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Computer Issues MAY Be Fixed! :)


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After WEEKS of torture and hours of trying to save my poor laptop from certain destruction...the horror may FINALLY be coming to an end! Right now, everything is not only working fine, but it's working BETTER than it was before! So the only issue now is...to see if it 'continues' to work this way! If so, then the nightmare is over! 


In the meanwhile, I never stopped writing! So look for more new stuff soon! I've been in the weeds since Valentine's day! Sux! :P

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Actually, it turns out that it was the programs I had working to fix the laptop that were making it WORSE! So...I had to go through a long process to get Snap.do off of my laptop, then I had to uninstall the Norton AntiVirus (Which I didn't know that I had to use another program to uninstall, I thought I could get rid of it like anything else), and THEN, someone informed me that if you have more than a few antivirus programs on your system, they fight with each other and make things worse) SO...once I straightened those three things out...the other stuff was easy to get rid of! :)


So far so good! No problems! It's been two days plus...let's hope it keeps up.


Ps- A few stories on the list before "Class", but it's coming soon! I didn't forget. :P

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Awesome, I can't wait. I use Glary utilities to clean my registry and to control the apps that start when the computer does. I've found that a LOT of software programs feel their are entitled to some of my ram to check for updates. Like Java, adobe reader, flash and apple everything. I always uncheck those so they are not loaded because they check for updates everytime you start the program anyways so why surrender your ram for nothing? Just don't uncheck anything that is system related and you're golden.


Always do a scandisk once a month too. It will always say you can't do it right then but would you like to schedule it for the next reboot. The answer is always yes. Then reboot. That will free up ram as well. When ever your computer locks up and you have to reboot. it saves and reloads all that confused data back into ram. It can pile up if not emptied or cleaned up this way. Glary can take you to that place under the windows system tools tab.


Glary is a free utility. Just watch when you install it ecause it wants to give you an ask toolbar as well. Always decline. And every time you start glary it will say there is an update. Ignore it and tell it no.you can find glary utilities by searching with google for glary utilities.

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