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Something I don't hate



That's not much these days since everything sucks and the world is circling the bowl.


My library is bad assed. It gives me something that I can get lost in for days.


There's a web site called Library Thing that lets you build a a online database of your books cross linked to user reviews.


You can gaze upon my library in all its glory and despair here.


Everyone should have a database of the contents of their library. It's good to have over and above the insurance purposes. It's important to know what you have. It prevents duplication when you go on a Barnes & igNobles frenzy and face it- who doesn't go nuts when there are piles and piles of books that you haven't read and there's earth shaking knowlege to be had. Who hasn't impaled their Visa card at Borders or Books-a-million.


I confess: I have a club card for all three.


There is power in knowlege and I am powerful. Now if I can just stay sane, I might just amount to something more than the angry depressed web guy that I've been lately.


The holidaze are over so things are looking up. trying to end on a positive note: when you don't have any friends, you don't spend to much on Christmas.




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OMG, what a wonderful site that is!! But how long did it take you to build that database -- didn't it take ages? It's beautiful. I notice that 'Creating Unforgettable Characters' and 'The Criminal Mind' are next to each other, harhar.


I'm having a fit right now because I know I'll never have time to catalogue even 10% of mine, but I'd so like to...

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Actually- its very easy to build the database. You simply enter the ISBN or Lib of Congress catalog number- a query is sent to the database and POOF! There's a record. The more you have, the longer it takes but its worth it.


Library thing has a limit of 200 records for free accounts but I paid $25 and have a permament account.

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I'm going to be doing this all day... x___x Harhar. I like your astronomy books btw. And Ender's Game is a good one, didn't add that yet, I've only done 15 books so far.

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I think if I was standing in front of your books trying to pick one to read, I'd narrow it down to "Red Storm" by Tom Clancy (one of my all-time favorites), any of the books by Samuel Elliot Morrison, or the Rock and Gem book.

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