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Jimmy Kimmel strikes back

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In response to the Sarah Silverman video clip and Matt Damon, Here's Jimmy Kimmel - with an all-star cast - in "I'm F**king Ben Affleck". Via Towleroad: http://www.towleroad.com/2008/02/jimmy-kimmel-is.html. The talent they rounded up for this hilarity is amazing. When it opens with Brad Pitt as a pizza delivery guy, you know everyone's having a lot of fun.


Jack B)


Update: Here's the video with a lead-in. Jimmy Kimmel shows the beginning of the Silverman/Damon clip to set it up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIQrBouWRiE...tubeonline.com/.


Sorry about the bleeps but it's American network TV.

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Quite funny. I found the Matt Damon video that made it clearer what this one was about. I couldn't watch any of these to the end because of the ludicrous and annoying beeping sound, though. So if anyone has got the uncensored version somewhere, I'm game.

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Honestly I find that the bleeps make it funnier! That was *bleep*ing hilarious! Especially with Robin Williams and Cameron Diaz.

And Josh Groban :wub: , as he sits at a concert grand piano, gloriously singing "f**k" in his deep, baritone voice.

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