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I hate this Fing Blog.



So no matter what, but whenever I post about a certain topic in here, it all goes to hell. And as much as I'd really like to post about that topic, I'm going to refrain because it's a pain in the ass and if it all goes to hell like it has in the past, then I'm going to be pissed. Royally. So if you know what I'm talking about, don't comment it in because I'm superstitious like that :P


Anyways, I don't know how long it's been since I last posted, but I assume it wasn't too long ago and I'm posting quicker than my usual one month time gaps.


The whole Missouri thing... that's pretty much out the window. There's still a slight chance it could happen, but at this point I'm not looking at it very seriously. Northwood still sucks though so I'm going to have to transfer schools eventually, but I can deal with it for another year if need be. Speaking of school, I have class in about an hour and a half and I didn't go to bed last night so I'm pretty damn hungry and will probably need some caffeine before that f**king Accounting class. God forbid I sleep through a class that I have the exact powerpoint he's reading word-for-word off of and don't pay attention to anyways.


Hmm, I've been really stressed out recently and things have finally begun to take a huge toll on me. So if I seem out of it or slow to do something, tell me. Don't try and be understanding and let me slack off because then I'll keep taking advantage of it and won't get shit done. So kick me in the ass repeatedly until I do whatever it is needs to be done. I'm being completely honest here and I'll probably get annoyed with you, but I'll get it done and then we'll both be happy because you have whatever it is you needed done and I can stop the nagging. But seriously... nag me to death until I do it.


I have a bitter taste in my mouth right now. Kind of annoying, but it was worth it so I can't complain. I need a piece of gum though.


It's cold again. Texas weather sucks. It was so nice earlier yesterday and you could actually walk outside without a jacket on. I just tried and froze my ass off. And we're supposed to get rain this afternoon. Cold = Good. Rain = Good. Cold + Rain = Not so much.


MSN. Sucks. Actually the virus I'm infected with sucks, but MSN is stupid because it's still not fixed. I ran my virus scanner on Deep Clean three times and cleared out any virus. There was only the one that I got hit with today and it cleaned it after the first one and gave me the all clear on the last two. But apparently it's still sending out those stupid f**king messages with zip files. DON'T OPEN ANY FILES FROM ME! Chances are I'm not going to send any of you a file through MSN soon, so don't open the shit I send.


I have to pee. And while that may seem like an overshare of information to a lot of you, no one is forcing you to read this blog. And since that's one of the top 3 things on my mind right now, I felt the need to get it out on... screen?


Guitar Hero 3 is fun. I suck and can only play Hard (and even then I still fail half the songs), but it's still a lot of fun and they have some good songs on there.


Wii is fun, but I suck horribly. I tried the duck hunt thing, and I pretty much got my ass kicked every time I played it. Then I tried Mario and kept getting my ass lost or falling into some god damn hole. Seriously, who the f**K puts a hole in the middle of a level. I don't know about you guys, but I don't see these big ass black holes when I'm walking through the park. And if I were to see one of these holes, I wouldn't walk over to the damn thing and try and jump over it. How stupid can you be? Then again when you're doing different colored shrooms all day and shit out stars, you might not think as clearly as the rest of us do.


Beyond that, I don't know what to say. I think I've bullshitted my way through this so it's long enough that most people will skip over it and not give it a second glance. That's usually my objective when I write these. The longer they are, the less people that read them and the less people that can sit there and call me an idiot. Not that I mind because I usually deserve it, but when I only hear it from 4 people instead of 20, it makes me feel like I'm not THAT much of a dumbass.


Yes. Well. Class at 8. I have to pee. I'm hungry. I need caffeine. That about sums it up (ish).


Remember: Don't comment on the non-commentable I mentioned earlier. If you do, I will have to beat you with a stick. Or something much larger than a stick of I have one within reach.


Oh one more thing. I hate pictures of myself. I always blink and look horrible/stoned. So don't take any of me if I ever meet you because I'll probably end up flipping you off most of the time. And I hate my smile. I think I look like a dumbass, but others tend to disagree. I say they're stupid.


Pee. Food. Caffeine. Class. In that order.



(Who's doing the potty dance because this took longer than I though to write!)


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:hug: I hope everything turns out ok for you!!!


Also if I ever meet you....its either a picture or I'll just have to take you home :P


Greg :D

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Well I did 2 of the 4 things I said I'd do. I peed and went to class but that's as far on the list as I've gotten. Maybe sleep should be somewhere in there because I dozed off for 2 minutes in my accounting class and started snoring and woke myself up.


Stupid accounting.

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ewwwwww, acounting!!!!


Well going to class and sleeping are the same thing in my book. Just try not to snore....it draws attention :P

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You wasted my life with this.

Not like you don't do that anyways. You just slept through your class.

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I have a bitter taste in my mouth right now. Kind of annoying, but it was worth it so I can't complain. I need a piece of gum though.


might this have something to do with the unmentionable's unmentionable? :lol:


:king: Dr. Mr. Snow "Snoopy" "Stupid Snowy" Dog

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The unmentionable's unmentionable is incommentable in this blog, so hush! It's bad enough that I mentioned it at all so I've probably already f**ked myself over lol.

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The unmentionable's unmentionable is incommentable in this blog, so hush! It's bad enough that I mentioned it at all so I've probably already f**ked myself over lol.




Accounting sucks, you know what else sucks? we'll not me =D


Hope everything goes great!

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