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Weekly Wrap Up (May 30 - Jun. 5)



Sorry everyone, I totally forgot and there will be no wrap up this week :( 




Well, that was what I thought to write when I woke up in my nice warm bed after 3 days of record setting heat and today being cold, windy, multiple thunderstorms and even a tornado just south of the city. I was woken for no particular reason from my slumber and realized crap, I haven't done the wrap up :o So I thought of grabbing the iPad and typing the above and falling back to sleep. But nooooooo, I couldn't do that :P So here I am just after midnight, sitting down to do the wrap up. Hope you enjoy :yes:.

Monday was CSR Discussion Day where Cia locked Graeme in a small interview room, put a hot lamp on him and forced him to answer her questions before she would let him leave :o Well, maybe not that dramatic :P 

Wednesday was everyone's favourite day of the week because it was Aaron's day to bring us a brand spanking new Ask An Author 3.0:

I really, really hope you took in the Thursday Announcement of a brand new GA Contest with a great prize!! Looking forward to reading these all :) Question though, Pride in my city is in September, can I get an extension? :gikkle:

Friday, was Wayne's day to grace our front page with a couple of new prompts, these ones were Pride related!

Saturday was Comicality's day to bring us an all new, informative article and one of my favourite things to see in a story if done right! Well Comsie will give you the tools to do so:


As for the Words of the Day this past week by Myr, I really liked them as there was so many words that I never knew :o 

Hat Trick, Poignant, Svengali, Bibelot, Intestate, Execrable, Bandersnatch

And what about the goals? Well what about them :P Let's check 'em out.



  • 2021 Anthology #2 Top Theme 1 - A Winding Path - October 31st, 2021
  • 2021 Anthology #2 Top Theme 2- An Unconventional Gift - October 31st, 2021
  • 2021 Anthology #2 Pot Luck Themes - October 31st, 2021 
  • Spoiler

    Pot Luck Themes

    Pick Your Poison     -     Lockdown     -     Left Behind     -     Dire Monotony     -     Mutation is Progress

    Blood Moon     -     Birthday Present     -     Falling for Fall     -     Elves or Elvis?     -     Life's Past

    The Woods     -     Rings of Fire     -     Plateau Wolves     -     Rock     -     Men and Women     -     A Legend Retold

    Echoes     -     The Last Sentinel     -     Tomorrow     -     A Label     -     Surpassing   -   Twilight Falling


  • Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies

  • Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies

Ask an Author

  • Ask an Author 3.0 - Submit a story you like and 3 questions you would like to ask the author about. Send them to @astone2292 and @Renee Stevens **Please submit so Aaron can have a  bank of stories and questions**

Blog Opportunities


Premium Updates:

On Fire by Cia *Premium*

Classic Updates:

Crossroads: Tales from the Heartland by Altimexis

Stuff People Do by Ronyx

Signature Updates:

Ancalagon by Cia

Flight of the Dodo by CarlHoliday

GFD: Persona by Comicality

Lorca's "Love from the Darkness Sonnets" by AC Benus

The Farm by Mikiesboy **Complete**


Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (and Recommend with a share to the forum topic!) 

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@wildone, I can't tell you how many times I've had that issue with the "Word of the Day". 

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