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until just before two minutes in, that was the sweetest thing i'd ever watched, then it was the saddest. good for him that he can control his tics enough to perform in public, a brave brave man. i hope he got her back.

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Amazing video. When my oldest (he just turned twenty-one), was born, my ex (well, not my ex then), developed a really bad case of OCD. No tics or anything, just major germaphobia. We practically showered in Clorox every day b/c Clorox kills 99.9999999% of germs. And I had the CDC on speed dial. So I can certainly relate to the guy in the video. And let me tell you something, what he did in the end, leaving the door unlocked, leaving the lights on, that was so brave. That could literally drive a person with OCD crazy.


I hope he did get the girl back, but honestly, living with someone who has OCD mentally exhausts you. You try to reason with the person and tell them that whatever they're worried about is impossible b/c of this, this, or this and it can't happen because of this, this, or this. No amount of explaining or common sense will get through to them b/c all they have in their head is if they don't wash 10,000 times a day, or if they throw out that one thing in their car that is preventing them from DRIVING said car, something catastrophic will happen to them and/or their family.


So since this woman never knew him BEFORE his OCD, there's a good chance that she walked away and never looked back. :(

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