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Is it Wednesday? I think it is! Which means it's time for...  🎶 Aaaaaaaask An Author!  🎶 Oh, boy! I hope speech-to-text capabilities don't advance any time soon, because that was just awful! My husband's looking at me like I'm a crazy person! Anyway, we have another three questions for one of GA's authors! 


Solitude of the Photo
C.T. Piatt

The lens of the camera is shallow.  It sees colour and shape.  It gives the illusion of motion in two dimensions.  It draws the light from the dark.  In that space between lens and subject, between picture and reality, lies solitude.

Jonah lived in that solitude, content within its embrace.


The descriptions and details really bring this story to life and made it a riveting read.  Are you a photographer or artist yourself?

I dabble in photography, have a decent camera and a couple of lenses - well it was decent when I bought it 10 years ago. I've tried painting/drawing but I can't get my body to create what I see in my mind. Photography is simpler to achieve that. I do create in other ways - mostly sewing (from scratch and repurposing) and jewellery. I know I can 'see' what I want to create. And I want my words to paint what I see so others can see it too. I'm pleased to hear that I achieved that.


All the stories you have posted on GA are short stories.  Do you have any longer work or plans for longer stories?

I do have longer stories in the works, but they seem to just keep growing and I never find 'The End'. It's easier for me to write shorter and finish. Plus there is always another story jumping around in my head demanding some attention.

Currently with the change in the world I have ended up with employment that takes up most of my time (too much of my time) and my hobbies are suffering. I know I need to achieve a better work/life balance - maybe this will kick my butt into doing more for me.


What was your inspiration for this story?

I was once that photographer - taking photos of cars racing around the track. But I was there with my family and friends, all of whom took part as drivers. Except me. I can't stand just being a spectator so I took up the camera to be active and to make memories. One such event 'Jonah' started talking to me. The story was born that night after everyone else had gone to bed.


I love the answer to the first question! I have a soft spot for a story that takes it time to paint every emotion, every movement, and every single second in the world. If you liked this interview, make sure to go read the story (link in the story title). After that, go check out @C.T. Piatt's other works (link in the author's name under the title)! 

Don't forget to send me some questions! Anybody can send me questions about any author's story! I'll see y'all next month!

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In that space between lens and subject, between picture and reality, lies solitude.

I am in awe at this beautiful imagery! - I had no choice but to go and read the story.

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  • Site Administrator

This author is a hidden gem on GA.  The descriptions, detail, and imagery in their stories paints a vivid picture without going overboard.  This was the first story I read by this author, and I was drawn in by the same line as Palantir.   @C.T. Piatt, I hope your work schedule will ease soon and allow you more time to pursue your hobbies.  They're definitely worth pursuing.  Great interview!  In case anyone missed it, @Aditus recently wrote a great review of another one of this author's stories.  


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  • Site Administrator

Awesome questions and I love the answers. 

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