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RIP Rodney King

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he's a victim of a beating in 1991.

addiction maybe a byproduct of recovering from the beating ...

ow... I don't know too much about his life history n addiction


Addiction is deadly. Don't be afraid to get help.


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He had been drinking prior to drowning in a pool earlier today. I'm not an expert on Rodney King, but back in high school, I remember reading that he had been drunk during the beating, and I know he was in Celebrity Rehab.

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The alchohol addiction came prior to the beating. It was claimed that his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit the night he was stopped, after a high-speed chase, but that didn't justify the beating the police gave him afterward. My his afterlife be kinder to him than his life.

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From what I understand, Rodney King is a great example of the justice systems abuse, but as a person... Not so great. Before he was attacked, he himself attacked a Korean store owner for money.


No one deserves death or what happened to him. RIP.

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