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Why Obama is going to betray gay voters



Most of you were children when Clinton ran the country with trial balloons and focus groups.


You probably remember Bill Clinton as a guy who played the sax on MTV, liked to get hummers from interns, got in trouble for getting spoo on a blue dress and was married to that horrible b*tch senator from New York. The same one who was just thrown under the democratic primary bus by the failed President Elect Barry O'bumble.


You are probably too young to remember how Clinton betrayed gay voters not once but twice.


Clinton got a lot of support from the gay community and he had to give us something but what would it be. It couldn't be anything of substance. Gay issues were too unpopular and would come back to bite him. It was simply too politically loaded to allow gays to serve openly in the military so Clinton did the most nothing that he could get away with: that's how we got Don't Ask and Don't Tell. He did this in the early weeks of of his first term so that it would give voters plenty of time to forget about it. It has really not changed the culture of the military because they still ask and if you don't tell the truth they call it perjury, hang a felony on your ass and a dishonorable discharge.


Clinton's second betrayal of his gay supporters was signing the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which makes passing gay marriage/civil unions, nearly impossible, even more difficult.


What you don't remember is how democrats operate when they are in power. Screw what they said that they were going to do- everybody knows that democrats lie to get elected and the media lets them get away with a wink and a nod.


Democrats do what is popular. Whenever a democratic president is about to make a decision, the staff conducts focus groups and leaks various versions of the plan to the media called trial balloons. The decision is based on not what is right or best for the country, not on the basis of core beliefs or ideology but what is popular.


Yes- that's right. Democrats are constantly running for office. They will always do what is popular because to democrats what is good for the country is for democrats to stay in power. You will never see a democrat take a tough stand on an unpopular issue.


Democrats are political yes men: they will always tell you what you want to hear. They will tell you that they will lower taxes. They will tell their special interest group voting blocks that they are going to get whatever it is that they want. THEY WILL ONLY DELIVER ON THESE PROMISES IF IT IS POPULAR, PRINCIPLE BE DAMNED.


That is why we will be betrayed by the new, failed Obama Presidency. Gay Rights issues are never popular.


Here is how it is going to play out: we will be told that they (congress & the administration) are too busy with the economy to get to gay rights. It'll be put off and put off. Then we'll be told that the administration will make it a priority in the second term. If indeed he wins a second term, the democratic party will put pressure on him to leave it alone because we'll be facing a close election in 2016 and gay rights is never popular.


We might get another little symbolic nothing like don't ask, don't tell but you can forget about all of those campaign promises.


Ain't gonna happen. Not now. Not next term. Not as long as democrats are chasing popularity and their next election.


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Thanks for your thoughtful blog entry, James. There's no way of knowing if the Obama presidency will play out as you foresee it, but I sincerely believe those in the gay community who are so ecstatic at Obama's election now will be much less enthusiastic in four or eight years.


It seems, too, that the champion of change is busy loading his administration (cabinet and staff) with retreads from the Clinton administration. Do all those voters who did not want four more years of George Bush (McCain) really want four more years of Bill Clinton? Obama may be at the mercy of the Clintonistas and a Democratic Congress and be unable to make any of the changes he intends.


This would be a good time for someone to document everything that Obama promised to the gay community. The list should be limited to what was actually promised and not include what is only hoped for. (We may be surprised how little was actually promised.) Then we could keep score for the next four years and see what is actually accomplished. I expect some sad faces.


Here's an interesting article about the first disappointment Obama has already handed to gays.

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Comment deleted.


It's my blog. If your going to post bullshit in it, it will be deleted.


The truth too painful?

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Personally, I think President Elect Obama has already betrayed the gay voters. I guess he didn't exactly lie to anyone about his stance on Gay Marriage. Both he and his running mate stated that they were for discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who want to be married. It's just that the self hating gay and lesbian voters who voted for him convinced themselves that he was somehow going to be an advocate for our community. I mean, if their definition of equality is separate but equal, then I guess they got what they wanted. Somehow, though, I think most of the glbt Obama voters believed what they wanted to believe, and now they're going to have to face the harsh reality that Obama and most lawmakers in the DNC are homophobes.

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