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Homoerotic birthday cards



I went to the grocery store today, and I was looking at the birthday cards, and there were ones that were homoerotic. There was a really hot guy shirtless on one, and it said "I was gonna buy you one of these for your Birthday..." on the front, and I said, "But I didn't know what size."


I opened up the card, and that's exactly what it said on the inside. It's really sad when you can quote sexy cards like that, eh?


Also, you know how up until this point my only schoolmate that I've seen outside of school is Hot Cross Country guy? Well, at the grocery store, I saw six people from my school. Six. Separately. The grocery store is the cool place to hang out for teenagers, eh? Good thing I was still wearing my soccer uniform.


Speaking of which...we had a soccer game today.We kicked ass. I rock. Okay, so I don't rock, exactly, but I'm the fastest one on my team. Which is good.


You know how I said I'd write a song about CC hottie? Well, I didn't have time to today. Ok, so I did have time, I was just feeling lazy. I do that often.


So, in chat, I got hitched to Reaper'sharvest. Thanks Jules! I'm going to write my own version of "Here comes the bride" for when I'm walking up the aisle. I'm excited.


Ummmmmm...and about Boy Scouts...I probably should have quit by now. I really hate it, and I want out. I'm just too damn stubborn to quit. I hate quitting.


-psychic psychopath


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Homoerotic? Aren't those cards usually designed for women? No matter...good for you for taking it the way you did.


As for boy scouts, well, isn't it supposed to be fun? I'm all for staying power (maybe that didn't come out right...damn...this just gets worse)...but if it's something that's a hobby, you shouldn't feel so driven. It's not like a math class, it's just a club. If you went to a party and it sucked, would you feel that you had to stay to the end just to avoid being a quitter?

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Well, to me, they are homoerotic. I hope I get some of those for my birthday once I'm officially "out".


Also, I wouldn't stay at a sucky party, but that's because you get nothing out of staying at the sucky party. Being an Eagle Scout looks really good on college applications, job applications, and many other things. So it's the fact that I'll get something out of it that makes me too damn stubborn to quit. And no, it's not very fun.

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Having stuck it out this far, at least get your 12th eagle-qualifying badge & eagle scout status before ditching. You said it would only be for a couple more months, and attaining a well-recognized rank would be evidence of in-depth accomplishment, ability to advance through the ranks, etc. etc. etc.. Stuff like that is great on college applications.


Edit: Nevermind.

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HI :D u r :great: r poppa was a eagle scout n when my bro got his eagle scout poppa gave him his medal at his party thingee. Hear is a huggle 4 u :D

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Looking good on college and job applications...that's a fallacy. Don't buy it.


First of all, most colleges aren't thrilled with the Boy Scouts because of their discriminatory attitudes. Second, most businesses don't really look at that either.


I bet you heard that from the Boy Scouts themselves, didn't you? Masters of their own propaganda.

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Homoerotic? Aren't those cards usually designed for women?


A few are. Most I've seen seem to go out of their way not to imply any gender of the recipient. The makers most likely realize that they sell more cards that way. And the stores don't have to have a gay section for greeting cards and get picketed, or else not sell the cards.

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