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Thanks for the GA Winter 2007 Anthology

C James

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The GA Winter 2007 Anthology is now up, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank you!" to all those who worked so hard on it;


Graeme, who did most of the formatting and almost all of the reviews (And did a superb job on both!), and helped in many other ways too; Thank you!


Joe, for doing the server-side magic that you do so well, and for sorting out those last-miniute bugs and getting us online WAY early, Thank you!


Myr, thank you for giving us a place to do all this, and thanks also to all the authors who are participating!


Let the reading begin!

CJ :)

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In addition to the above, a big thank you to CJ for coordinating everyone. I don't think everyone realises how much work is done behind the scenes to get everything ready in time. CJ does a great job of making everything happen at the right times. :2thumbs:


Thanks to all the authors, too -- I really enjoyed getting to read the stories (at least most of them) ahead of time. One of the privileges of being involved :P

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Yes thank you guys for all the hard work you've put into it.


Honestly, if it wasn't for Graeme there would have been one less entry I can assure you of that.



Big thanks to CJ, Joe and Graeme and everyone else involved woohoo!

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You all have done a great job on the anthologies, even getting them out earlier for the reader's enjoyments and to put an end the the Author's anxiety and such. :) So thanks for all the hard work everyone puts into this program to make it function and be prepared nicely. :) Also, the Authors who participate make the program's success happen as well, so thanks to those who participated.


Keep up the good work. Good Job! :wub:




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