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Do you do it?



So it's been a while since my last blog and I thought I was over-due for one. Let's see if I still remember how to do this.


Hypothetical Situation:


There's this guy that you know. You're not friends with him, you haven't talked to him, but you know him. He was in one of your classes and could possibly be classified as a 'friend-of-a-friend'. Now, you know he's gay. Or at least you assume he is from past experiences.


So you're into him, you want to ask him out, or hell even just say 'hi'. You f**K up and you don't get the chance because Summer starts. Moving forward a few months, you're back in school again. You aren't in his class, but you see him in the halls sometimes. Turns out, he also lives down the street a ways from you. About a mile... if that.


So here's where we get to the 'sticky' part. He shows no interest in you what-so-ever. You assume that he knows you're gay because you basically told him before. You tried (but failed) to make a conversation or make something happen. When you pass each other in the halls, he doesn't show any sign of recognition, no smile, no male 'head nod', nothing... You're very interested in him though. Maybe even too interested for not even really knowing him.


What do you do? Do you suck it up, face the rejection you know is coming, and ask him out/talk to him anyways? Do you just burry it, and move on and find someone else? Do you try and 'accidentally' bump into him somewhere else?


What would you do? How would you do it?


[end Hypothetical Situation]


Author's Note: This is pure fiction and does not reflect the author's life in any way 0:) *cough*



(Who is back to using the one liners at the bottom)


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Go for it, talk to him. There is always the chance that it could turn out wonderfully.


Good Luck!


Kurt :D

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Hmm, I'd like to comment on your hypothetical situation. To make things easier, let's give said hypothetical crush guy a name...let's go with *Adam*.


Facts -

1) Adam knows you are gay

2) Adam knows you are interested

3) Adam shows no sign of recognition, no smile, no male

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3) Knock him off balence - this is the "game" approach. You want to completely confuse the poor guy. Whenever you see him in the hall or other casual interactions greet him with a very friendly and out-going smile. Address him by name and make good eye contact. Radiate confidence. Go ahead and have casual converations with him. DON'T be serious (initially), don't have long conversations, always try to be the one to leave first or end the conversation. This approach is naughty. You're essentially purposely sending out mixed signals to keep him guessing. Probably not the best foundation for a relationship, but hey maybe you'll be nice once you catch him. :P

I like your style Kevin :D


You could also try the Nelson from With Trust approach...


'My Name is Joe and I have a truck'


'My Name is Joe and I have the hots for you'

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Hold on a second! Why are we using my name in this? HYPOTHETICAL Situation if you remember :P


Though in the first 3 options Kevin gave, the person who was interested in this 'Adam' (as Vic named him) would have to have the balls to actually talk to him. And that person doesnt have the set of them needed to do such a thing.


So, in this hypothetical situation, I think the person would go with Kevin and choose option number 4.


Joe :)

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Joe -


Walk up to him and say "hi". Go from there. The end.




Ummm, didn't Joe's hypothetical friend already try that approach? :blink:


Ok, so the walk up to him and say hi from *Adam's* point of view looked more like:



'So Brittany, I'm standing in the hall and this crazy dude comes up to me, shoves a piece of paper into my hand, mumbles something I don't understand, and then runs away' Adam tells his best friend.


'OMG Adam, what was on the paper?' Brittany asks.


'A phone number. I don't know if it was his or a number for a hot babe.'


'A hot babe, for your flaming ass? *giggles* . Did you call it?'


'Hey, I'm straight acting straight appearing!. But no way, that dude's f*cking crazy. Besides, I don't know if he can talk, all he did is mumble. Who knows, he might be a little slow.'


'What'd he look like?'


'He was kinda cute, but I couldn't get a good look at his face cause he wouldn't make eye contact.'


'Whatever, just ignore him. He's some wacked out dude.'




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Joe, I'm not sure who this hypothetical guy thinks he is, but clearly he is not of "Adam's" caliber. "Adam" doesn't want some chicken shit pussy who can only talk about what he wants, who can only pass notes like some gossipy chick. I mean yeah, he might be a hot-shot punk on some no-name bush in a giant cyber-garden, but when he doesn't have his computers in front of him, chatting with dozens of faceless people while watching porn, all he does is dream of a life that isn't his. This hypothetical guy is best off staying behind his computer, masturbating and thinking about what might be.


I suggest he stay true to who he is and not give up some pride to take a chance. He cannot risk the chance that even if he is brutally rejected he might gain some pride in himself. I suggest he admit that "Adam" is way too good for him, that he has nothing to offer, and go on to the next guy who is so needy that his ego gets a boost. Until it falls apart because even this new needy person sees that there is really nothing to this hypothetical guy. Nothing more than a bogus self-inflated attitude, an undersized penis, and horrible taste in clothing.


I would tell the hypothetical guy to ignore everyone at school and stick to his online friends.


:king: Snow Dog

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No risk, no reward.


Talk to the guy about anything- preferably a matter of mutual interest- a band you like, a CD you want to burn, a movie or DVD you want to see... An excellent way to win points is if you have a CD that he wants. Burn it for him. When he says thanks, say no problem and ask him about his CD collection and trade rips. :)


You live pretty close to each other. Something you might try is to bike or walk by his house when he is outside. (If you run or jog, make his place part of your route) At home he is in his comfort zone and a lot of the walls people put up at school won't be there.


Good luck!




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I hope "hypothetical guy" (should we call him HG for short?) won't mind if I speak bluntly: if HG has the balls to break up with someone and deal with everything that involves, he certainly ought to be able to come up with at least one ball to speak to someone new.


And I do too have a face. ;)

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you could always take the elementry school approach and ask him out your last day of school!


er 'the hypothetical boy' could always take the elementry school approach and ask him out the last day of school. (since I see that your last day is in december)

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