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[Layla] Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes discussion

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I´ve really loved this story so far. :worship:  Cayden and Rhys both have a lot of issues and their life together hasn´t been easy....their life together hasn´t really started yet. There are other great characters as well. Looking forward reading more.  :read:

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I likE almost every character i have met so far, but i'm always rooting for the underdog. My favorite so far is Luc. I cant wait to see how he and Caden react to the news that they were being lied to by the king....and Nigel...jeez, that guy is a dick!

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When I first got the idea for Luc, i knew i wanted him to play a promenant role, look for him to really shine in the chapters to come.I'm excited to get to work on the newest chapter, it's been too long.

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The chapter was brilliant  :joe:  Can´t wait to read more, it really is a wonderful story. I do hope everything gets sorted soon and Luc can go back to were he belongs, but after the way Nigel treated him, I hope he finds someone nicer to love  :P

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You bring up something that has been on my mind as well, regarding Luc and Nigel and whether there is anything Nigel could hope to do to earn Luc's forgiveness or if Luc deserves someone else. I've been turning that over a lot in my mind lately, He's so isolated out there, If anything i've been thinking that he deserves a friend, another guard who wouldn't so so judgmental of him.

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Luc is such a great character, a lovely man and he does deserve a friend in that awful place...surely they can´t all be that terrible and he is so lovely there. Him loving Nigel could be just hero worship and a habit from the time he was a young boy, now he is a grown man and needs someone who will love him back. 


I liked Nigel at the beginning but then after the fire incident he became very angry at Caden and stopped being at all understanding. He was so quick to believe what Maxwell´s people were telling and he was very cruel to Luc.   

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Anwen is a great mother and I think she did the right thing telling Caden and Rhys what is going on. Caden is so used to people not liking him that of course he thought Kenric hates him now. Poor Caden, practically starving himself to death.  :/  He is still very insecure about his status as Rhys' husband and as a member of royal family.


Lisander is a great new character and a loyal guard to Anwen. As well as a possible boyfriend candidate for Luc  :yes: Looking forward to their meeting.


I´m glad you could write a new chapter so quickly  :thumbup: 

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:) I'm glad to hear you liked Lisander, he sort of popped into my head and decided he wasn't going to leave. I've been hoping that the scandal would help bring Rhys and Caden together,  I think that once they have a secure relationship, Caden will feel  more comfortable about his position there. 

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I have enjoyed the build of your story arc.  As more and more elements are revealed, I anticipate each chapter more and more.  The characters have great depth and I enjoy reading as their adventure progresses.

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Happy Holidays and just a quick update. Tonight I finished writing Broken Prince. I also received the four chapters that came before the final one back from my awesome Editor who I kind of overwhelmed with pages this past week. I'm going to give this a quick read through and send it in for editing. as a belated Christmas gift the new chapters will appear one a day starting the day after Christmas as I know I won't have time today to edit anything. This year I am teaching my daughter to make home made caramel for the caramel apple pies, as well as the rest of the pies, so I expect the rest of the day to be full (and messy) I just want to thank everyone who stuck to this story and encouraged me to keep writing. it took several unexpected twists and turns, but I hope in the end everyone will be pleased with the way it turned out. 

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hi guys, just a quite note to let you know that there will be a slight delay in the final chapter, after reading what I wrote, and the feedback recieved on these final few chapters, i realised that there are a few ends that need more tending to in order to set up the new story while wrapping this one up properly. So I am going to delay this a few days, to make changes and resubmit to my wonderful editor, so that the ending this story deserves is what ends up being posted :)Thank you to everyone who has left feedback and there is still time to leave more as the feedback given will have a direct impact on this revision of the final chapter. 

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