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Motivation and Feedback - Authors, Choose Best Answers


Motivation and Feedback - Authors, Choose Best Answers  

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  1. 1. What motivates you to write?

    • I write no matter what. It's what I do.
    • I write because I like to and getting feedback motivates me to write more
    • I write and I need feedback to keep me going
    • I can only write if I get feedback constantly
  2. 2. What feedback would you want?

    • Love it or hate it, I just want to hear something
    • Obviously, I want to hear people enjoyed it, but constructive criticism makes me strive harder
    • I'm still working on confidence of my writing and I'm only ready for positive reinforcement
    • I'm writing any way and don't care about feedback

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30 minutes ago, Myr said:

I am reviewing options to add to the system that would allow guests to read the first chapter of a story and then require you to be logged into your free account to proceed.  (except for FanFiction categories, as there are rules on any sort of content gating on that).  Another option I'm considering is allowing an author to opt in/out of this.  The more generic 5 free articles is harder to do for a small independent like us.  Due to being a guest, controlling that is time consuming and ever evolving.

I totally understand how the 5 free articles concept would be difficult, but I am quite interested in the "First Chapter-only" option! With the ability for the author to opt in/out, I'm down for this! Ultimately, the only negative I see is fewer added views, but I wouldn't be too concerned with that statistic.

36 minutes ago, Myr said:

If I were to delete that reaction, then it would drop the reputation counts of people, also including the story reputation. Do the people that dislike it really want the "I read it" removed and replaced?

The reputation count does not bother me, but I know it is a beloved factor to others. I've only received 27 "I Read It" reactions out of my entire time on this site, but I am not the only voice that matters. There are many other authors who have been here much longer than I have, and I look to them since they've been around the block.

Seeing the lead research suggesting 5-7 reactions made me giggle (not in a bad way of any kind) as I immediately thought of how many emojis exist in the world 😆5-7 reactions is optimal and the current ones are spread out perfectly in a range of emotions. I see the purpose of "I Read It." I'm going to leave this particular topic for others to voice their opinions on.

52 minutes ago, Myr said:

Invision Community software has announced that version 4.6 is adding Achievements and Badges.  We have begun work on identifying ways to use this.  The primary focus for me is increasing content (authors) and increasing feedback for content creators (from readers).  These have a very split reaction depending on our levels of gamification interest.  @wildonehas gone on some truly impressive... um... rants... on the topic.  I got hooked into Xbox Achievements long ago, so I get how they can be motivating for some people.  Two examples - Sci-Fi Writer Badge for 10 stories posted within sci-fi genre.  Sci-Fi Reader badge for reviewing 10 sci-fi genre stories.

I've never had a craving to hunt for achievements/badges in games, but they always provide a nice and joyful moment when you inadvertently earn one. I'm for this, especially if it means authors and readers will be rewarded. I look at it as something we didn't have before. 

1 hour ago, Myr said:

I am brainstorming on a way of doing feedback on the end of a chapter that would prompt people to select by checking boxes similar to the story recommendations.  Perhaps going as far as having an author select feedback levels (opt in/out, positive/neutral, constructive responses)

I'm also interested in this concept. I'm down for a brainstorming sesh (I am super unaware of what the site's software can and can't do, but I'm happy to pull ideas out all willy-nilly). I'm thinking a heavier emphasis on the end of a story, possibly links/ability to leave a recommendation and review from the last chapter's page before you hit the comment section? (I think I'm aiming for a "Well, you read the whole dang thing! While you're here..." kind of vibe). I would say this would auto-implement once the story is registered as complete.

This concept of polling for the website is quite refreshing, as I don't see it very often. I would love to see more polls regarding GA/site maintenance. Anytime y'all are needing some feedback from us, give us another poll! This is very fun, even though I've heard how busy Myr can be. 

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