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a story by author 2

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Dear all GA authors,


I have just been reading through the thread I posted a couple of weeks  agohttps://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/37277-a-story-by-authors/  and I can say I am happy that people will be willing to participate, the community role play sounds like a good idea and I am trying to get it of the ground and get it in motion but first I need to ask any author who is willing to get there hands dirty and help me out with this, I am a new author to the site and I am having difficulty trying to get contact with the site admin to get this project of the ground if anyone is willing to help I will be truly grateful. Please reply to the thread and I will get back to you ASAP.

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That is because, as site staff, we are all busy already with life and the site tasks we already cover. Members are always free to create their own round robins or start games/projects to include other members, but we cannot regulate every project that goes beyond the individual. As I just told Myeige in the Nom topic, we can help with some aspects of projects or give advice, but we're just too busy to do all the footwork for everything site members come up with.

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Cia's totally right.  Life is a total priority and I think we need to step up as a community to lighten their load a bit personally.  I've already started a thread on an RPG, but if you'd want to start a round robin I'd be happy to at least be a sound board to bounce ideas off of. :)

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If you can draw up a plan and detail what exactly you need from the site staff, I'd be happy to help you get this project off the ground. I won't be able to help you plan everything, but I can help you with the aspects that need a site admin. As soon as you have a plan on action and what you need help with, please feel free to shoot me a PM.

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