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Motivation and Feedback - Authors, Choose Best Answers


Motivation and Feedback - Authors, Choose Best Answers  

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  1. 1. What motivates you to write?

    • I write no matter what. It's what I do.
    • I write because I like to and getting feedback motivates me to write more
    • I write and I need feedback to keep me going
    • I can only write if I get feedback constantly
  2. 2. What feedback would you want?

    • Love it or hate it, I just want to hear something
    • Obviously, I want to hear people enjoyed it, but constructive criticism makes me strive harder
    • I'm still working on confidence of my writing and I'm only ready for positive reinforcement
    • I'm writing any way and don't care about feedback

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32 minutes ago, Arch Hunter said:

From my social media experience, the best way to get many comments is to make a typo in your post.

LOL.  There is a LOT of truth in that. 

34 minutes ago, Arch Hunter said:

aiming for quantity (not that it's inherently bad to do so) and make me feel like I'm supposed to check some boxes rather than focus on a creative process.

There is a constant balance on this sort of thing: Quality vs Quantity and the funny little snark, quantity is a quality of its own. 

Where the balance comes in is the favorite trap of "One person's junk is another person's treasure".  We try to make sure that quality of what is posted meets a certain threshold.  And with points, there are ways to reward the quality side.  For example, getting 1 point for a review, but an additional point for every time someone else clicked "yes" it was helpful.  I'm going to try to reward achievements that way where possible.  Where quality gets measured by other people reacting to it.

48 minutes ago, Arch Hunter said:

make me feel like I'm supposed to check some boxes rather than focus on a creative process.

This can depend totally on perspective.  Say you're missing a hypothetical "Mystery Writer" badge and you view that as a challenge to try a new genre, versus checking a box.

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  • Site Administrator
21 minutes ago, CassieQ said:

@Myr, it sounds like you are describing the bystander effect. 

That's it!  Thanks!

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2 minutes ago, BigBen said:

As a reader listening in on this conversation, I'm fascinated by the authors' side of things.  One thought I have is to be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.  It's hard to know, as a reader, what kind of feedback an author wants, apart from cheerleading.  I once antagonized an author by expressing the sentiment that a character's anger at an event was quite appropriate, whereas the author felt the character should have been more forgiving.  Another author blocked me after I offered a comment that I thought was inoffensive but wasn't as an enthusiastic a response as he wanted.  I don't believe any author here wants the kind of feedback from readers that is more properly the domain of a text editor, and I've seen proofreading-type comments be soundly rejected by authors.

Nevertheless, I'm quite happy to provide only cheerleading, but that does mean that I'm going to remain silent unless I can be honestly enthusiastic.  I would never be intentionally offensive to an author in a comment (or even in private, for that matter), but apparently I can easily provide offense unintentionally.  Perhaps I should just stay out of the comments altogether!

Also, given how hard it is to reduce a response to an icon, perhaps having a simple thumbs up or down as the choices would encourage more reactions.  I also find it confusing to be asked to review a story before I've begun reading it, and I tend to forget to go back to review it once I've finished.  Though I don't always feel competent to review a given story even when I do remember, lol!

I certainly cannot speak for anyone else; however, I would even welcome questioning of events or character traits - It likely won't change my story but it does inform me about how the characters are being received. It isn't always easy to know how to cheer lead a reader making negative comments but that doesn't mean it isn't appreciated just the same. I do agree that typographic concerns are only compelling when a surprise so...once or twice.

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1 hour ago, CassieQ said:

Since it's you, @Ron, I'll forgive it.  ;)

I hope it is a small minority of readers, because that's just incredibly disrespectful.  

I hope I didn't come across too harshly by saying that, lol. I'm not in the best head space, it has been a stressful week. What I mean is, there 'is' a mentality that if something is free, that there isn't anything required in return. There's no real tradeoff. So offering stories for free, to some people may fall into that line of thinking that since it is free fiction - for the most part - that feedback and criticism isn't warranted. 

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