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Poll on whom Gathan will end up with...


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I looked at the options in your poll about Gathan and think you should have included at least one more for: OTHER and let us write in our


choice. I would have chose Anthony.....

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Cody is not a politician and does not plan to ever leave LA. Gathan is going to need a partner later on in life, though right now he's probably fine.


I think Matt's sluttiness is going to bite either him or Wade, too. I'm interested to see what happens.

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It does seem like to be a politician, you need to be married, or at least settled down. I would guess that Gathan would need to settle down with a female, but it's not that far-fetched anymore to have a mayor who has a life partner.


You're right though. Gathan can't look like he's a slut. He can be a slut behind closed doors, but he has to look like a happily married man, by the time we're talking 2008 and Nick's leaving the mayorhood. (We'll say that Claremont has a two four year terms.)

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