next 3 months or so. When the Stories 2.0 software works and is ready to go live, our developer will begin development on Stories 2.1 adding several new features. Development and testing of these features will take an additional 2-3 months.
      We will, of course, have a test site up and running for everyone to look at as we got closer to release. We'll be asking for feedback and involving the members as much as we can. Our long-term members will remember the pain of transitioning to the current Stories software. There were a lot of changes to the site at that time, and members were really unhappy.

      I will continue updating everyone, using this blog, as we make progress towards transitioning to the new forum software. This will be an extremely stressful time for site staff. We will all be working hard to test the new software, find and fix bugs, plus support our members and authors at the same time. As such, each site technology blog will feature a reminder that while we encourage constructive feedback and reporting bugs, getting angry at site staff about changes outside of their control will not be allowed. If we say that we are stuck with a particular change because of the new forum software, then that means we are stuck with it.

      We encourage members to step up and help us beta test the new forum and stories software when it is ready. With your help, we can find solutions to issues members may encounter before the upgrade goes live. We want to do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible. We ask for your help and your patience during this process.
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