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Sh*t Girls Say to Gay Guys

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I mean, this is humor, but it's also some pretty biting social commentary. I think the ones I've gotten most frequently would be "You're gay, you're supposed to know these things" and "I've always wanted a gay best friend."


Some other ones I've gotten that weren't listed:


"So, like, how do you give a good blowjob? What's the secret?"


"So you're like good at interior design, right?"


What about you guys?

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We're like practically girls, apple martinis all around :lol:


I have never been with a girl, I do not care if you have one boob bigger than the other (no please don't show me, no really, no really it's not necessary) and yes I would love to invade your home for your superbowl party. :)


I think the best I have ever been asked was, "So, if you were straight, which actress would you fancy?" (I was about fifteen at the time).

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"I absolutely knew you were gay!"


"Why didn't you tell me?"


"He's your boyfriend?"


"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, really? You really are gay?"


"I'll bet my roommate would love to meet you! She's a lesbian!"



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Gotta read some of the comments of that video. It's like as if some of them didn't quite learned the lesson....


Anyways, that's why I don't go out and tell everyone I am gay. Not that I am ashame of my sexuality, but I don't like to attract this type of comments. I had someone recently told me that she knew I would love to meet her roommate (I never told her I am gay). People said pink looks so good on me whenever I am wearing that color. I should be able to wear any color I like without drawing such attention. Everyone asks me for fashion advice even when I never told them I am gay, that includes my own mom. I think it's getting even worse after I came out to her....


Some quotes from random friends:


"How come you don't know how to do your hair?"


"You gay people are so talented." (notice how contradictory people can be)


"You sure he's gay? How can he find a boyfriend looking like that?" (don't even know where to start, it's so offensive on so many levels. Miss, I am a virgin, so what does that mean?).


"So you're gay. That totally makes sense. You were totally staring at that hunk in the dancing class." (okay, I was staring..., but that was like five years ago and she still remembered :-p)


"I think you'll going to love this." Then they show me some of the gaudiest, tackiest, most "fabulous" accessories in the store.... "They" could either be a salesperson or a friend for years....


I don't remember exactly what she said, but it was something along the line like "Why can't you just go to a gay bar and get yourself laid?"

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LMAO. Sorry guys, I know in real life it isn't funny but imagining the dumb expressions on every chick that says that crap and your resulting expression of repressed 'omg you need a stupid bitch slap' tickles my funny bone. One of my jobs in my early 20s I worked with 2 guys who were out. One was a 50 something Jewish texan with a scultped white beard and fabulous manicure that liked to occasionally perform as a drag queen. His boyfriend was a late 30 something huge guy that wore a lot of leather, loved sports and his motorcycyle, but was a super sweetheart. The other co-worker was an early 20s total metrosexual with frosted hair and eyeliner that loved to do the finger snap and 'oh no you didn't' thing.


Gay men come in all ages, shapes, appearances, and preferences. Anyone who can't understand that just liking to have sex with a certain gender doesn't mean you have to have other traits is stupid and would deserve that bitch slap! :P

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"Oh so there's this gay guy I know, you should meet him!"



"Do you love Lady Gaga"

"I'm like your fag hag"

"You're like practically a girl"

"Do you think he's gay"

"Are you gay?"

"I always wanted a gay best friend"

"You're gay, youre suppose to know these things."

"All the good guys are gay"

"You are so gay"





I despise these things so much. I've gotten them maybe at least once but I'm into NONE of these things. I'm not a fashion forward person, I hang out with straight guys, I play video games and watch horror and action movies, I don't go shopping... hell, I hate spending money! Truth be told, I don't like every gay guy I come across. It really pissed me off one night when some girl asked for my number at some party because we could be total bff's and go shopping and stuff. The only place you'd see me shopping is Gamestop. Probably.

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