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the Place In Between by jamessavik

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I have been following James' writing over at AD for years. He's a talented writer and this is one of his best short stories. I particularly like the way the story unfolds - there is one boy who seems to have everything and three who have nothing, yet they all share a common bond that has little to do with their sexual orientation.


Kudos, James. A story well told. :2thumbs:

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I can't work out whether leaving a review to the story brings it into here.


Anyway... as I said in the review, there are so many things that can be read into this but at its basis it is a sweet story about friendship and redemption.


You have been trying hard to fool everyone James. Under that hard shell is the soul of a true poet



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great story, well told, nice ending.

I worked with kids like this many years ago. I had to give up because there were so few "happy endings" like this story; instead I worked with kids who had run out of money when their "clients" stopped paying and just raped them. I think it was the emotionally most difficult and least rewarding position I ever held. it also made me a huge advocate of prostitution law reform; so that those that want sexual release can get it and those providing can be looked after.

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