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sigh, besides, who needs that much mayo?



Okay, so let me just start by saying that I have just finished eating a bag of yummy cheese popcorn for breakfast :o


So yesterday was Sunday and I usually try to go grocery shopping on Sundays because even though I work in the grocery store when I get off work, no one is here to help carry in all the groceries I just spent an hour shopping for, so I wait and get help on when they are home, even if it means I am there on my day off!


Well, Rich has 'decided' that it would be 'better' and 'cheaper' if we tried shopping at Costco. It is some big warehouse place where you buy items in bulk quantities for a cheaper price. Anyway you have to be a member to shop there so after he finds us the parking space the furthest possible place from the door, and looks over at me blushing, and says "What?" I take that opportunity to ask him if they provide a shuttle service to the door... anyway we get inside and we have to fill out the membership form and pay $45 to join and then the guy says we have to take our pictures to go on the back of rhe membership cards...


We begin the shopping... and my daughter, the drama queen, but oh so sweet, is in tears saying how she wants to go back to Albertsons, and it's not going to be her fault if we get lost in here cause we don't know where anything is in this big ass place, and I think she can tell I'm pissed, but I have reconciled myself to the fact that we have to try it so that he can figure out how this plan just sucks... and she keeps asking me if I'm okay and if I'm mad... obvious I guess, but we press on...


So after we make our way around the humongous place once and I have picked up some items on my list, I say, "Okay, I think we're done here," and Rich makes this face at me like... you have got to be kidding me... and then the argument ensues... or angered discussion I guess I'll call it cause we weren't yelling or anything, I mean come on, what kind of person do you take me for? Anyway, I try to calmly point out how it isn't cheaper to buy 12 tomatoes for $7 if you will only use 2 by the time they go bad and you have to throw them out and how it doesn't make sense to me to buy 4 containers of orange juice which you have to keep refridgerated when we won't have room for anything else then.


He says he really wants us to try to get all the stuff on the list from there, even if that means we have to try a different brand than we are used to, and then I tell him that I refuse to buy my produce there for the above mentioned reason and that where will we put the gallon sized jar of mayo? I mean really, come on now, who needs that much mayo? Plus by the time you put the four containers of orange juice and the two minimum gallons of milk and then the gallon of mayo, where else will we put anything in the fridge? And we have a BIG fridge!


So he proceeds to drag us around AGAIN on the second lap to go over the list AGAIN... sigh. By this time I am... way pissed, putting it nicely, but I am being cool about it cause I know this is how he works... and I think I better let him try to be in control once in a while... anyway, we leave there spending $200 on top of the $45 membership fee, and then still have to go to the regular grocery store anyway to get the things this place didn't have or I refused to budge on, like produce. Spent $85 more dollars there and then got home and carried all the crap inside and put it away before I make dinner. We finally sit down to eat at like 8:10 pm... and then have to rush to get the kids ready for school and in bed.


Anyway, all this and I forgot to mention the little old sample lady rapping about her seven layer bean dip that she was sampling :blink:


And to top it all off... he called me picky and stubborn and a sabatuer of his great plan! :angry:


Mm hmm that is what I said... SABATUER!!!, as if! Hmph... anyway so the one good thing that came of the whole trip was when I picked up the colossal bag of cheese popcorn bags and said "If we have to be here, I am at least getting cheese popcorn!" So, hence the cheese popcorn for breakfast... but crap I would rather starve than have to go through that ever again... but wait, sigh, we are MEMBERS now! Crap!!!


Deep breaths now, I have a colossal bag of super yummy cheese popcorn to get me through this, hehehe :P


Hugs, Viv


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Hey Viv!


Aside from the fact that I also had cheese popcorn for breakfast this morning as well and was feeling like a kindred spirit, I just wanted to tell you that was the best damn title for a blog entry I've seen in a while. hehe ^_^




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:lmao: Well, by all means keep us posted! When I was growing up, we had a Costco come in near us and my folks decided to try the "buy in bulk" thing. It didn't work! My mom decided to prove her point and just let my dad go hog wild. Needless to say we ended up throwing over half the stuff away I think because it went bad..... hehehe. Needless to say when my mom started throwing the stuff out.... dad was not pleased. Mom just looked at him and said "told ya so!" That was the end of my family buying in bulk.
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Every couple of months or so, my husband shops at one of those big stores. But he has learned what he can buy in bulk and what he can't. Mostly he gets snack stuff for lunches, dry cereals, regular sized canned goods (6 or 8 pack), that type of stuff. Luckily I have two full sized refridgerators and a full size freezer. Although, when I was out of town last month, he did buy this ten pound package of ground turkey because 'the price was too good to pass up'. Who the heck cooks with ground turkey?? Tofu has more flavor than ground turkey. Needless to say, he won't be buying that again anytime soon.



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Costco isn't completely useless! Just for perishable items. It's excellent for Twinkies, oreos, and other petroleum byproducts.

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Hey Viv :wub:


For better or for worst, in sickness and in health. Yup, that covers mental illness. :D I hope that it's just temporary insanity. BTW those places are good for getting party things.


Ok, I'm out of control! :lmao:


Somebody stop me before I hurt someone. :wacko:

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Dear Viv,


I may be the Poster Guy for Costco (true, I have it down to a science..I go 15 minutes before closing) and I know exactly what to get..and it allows a few minutes to wander...the one near me isn't extra huge...actually about the size of your typical chain grocery store. But I don't get much in bulk....(except paper products..they just make them Bounty size, etc...) But, I feel for the parents who have to drag the kids, the husbands that don't seem to get what they are supposed to get when sent back to aisle so and so....I just do the eye roll thing too..but honest, I swear, I can be done in 15 minutes....(even with Costco jeans....they last as long as the designers and wear better)


I don't have a large refrigerator so I can't imagine a gazillion gallons of milk or orange juice in them..but I do get my half and half there at a much smaller price then the store bought.


The veggies and meats and cold cuts and such are good...so are the cleaning products...but I imagine that a chain grocery store for whatever else is needed (like the mayo and most salad dressings, etc.) are where its at.


Trust me if you have to go again..try the 15 minutes before it closes solution and of course a list...know what you want before you go...its the only way. You will discover that way, its less hassle. (I end up spending more time in the check out line then getting what I need.)


All I can say Wonder Woman, I mean Grace, I mean Auntie Viv.....(besides hearing "Mommy" "Mommy" "Mommy" and "Hun" from your Hubby) is that we do love you...


and shout out to Sharon who always say it best in a line (I ramble best..takes me less time to shop then to ramble...)



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