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C James

Circumnavigation (99+22) Wheels within Wheels

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Posted Image .............Hehehe, I actually did think of Julie in this, but thought it might be a bit to far stretched. Julie is supposed to be in Tahiti, and all though earlier I suspected her in being involved with Bridget, I thought she had a almost loving relationship with Trevor, I thought I could be wrong many times. And once even suspected that Julie was in fact on of the Cartels head. But that sounded to far fetched to me.

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I guess if Rachael could be wooed and wowed by Bridget, then the possibility of Julie doing so is not that far fetched.

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To better explain the 'team' perspective, CJ is assigned to create the cliffies and deny they exist and the rest of the team is assigned to carefully point out their existence without giving CJ one smidgen of leeway to use against us. Looks like Low Flyer failed this time.


In CJ's efforts to enlist me in denying the existence of a cliffie, he threatened to kill off a much beloved character if I didn't do it. I strenuously resisted the pressure and so far, the character remains alive. Time will tell.


Emoe!!!! You know I could never create a cliffie... I don't even know how!


It is the team's solemn duty to carefully scrutinize each chapter for any hint of a cliffhanger, and thus allow it to be fixed. It is also the teams' duty to defend the poor, innocent author from such scurrilous and libels claims as cliffangery!


I'm shocked... Shocked! That the eeevil conspiracy has gotten to you, too!!! Posted Image


I usually point out to CJ when I come across something that readers will perceive as a cliffhanger.


This is true! I then explain why it could not possibly be a cliffhanger.


If need be, I change the chapter ending to make it absolutly unarguable that it's not a cliffhanger. For example, in the current chapter, I added a description of the beautiful sunset's colors.

I have given up


Due to never, ever seeing a cliffhanger???

Eh? I'm not taking the rap for this one!


I try, gently, to point out when I think there may be elevated levels of tension at the end of a chapter but CJ always sidesteps the comments and insists that all will be well.

As a humble comma-mover, I don't feel I have the authority to argue back (unless, of course, it's over a misplaced semi-colon - I'll fight to the end over that).

Oh come on... Any member of the team (or any reader for that matter!) is absolutely free to argue absolutely anything! :P


.............Hehehe, I actually did think of Julie in this, but thought it might be a bit to far stretched. Julie is supposed to be in Tahiti, and all though earlier I suspected her in being involved with Bridget, I thought she had a almost loving relationship with Trevor, I thought I could be wrong many times. And once even suspected that Julie was in fact on of the Cartels head. But that sounded to far fetched to me.


I think the narration mentioned that Julie is in Tahiti, quite some time back, so I'll confirm that that's where she is. :) She wasn't the one giving Basingstoke his lessons. :)


Hrmmm... I wonder... could a Canadian have been giving Basingstoke his diving lessons? Posted Image


So when your editor and your proofreader hang you out to dry goat, it is kind of hard to deny anything

A few points:

  • Basingstoke has been a busy beaver (or scuba diver). Not only were the bubbles mentioned aft of Kookabura, but also were missed by the cut wires and access plate of the customs boat.
  • Bridget has used one stick of dynamite for the car at the police station, one for the garbage can, and has one more in her purse. I do believe she was originally given only three, so what is the 3rd for?
  • Billy has docked the boat at the marina and is driving Billy. She has indicated to go to the airport but she also is hysterical with the idea that the crazy idea is actually working. Could she now have Billy turn back for the speed boat?\
  • Basingstoke I would guess is on board the Kookabura. With the two police officers off to try and catch Bridget, and the Customs Officer going to check a bomb on board his boat, he could have easily slipped on board in the confusion as the three law enforcement made haste to get off the boat.
  • Basingstoke is a dead man....One phone call to Graeme and he will be hunted by the underground until he is dead for revealing Graeme's identity and occupation. I'm sure this will be planned for after he sends Trevor's head west...or would it be east?
  • With all the chaos in Geraldton, no need for Trevor's beheading to look like an accident. Really, who would be surprised to find Kookabura adrift and a dead Shane and headless Trevor on board.
  • I do believe Greg put out the idea of someone being corrupt on the police force or the Customs service in Geraldton, I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds that Craig is the one leaking everything
  • I can't help to feel the link between Julie and the scuba diving lessons that Basingstoke has received. I'm surprised Benji didn't pick up on this. After all, Julie is a diving instructor
Okay, I am going to do something that I seldom ever do. I received a PM from CJ asking me to come defend him against the attacks against him by his loyal readers and his team


So I shall defend him in this one case only.




2007 King of Evil Cliffhangers - CJames

2008 King of Evil Cliffhangers - CJames

2009 Had to take a break

2010 King of Evil Cliffhangers - CJames

2011 King of Evil Cliffhangers - CJames


Like come on people Posted Image Did you really expect anything else Posted Image CJ lives to write his cliffhangers. I will defend his right to his title to the end. He is just giving all of us proof of why he is so deserving of the title.


I think I will come to CJ's defense on something else. I believe that the rule about not winning more than two years in a row should be repealed. After this chapter especially and several other this year, I am stepping up to the plate and calling for CJ to be named King of Evil Cliffhanger for 2012 as well!!! I want to defend his right to retain the title Posted Image


See CJ, I can defend you when I need too Posted Image


BTW, Thanks so much for the effort that you and every member of your team put into giving us an excellent chapter every week


In closing, in past stories where the main characters have been left in unquestionable peril, even when Trevor was sinking to the bottom of the ocean, bound and facing certain death, CJ has released a chapter before the one week had come due. Join me in calling for CJ to bring some resolution to Trevor and Shane's imminent death!!!!!




No no no no!!! I am unquestionably ineleigable for the award this year!!


As for the story... yep, it was Basingstoke who sabotaged the customs boat. The whole escapade in Geraldton (and with the plane) was designed to drive Kookoburra into port, and then back out.


Trevor's head would be sent east, across the pacific. It's the closest route from where they are, and the good news is that if this happens, it satisfies the novel's notle, Circumnavigation (because Trevor's head would be completing the circumnavigation). Due to the title, someone, or something, has to circumnavigate the earth.


Now, as for the coming chapter... I'll adress that is a seperate thread. Posted Image I will mention here though that the title (Graeme came up with it! Thanks Graeme!) is "Thrown to the Sharks". I was going to go with "head games" but I'd used that before. I tried "head game" but, meh, and "decapitated" was a bit too suggestive IMHO.

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Methinks the story is racing to conclusion. Bridget, being the arch double-crosser she is, has to have a sticky ending planned for Mr B.

The big mistake of course was being recognised by Rachel.Posted Image Nice to know my theory about Mr B's "lessons" was correct! Yay!!Posted Image

Tense ending but not really a cliff hanger as too many things could go right........ If Greg gets the message and sends help.

Great chapter CJ

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Yeah, it's time some of the bad guys made a swift exit.

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oh you could have titled "Sharks Bobbling for heads"

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