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The New Simcity OMG!


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I'm not buying it. Looks great, but the DRM is excessively restrictive, the city sizes are very small, and it looks like, from the info I've read, that expanding a city will cost you. And then there are the bugs that a apparently force you to refresh a city back to a saved state, which is "dirt".


Simcity 2000 for the continuing win...

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my first SimCity game was on the SuperNintendo :P This one is actually fun, but I dislike the DRM.... Also the small city size is annoying, but meh.


I'm more a solo player usually, but if you want I can set up a group area :)

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I have a litany of complaints with this Simcity: Bugs, city size, money management, and crashes!


I just spent $55 dollars on a digital lemon. I want my money back from EA. I am also going to put them on time out for game purchases, just to show them I am not amused by what they did to SimCity.


Basically, EA games took my childhood past time, stripped it down, gave it emotional issues due to neglect and abuse, and threw it out on the street. You should not treat people that way, nor a game like that. It's complete Bullshit


Give me Simcity 2000 or 3000.


And I am not the only one egged off by EA:



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The game looks great when you can get it to load.  But it is crippled by their shitty servers.  Further, it is clear the field stripped a lot of features out so they can sell them to you later.  Like city size.  This is more like Sim Village.



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They are giving everyone that bought this crap a free game, big whoop, I want Simcity not Battlefield 4!


I was open minded to playing with other people, even if I can't play offline. I would have loved to play a simple single player simulation.


However, this thing is stinking up the gaming community. It's creating backlash against DRM and online gaming.


I think EA made a big mistake in SimCity, it is not supposed to be a game to be shared with everyone around the world like World of WarCraft or Eve, we could play together in small groups of our choosing, but we don't need to be online all the time. I am an MMO player, but from time to time, I want to be alone in my private creative world. A simulation game is not an RPG, they are separate genres and mindsets.


Anyway, Myr I completely agree with you, Don't Buy this Game!

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I don't know. I'm kind of okay with what it is, and playing with friends is a lot of fun.

Just need to fix the public transportation/recycling/garbage handling so that the cars don't just follow eachother, but spread out across the map. 

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I don't know. I'm kind of okay with what it is, and playing with friends is a lot of fun.

Just need to fix the public transportation/recycling/garbage handling so that the cars don't just follow eachother, but spread out across the map. 


It turns out the game did not even need to be "Online-only"


EA is playing a dangerous game here if they are lying to gamers about Simcity like this.


Why is the offline mode unavailable without a hack? Why is EA telling everyone it would be difficult to do an offline mode and reduce the burden on their servers with an "always on" approach?


Something is foul at EA games and this is turning into the "Watergate/Lewinsky scandal" of the gaming world. EA has a lot to answer for.

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lol I knew I should see how it votes save from losing money

i wonder if there be a class action suit?

doubtful, It wouldn't surprise me if there is a nice little contract when you join the "community" forcing you to give up your rights to play the game.

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don't give him references, take back bonuses




For the Record, 2:47 p.m. PST  March 20: This post has been updated to include remarks from an EA spokesman.]
John Riccitiello ended his tenure as the chief executive of EA on Monday, holding himself fully accountable for the company’s recent disappointing financial returns. Electronic Arts has long been one of the big players in the video game industry but recently has fallen short of revenue goals amid public relations disasters.


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Well, now that the servers are working...

Simcity is a pretty game. that's for sure.  it is easy to lose hours playing it.  It is fun.  But there are a lot of frustrating bugs and behaviors.

There are also a lot of critical things missing currently.  Traffic is a nightmare.  And two of the missing things would help with traffic subways and inner city highways... both things in the last few versions of Simcity.  I'm betting they get added in later as a paid expansion.

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I was excited for this game because I loved playing SimCity 4. I was actually ready to buy it last night, but when I went on Amazon I saw that it had less then a 2 star rating. I thought, how could that be? Its SimCity! And then I started reading through the reviews and understand why. I sadly won't be purchasing it any longer. :(

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The game is actually pretty fun. I don't get why people are still ranting about the game.

The traffic is not a problem, it depends on how much high wealth sims you have. 

Low and medium wealth sims take public transportation (when possible) whilst the high wealth sims drive. 


The only thing bugging me is the RCI and the tourism. How can it be that some days I get a lot of tourists and others I don't get any? :/ Do they get tired of seeing the landmarks or something?

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It's a random generator, I think. Tourists don't come to your city every day, which is as true to life as it is to Simcity.


I miss subways and other transportation options (I never used overland railroads in older Simcity games, but Simcity 4 made me a convert of the monorail)

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*places with his red braid*... what yes well... rant, rant, rant...

I just don't like games that force you to connect to online stuff and so on...

Seriousness I don't know of many games that were stolen in the first place :/

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I do know of games that get pirated all the time (The Sims is probably one of the biggest ones out there, because paying well over a hundred dollars just to get the game is kinda ridiculous...)

Honestly, the new SimCity IS quite a fun game, but I do hope that the future content isn't going to be paid releases for 'new content' (READ: Features that should have been there already)... I also dislike that there is now pollution cleaning building... It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to start a game from scratch without making a ton of ground pollution, and then you're stuck with dirty areas forever (Trees (Plant Forest option) is supposed to slowly help, but I mean, we have environmental scrubbers and stuff)... I DO agree that the always online thing is annoying, as I occasionally will get the game not being able to load my city/lose parts of it/etc because of their instability...

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Electronic Arts shutting down three Facebook games
In what is most likely one of the steps in Electronic Arts' pan to do some re-organization, the game publisher has announced that they will be shutting down three more of their Facebook games, which include The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and Pet Society.


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Too many bugs for my taste. I'd probably wait two years from now before playing this. I've been addicted to simcity before but when I played this game over a friend's house... it was a headache. Kept on crashing on me. I kept on asking myself, "Why me?"


And then I googled this shit and found out that critics were panning its initial release because of the bugs and crashes.


I'd rather play Simsimi. That annoying chicken that's playable online.

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Hmph. I had a lovely city being powered by a nuclear reactor, my sims were happy and educated, and then they all decided to become dumb and stop going to school for no reason at all, and what do you know? Boom! Nuclear radiation everywhere <_< It definitely needs tuning in some areas, but overall it is a very amusing game :P

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